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A Presentation of Human Emotion in the Films, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Manon of the Spring, and Amelie
Human Love as Represented by French Cinema Within many of the most highly-regarded films in history lies the theme of love. Human emotion continuously presents itself in movies from around the world, and whether it be passionate, friendly, familial, or even unrequited, human love almost always finds its way into every...
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An Analysis of the Film, Breakfast at Tiffany's by Blake Edwards
Film Critique: Breakfast At Tiffany's Blake Edwards' Breakfast At Tiffany's left a lasting impact on film and pop culture with its release in 1961, from the immediately recognizable ballad, “Moon River,” to the leading lady and now fashion icon, Holly Golightly, played by doe-eyed Audrey Hepburn. To many people who hav...
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A Comparison of the Similarities Between the Directors, Christopher Nolan and Stanley Kubric
A Comparison of Christopher Nolan and Stanley Kubrick Academy award winning director Christopher Nolan has an irrefutable record for visually impressive and thought-provoking movies. From “Following” to his latest hit, “Interstellar,” Christopher Nolan has been compared to the world-renowned director responsible for mo...
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A Comparison of the Similarities and Differences Between the Book and Movie Adaptation of Zora Neal Hurston's Their Eyes are Watching God
Their Eyes are Watching God Movie and Book Comparison The movie adaptation of the novel Their Eyes are Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston brings the story of Janie Crawford to life while featuring both additions and omissions. While the movie is mostly accurate, these changes shape the story into a unique viewing exper...
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The Issue of Slavery in the Movies Lincoln and Django Unchained
Lincoln & Django Unchained So many interpretations of the Civil War have been brought into play since the ratification of slavery. Even though slavery is abolished today, that does not make slavery and the Civil War an easy subject to talk about. When Gone With the Wind was written in 1936, it presented a traditional inter...
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An Interpretation of Slavery and the Civil War in the Films Gone With the Wind, Lincoln, and Django Unchained
Final Writing Assignment Films like Gone With the Wind, Lincoln, and Django Unchained all portray different representations of slavery, but all somewhat resemble the truth of this horrible piece of our history. Gone With the Wind presents the traditional: a conservative, romantic, and sentimentalized perspective of the Civ...
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A Depiction of Africa and Its Rich History in the Movie, Different But Equal
In the movie Different But Equal it is clear from the start that the goal of the film is to show a more accurate depiction of Africa, specifically its rich history. The reason this goal is being sought after is due to many misconceptions that Europeans at the time had of Africa. Even when Europeans visited and saw the dev...
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The History and Evolution of Films
The Kinetograph was an easy-to-use Kodak camera that captured 40
photographs a second to make motion. Calotypes were when photos were used
on paper with silver iodide which was unheard of at the time. The next in
line was the daguerreotype which was a process of motion images on polished
metal plates covered with a silver i...
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A Critical Analysis of Chinatown, a Film by Roman Polanski
Chinatown Chinatown is the essence of a neo-noir film, it captures everything a noir film should encompass, just in a different era. By 1974, the year in which Roman Polanski’s Chinatown was released, the era of film noir had long passed. The film is sure to make the obvious relation to past films, including Evelyn Mulwray...
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A Critique of the Star Wars Prequel Films, a Movie by George Lucas
George Lucas’ original Star Wars films are ingrained in the popular culture, and have had wide-reaching affects on the public’s movie going experiences. But many would argue that the much derided Prequel Trilogy is another story entirely. But I believe that the Prequel Films were an enjoyable movie-going experience for both...
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