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A Film Analysis of The Virgin Spring by the Swedish Director Ingmar Bergman
The movie The Virgin Spring presents to the spectator the dichotomy
of the pure woman and the unchaste harlot. In this movie, Swedish director,
Ingmar Bergman explores the themes of female purity, innocence, sexuality,
Christianity, paganism, virtue and vice. The virgin takes center stage as
moves from purity to her unfortu...
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A Comparison of Samurai and Western Genres, Corruption, and Class Studies in The Hidden Fortress and Yojimbo, Directed by Akira Kurosawa
The Hidden Fortress (1958) and Yojimbo (1961) directed by Akira
Kurosawa one explores the samurai and western genres, corruption, and class
studies. In Feudal Japan warfare is rampant so the warrior is a common
figure therefore as a result of war and political unrest, the western and
samurai genres emerge. Both films pinpoi...
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The Importance of Gunshots in the Film Rules of the Game
The report of gunshots is very common in the movie the Rules of the
Game (1939) especially in the scenes where both men and women participate
in the hunting party, at the masquerade ball which reverberates in angry
shouts and shots by irate lovers and the scene which culminate in the fatal
shooting of Andre. The reason why...
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An Analysis of the Films Eduardo the Healer and The Shaman's Journey
The Buying of Authenticity ‘Shaman’ is a word that holds an aura of mystery – witchcraft and hallucinogenic drugs. Few people in Western culture are fully educated on the intricacies and realities of so-called shamans, but this religious tradition has become trendy with the New Age movement. Eduardo the Healer and The...
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An Investigation and Evaluation of Marvel's Three-Act Movies Iron Man
In the modern society, there is a strong demand for watching movies
based on Marvel comics. Due to the fact that the first films made in these
comic books were very successful, now Marvel movies are very popular. For
instance, "Iron Man 3" is a project exclusively commercially oriented as
this movie has a high budget rate....
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A Visual Analysis of the 454 Diary; April 2nd 2007, a Japanese Woodcut and Screenprint by Tetsuya Noda
454 Diary; April 2nd 2007 The “454 Diary; April 2nd 2007” is a black and white Japanese woodcut and screenprint. It’s artist Tetsuya Noda is contemporary printmaker who is a professor at the Tokyo University of the Arts. The 454 Diary depicts an elderly Japanese man from the waist up holding a small novel over his mouth...
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A Look at the Gay Community and the AIDS Virus in Dallas Buyers Club, a Movie by Jean-Marc Vallee
Dallas Buyers Club: Analysis After enough exposure over time, sometimes people are given no choice but to alter their beliefs. Whether it be a world of propaganda that turns its people to hate, or a victimized world that finds passionate patriotism in its overwhelming odds. Be they people of faith who lose their devotion t...
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The Human Fondness for Horror Movies
The Art of Macabre In reading Stephen King’s work on our craving for horror movies as a deep seeded desire for seeing violence, hate, and the menacing of others, an alarming number of agreeable points were made. Each paragraph and every sentence is well condensed into a work that analyzes the human condition quite accurate...
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The Idea of the Scientific Theory of Evolution in the Movie The Planet of the Apes
Since its introduction into the world by Charles Darwin in 1859, the scientific theory of evolution has met quite a hefty amount of resistance among certain groups of thought. Creationists, for example, have had quite a great deal of issue with the idea of man evolving from a lower life form over the course of millions of y...
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The Destruction Caused by the Joker and Bane in the Batman Movies
MWA 1 - Scars and Masks: Who Better to Break the Bat? All sorts of stories have seen their fair shares of gritty reboots, and the classic Batman comics are no exception. Though the story of Batman was grim in some aspects of its original telling as a Detective Comics series, for the most part it remained a pretty cartoonis...
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The Psychotic Break of Howard Beale in Network, a Film by Sidney Lumet
Character Analysis: Howard Beale Howard Beale was the network news anchorman on UBS TV, one who had tremendous ratings and a popular place in TV news. This was, however, up until the year 1969, when Howard’s ratings began to decline. Only a year afterwards, his wife died as well, leaving him alone and childless. Because of...
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A Rekindled Hatred for Muslims in American Sniper, a Movie by Clint Eastwood
In December, 2014, American Sniper did phenomenally well in the box office. Critics hailed it for its strong, sympathetic message for our nation’s finest. The story followed Chris Kyle, in a biographical depiction of a real soldier who served in Iraq. Kyle had done well for himself, coming home a decorated veteran with a ki...
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The Strong Roles of the Female Characters in The Birds, a Film by Alfred Hitchcock
After watching the flick The Birds, it was noticeable how strong the female characters were and how colossal their overall roles were. That also stood to show how weak of roles the women in “The Birds”, the short story, played. The women, in the movie The Birds, were strong characters who took charge of their own lives, whi...
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The Turning Point in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, a Film by John Ford
The Man who Shot Liberty Valance is one of John Ford’s most introspective and thoughtful westerns; it tackles a period in history that was a tumultuous one. In the West, there was a turning point between the manners in which order was maintained. This film depicts that turning point, as it changes from violently maintained...
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The Last Great Manhunt of the West in Tell Them Willie Boy is Here, a Film by Abraham Polonsky
Tell Them Willie Boy is Here is a 1969 film that depicts the 1909 manhunt for a Chemehuevi Indian named Willie Boy. To many, this Abraham Polonsky film depicts what many consider to be the last great manhunt of the West. In Willie Boy’s story, both in the film adaption as well as in real life, the line between history and m...
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The Social Realism of the Film Submarine, Directed by Richard Ayonade
Final Paper British cinema is renowned for having a distinct character, regarded as funnier and grittier than its American counterpart. Through the use of social realism, British cinema attempts to reimagine the values present within a nation through telling unexpected stories of society and individual lives. What is oft...
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The Reactive Attachment Disorder of Will in Good Will Hunting, a Movie by Gus Van Sant
Good Will Hunting Reactive attachment disorder is a rare but serious condition in which an infant or young child doesn't establish healthy attachments with parents or caregivers. The character Will, in the movie Good WIll Hunting, has a very prominent attachment disorder. Shown through his various actions, we see that th...
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Racism and Capital Punishment in The Green Mile, a Movie by Frank Darabont
 The Green Mile was a suspense film directed by Frank Darabont and adapted from the Stephen King novel of the same name. The title indicated that the floor of death row was green and it was the last mile to the execution room. Paul Edgecomb with other officers who were in charge of prison used to witness death and they were...
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The Life and Career of Charles Spencer Chaplin
Charles Spencer Chaplin was born on April 16, 1889, in London, England. Chaplin's journey to stardom was a real from the bottom to the top story. His father, an infamous drinker, left Chaplin, his mother, and his older brother Sydney shortly after Chaplin's birth. That left Chaplin and his brother to their mother, a music h...
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A Review of White Man's Burden, a Drama Film with Reversed Stereotypes and Roles of African Americans and Caucasians in Society
We watched an in-class movie called White Man’s Burden. The premise of this movie was what life would be in an alternate universe where the stereotypical Caucasian and African-American roles in society were reversed. The African-Americans were living luxuriously and in wealth while the Caucasians were living in poverty-livi...
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Selfishness and Ambition in the Movie Maleficent
Unfortunately, sometimes ambition gets in the way of true love. It can destroy a relationship, friendship, or family. As women, we have learned to guard our hearts a little more carefully for this exact reason. Whatever a man’s motive is, whether it be success or sex, some men will stop at nothing to get what they want. In...
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Ethical Reasoning in Eye in the Sky, a Movie by Gavin Hood
Eye in the Sky Reflection In the 2015 movie, Eye in the Sky, there are several examples of ethical reasoning by the characters depicted. They are faced with a difficult decision as a high value target is found and the opportunity arises to take them out by use of a drone strike. However, when a young girl sets up your brea...
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The Devastating Effects of Texting and Driving in the Documentary From One Second to the Next Directed by Werner Herzog
It Can Wait: Herzog’s Response to Texting and Driving The documentary From One Second to the Next directed by Werner Herzog, claims that the results of texting and driving can have devastating effects and is a risk drivers should not take. The director appeals to the viewer’s compassion and fears using dramatic effects, sh...
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The Issues with the Rise of the Black Community in Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin, a Film by Tariq Nasheed
For centuries, people of color have been oppressed by systems built not to support them, but to keep them down. Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin, directed by Tariq Nasheed and released on December 6, 2012, focuses on issues plaguing the rise of the black community and makes us aware of the wide variety of areas peopl...
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The Diversity in Disney/Pixar Movies
Diversity has not been much-admired in recent years. From racism to immigration, the citizens of the United States have become closed minded when it comes to welcoming people from different cultures. Thankfully, Disney/Pixar does an incredible job in creating movies that go above and beyond when it comes to storytelling tha...
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