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Oskar Kokoschka's Painting Two Nudes (Lovers) (1913) Is a Symbolic Reference to His Affair
Oskar Kokoschka’s piece, titled Two Nudes (Lovers) (1913) depicts just as the title suggests - two nude lovers as the subject. Painted in Vienna, this painting was said to have been a symbolic reference to affair in which Kokoschka took part in. With analogous hues of blue, pink, tan, purple, and green, the artist renders a...
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The Structural and Lighting Elements of Adam and Eve, a Painting by Lucas Cranach
Adam and Eve Adam and Eve painted by Lucas Cranach depicts the beginning of Genesis Chapter 3 in which Eve takes the forbidden fruit and eats it. Different aspects of Cranch’s work specifically refer back to lines of text from the old testament along with the overall work showing viewers Cranch’s opinion and vision of th...
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The Influence of Vincent Van Gogh on Maurice de Vlaminck to Use Vibrant Colors and Unblended Brush Strokes
The fauvist movement was formed in response to the post-impressionist artists, and was characterized by bold pigment. Artists in this movement got their name from a critic, Louis Vauxcelles, who was denouncing their color choices and brush technique. Vlaminck was a key member of the Fauvist movement, and his paintings were...
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Sentimentality in Marie de Medicis Cycle, a Series of Paintings by Peter Paul Rubens
A Sentimental Masterpiece Peter Paul Rubens produced a series of paintings known as the Marie de Médicis Cycle, which pays homage to King Henry IV’s second wife, after whom the series is named, and extravagantly recounts some prime moments within the queen’s life. One painting from this series that is particularly steeped...
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A Visual Analysis of Gozanze Myo-o', a Sculpture by Nakabayashi Gennai
From the glass surface, we can see a sculpture standing opposite us. Its name is called ‘ Gozanze Myo-o’ by Nakabayashi Gennai, a Japanese craftsman. The scale of it is large, to be more specific measurement that from the introduction of the board, it is 107.5X64X47cm. A really large sculpture. This was made in 1680, and it...
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A Comparison between My Children and A Family, Two Artworks by Paul-Albert Besnard
Born June 2nd, 1849, Paul-Albert Besnard was a prominent French artist of the 19th century. While at first adhering to the traditions of academic art in his work, in about 1880, Besnard decides to abandon the traditional methods and devotes himself to studying color and light as the Impressionists did. The inclination to re...
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An Analysis of the Illustration of the Magnitude of Nature in Sesshu Toyo's Landscape of Winter
Sesshu Toyo’s Landscape of Winter Formal Analysis In Landscape of Winter (1470-90), Sesshu Toyo uses line, shape, perspective, movement, and proportion to illustrate the magnitude of nature and the simplistic beauty of winter. The landscape features a snow covered mountainous region with a few barren trees and a strip of v...
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A Critique of Lamentation Over the Dead Christ, a Painting by Carlo Crivelli
Crivelli’s Lamentation Over the Dead Christ is not the perfect example of Renaissance art. Although his work falls under the period of ‘Early Renaissance’, the painting has a stronger focus on the spiritual aspects of human beings rather than the physical. Unlike what most Renaissance artists were aiming for at the time, Cr...
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The Struggle in Watson and the Shark, a Painting by John Copley
Watson and the Shark: Copley’s Struggle between Religious and Historical Art John Copley's Watson and the Shark painting is often overlooked as a painting that separates itself from religion or mythology. The painting is featured in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and is the centerpiece of a large room which includes multiple...
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A Comparison of the Works Madona in Majesty and Madonna and Child Enthorned With Saints
Madonna Through the Ages Cimabue’s and Ghirlandaio’s paintings represent their separate times of how Madonna was perceived and the level of importance she held by varying characteristics. Since the birth of Christianity, biblical figures and themes was a popular subject matter for artists to experience. Madonna, also kno...
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A Visual Analysis of the Artistic Collections at the Michael C. Carlos Museum
Extra Credit Paper The Michael C. Carlos Museum had such a large range of artistic collections from times and places around the globe. Because of all this information, it was hard for me to revive it all, and felt like it was an information overload. However, I enjoyed it. I regret that I didn’t get the audio to go along w...
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An Analysis of Golden Marilyn Monroe, a Pop Art Piece by Andy Warhol
Radical, mass production, pop-culture, new theories: These phrases have one thing in common. These ideas, beliefs, and ways of life were all trending and thriving during the sixties. It was time of original ideas, contemporary art forms, as well as developing ways of consuming and producing. Warhol, one of the most popular...
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The Victory of David Over Goliath in the Works of Art by Donatello and Verrocchio During the Italian Renaissance
David was a biblical hero and symbolized the liberties and freedom of the republican ideals including the Medici family. The narrative of David led to multiple commissions that further brought upon the beauty and importance the role he played for Florentines. Goliath, the leader of the Philistines was a representation of pa...
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The Similarities and Differences Between the Art Lions and Old Testament Prophet in Saint-Pierre and Saint Theodore in Chartres Cathedral
The Medieval Period brought upon many new techniques and medias into the art world. Sculpture, illuminated manuscripts, stained glass, mosaics, and metalwork were used greatly in the 1000 years of the Medieval. Many artists during these times were still influenced by life of the Roman Empire and iconography of Christianity....
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An Interpretation of Girl Before a Mirror, a Painting by Pablo Picasso
The Inescapable Truth We look into the mirror and it’s not the reflection we see, but what we think we see. I admit throughout my life, I’ve constantly struggled with my appearance. Every time I stepped in front of any reflective surface, it always came back to the one aspect that made me cringe. For a long time no one g...
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A Portrayal of the Female Figure Under Societal Constraints in the Paintings of Cranach and Gainsborough
Portraying the Female Figure Cranach’s and Gainsborough’s paintings represent their separate times of how women were perceived and the apparent intention meant to express the individual’s ideal place and identity in society. For a long time men were the only subjects of portraiture art and rarely women were painted. Livin...
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An Analysis of the Painting Beata Ludovica by Eric Fischl
I had a tough time deciding which piece of art to present on. It came down between the video of a man walking on an iceberg and this. I chose this piece because I felt it had more historical significance than the other. The name of the painting is Beata Ludovica and it is by Eric Fischl. The painting is of a sculpture also...
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The Aspects From the Book of Job in the Painting Job and His Friends by Repin
The Bible has exerted significant influence over many types of people.
Artists constitute a significant category of professionals who have been
influenced by the Bible. Ilya Repin, a Russian painter who lived between
1844 and 1930, is one of these professionals who have been inspired by the
Bible. The Bible inspired Repin i...
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A Discussion of the Artworks, King Menkaure and Queen, Head of a Roman Patrician, and Augustus of Primaporta
In this essay I am going to discuss three artworks from three different time periods that represent or symbolize authority and power in relation to different understandings and needs for invoking these ideas across time and cultures. The first work is one from the Old Kingdom of Egypt, “King menkaure and Queen” which is a...
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The Influence of Fauvism and the Portrait Works of Henri Matisse
Final Project Research Paper My piece is influenced by Fauvism and the portrait works of Henri Matisse. Fauvism is a highly fashionable and short-lived art movement from France in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. “One of Fauvism's major contributions to modern art was its radical goal of separating color from its descript...
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The Life, Works Impact, and Success of Leonardo da Vinci
Artist Research               Leonardo Da Vinci was an inspirational and impactful artist that is still affecting modern art to this day. One has to wonder, where did this genius come from? Da Vinci was a very ambitious and an almost too curious man. A wide variety of his works were even illegal and he did them just for t...
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The Idea of the Ride in The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, a Painting by Grant Wood
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere by Grant Wood was inspired by by
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem Paul Revere's Ride. The painting has a
clay animation quality that portrays the mythical nature of the Revere's
midnight ride. The contrast between the light and dark of the town
symbolizes Revere's message and unity among th...
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The Painting Style and Techniques of John Constable
Having been raised in the picturesque rural county of Suffolk, John Constable felt a deep appreciation for nature and painted many of his paintings en plein air to directly observe his subjects and portray them as realistically as possible. Constable’s paintings Mill at Gillingham and Haywain are accented with tiny specks o...
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An Analysis of the Painting Mademoiselle B by Edouard Manet
In Mademoiselle V… In the Costume of an Espada Manet employs the alla prima technique- bold brush strokes, simplified forms, implied shapes- in the background of the scene to capture the movement and shadows created by the matador and bull in action. The figure in the foreground of the painting is too large in comparison t...
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The Visual Elements of La Perspective, a Painting by Jean-Antoine Watteau
Brown: The New Pink Rococo, the rosy-cheeked child of the Baroque era, awoke during the 18th century as a rebellious retort against the strictness and grandeur of her predecessor. Although largely inheriting the Baroque love of elegance, Rococo art found renewed interest in romantic intimacy, as swirling earth-tones and br...
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