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The Perspective of a Deaf Individual in the World in De'VIA, a Deaf View/Image Art
Art is a form of expression that last for generations, possibly for an eternity. Throughout history, art has brought windows to lives in other regions, other countries, and even other continents. But, art is also able to do another thing: Show people another perspective. Some of the most famous examples of this would be fro...
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The Negative Effects of Violence in the Media and the Arts
Violence, it’s everywhere. Almost all music videos, video games, television shows, and movies contain it. This is just but one of the many controversial topics circulating through the government and internet. Many parents don’t let their children watch television at all because the most violent of shows is just only a push...
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The Three Concepts Explored in Works of Art Based on Artificial Life
The 3 concepts that are explored in art works based on artificial life themes are first, the survival of the fittest through aesthetics and evolution in which life forms can be manipulated by people and its virtual environment. A good example in which this happens is through this program by Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mig...
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An Analysis of Artist Experimentation of Hypertext and Hypermedia
Hypertext and hypermedia has a way in which it changes the way text is experienced for all of us. How it does that is by having artists experiment with it and using digital art and media as a way of expressing their art to the public. What artists tend to do, such as John Maeda, likes to manipulate text in a way to which...
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An Analysis of the Performance of the Classical Disney Song, Whistle While You Work
Performance is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the execution of an action; the fulfillment of a claim, promise, or request; the manner of reacting to stimuli.” When someone performs, “they are asked to believe that the character they see actually possesses the attributes he appears to posses, that the task he performs will...
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A Genre Analysis of Indie Role-Playing Games
Genre Analysis of Indie Role-Playing Games Abstract Tabletop Role-playing games are a significantly understudied medium,
and the goal of this research report is to take a small step to rectify
that in the form of a genre analysis. I begin with a short explanation of
some RPG...
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A History of Video Games and Their Purpose
Video games were originally used to test computer science research code and held no potential in the entertainment industry. In 1958, physicist William Higinbothom created Tennis for Two, a game which displayed the side view of a tennis court where two players could only adjust the trajectory of each shot (Wikipedia). The p...
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The Challenges of Radio Drama in Today's Society
Being a Radio Dramatist is hard these days considering the fact that
the existence of radio theatre has declined now for several years.
Nowadays, radio mostly features; news, music and talk. The shows comprising
of story lines, sound effects, and voice actors are much fewer, ultimately
leaving the theatre of the imagination...
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A Comparison between the Movie and the Acting Troupe's Version of Romeo and Juliet
After watching both the full movie of Romeo and Juliet and a comedy acting troupe’s shortened version “Reduced Shakespeare” there are definitely some differences that I noticed. Because this was my first time seeing either of the performances, I feel like I had a fairly neutral perspective on both of them. In the full movie...
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Media Misconceptions on Gaming and the Truth About Video Game Culture
Video game culture can be one of the more confusing groups to look at because of all of the preconceived notions that the media has tried to instill. Most people assume those who play video games are nerdy men who do nothing but sit at home and yell at a monitor all day. That could not be further from the truth, and as a wh...
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An Analysis of Xenophobia and Fanaticism in the Game The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind by Bethesda Softworks
In the Wild Lands of Morrowind In the mystical lands of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind by Bethesda Softworks, many various modern topics are being explored. The entire game attempts to make you feel as if you are an “outlander”, with everything from the hatemongering Ashlander Tribes attempting to purge all from their la...
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A Review and Description of the Halo 5 Game
Halo has been the flagship title for the Xbox franchise since the original release of Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001. Halo has revolutionized Console shooters, telling both an enthralling story with rich lore, and delivering a popular and addictive multiplayer experience. 343 Industries, the current creators of the Halo serie...
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Understanding the Interesting Life and Arts of Andy Warhol
From the covers to what is between them, this is not only a book but a portion of the famed artist’s own life. As many average Americans, I have always been drawn to classic artistic movements such as impressionism and surrealism, and have not given pop culture and contemporary art much attention. Now this book may not pe...
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Religious Symbolism in the Halo Game Franchise
Abstract: In this essay, we aim to explore the presence of religious symbolism in the Halo game franchise, using it as a footstool to examine how religion in video games contributes to western society’s individuals as well as culture. We will investigate specifically how Halo players respond to the games’ heavy use of reli...
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The Life and Career of Bill Viola
Bill Viola is an American video artist whose work has been received,
studied, and appreciated by millions around the world. His career spans
over four decades and dozens of film exhibitions which "focus on universal
human experiences -- birth, death, [and] the unfolding of consciousness..."
(Biography). He is among one of t...
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The Relationship Between American Rap and Arab Rap
Since the late 80’s and early 90’s Rap Music dominated the American musical and cultural landscape. The fast beats and poetic style allowed for the easy communication of thoughts and ideas not previously communicated by minority groups in music. This musical style emerged and dominated American musical styles and influenced...
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The Concept of Blindsight
Psych 230 Section 003 30 January, 2015 Reaction Essay Blindsight Blindsight describes the residual ability of patients with damage to the primary cortex to locate moving objects, without being ‘aware’ of the presence of such objects. What does this phenomenon tell us about the nature and neuronal basis of consciousnes...
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The Life Art of Revered Billy
In 2011, life artist Revered Billy performed one of his most famous
works in the lobby of the Tate Modern, a contemporary art museum in
England. In this particular performance art piece, Revered Billy, along
with a gospel choir, acted out a symbolic "exorcism" on the BP company.
Reverend Billy shouted religiously toned chan...
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The Couple in the Cage by Paula Heredia
The Couple in the Cage, a piece devised by Paula Heredia and acted
out by Guillermo Gmez-Pea and Coco Fusco, was a satirical piece of life
art that brought focus to empirical means of anthropological study, and how
the racialized and ethnocentric aspects of social science still resonate
today in the human condition. In the piec...
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A Review of the Art of Video Games by Chris Melissinos
The “Art” of Video Games The exhibition under review is Chris Melissinos’s The Art of Video Games; found in the Chrysler Museum; the exhibition debuted on February 14, 2015. In this exhibition Melissino showcases artwork from several video games and also includes spaces where people can play the games. The exhibition was s...
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An Exploration into the Works of Cao Fei
Exploring the works of Cao Fei There came a day where my boss wanted me to interview for a newspaper about a new and upcoming artist. I wasn’t interested in taking this job because I was unaware of whom I was going to see or if I would be capable of getting in touch with the person. However, I was certain that I wanted...
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A Personal Recount of Gaming
Fully immersed in a world developed for exploration, the choice to leave an environment catered to one’s sense of amusement is anything but enticing. Many of today’s youth are forced to cut back on time spent in these surreal universes due to the calling of everyday life. Between homework, a part-time job, and a healthy lif...
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