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Topics in Music

The Labeling of Music Albums for Parents to Censor Content for Their Children
Music Assignment Let’s look at the punk rock genre. More specifically, bands like Anti-Flag or Rise Against. These two bands have had parental advisory stickers on every album, and are well within their realm to be considered inappropriate with some lyrics. Anti-Flag is, as you could guess, a highly political punk rock ban...
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An Examination of the Performance by the Truman State Orchestra and Symphony
The Truman State Orchestra / Symphony Earlier this fall I attended a performance by the Truman State Orchestra and Symphony, as I visit the university every weekend. There, in the very quaint and personal concert space which reminded me very much of the chamber music we learned about, I was blown away by their showmanship....
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A Narrative of My Experiences of Watching Juicy J's Performance at UA's Costa Greekfest
Although rapper Juicy J has been active as a professional musician since 1991 in his rap group, Three 6 Mafia, he did not go out on his own until 2002. Since then he has risen in popularity through three studio albums and multiple appearances in various songs. When the students of the University of Alabama heard the news th...
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The Application of a Music Assignment to the Concepts of Culture
Concepts of Culture Some of the concepts of culture include cultural traits and cultural complexes. These can be used to describe many things. The assignments that we have done from listening to music and drawing what we felt with each song, to guessing who a person is from listening to specific songs can both be applied t...
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The Impact of Language Reflecting Childlike Imagery Pertaining to Dominance in Music
Introduction From the day we’re born, we begin to internalize the values, beliefs, and norms of our given culture through a process called socialization. Through this process, we learn the social constructs of gender roles which say women should be mothers, men should be the family breadwinners, boys should not wear dresse...
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A Review of the Preface to Alceste, an Opera by Christoph Willibald Gluck
Preface to Alceste William Gluck was born in 1714 near the German-Bohemian border. He
was enlightened composer who brought about new ideas to opera. His new
ideas included changing the opera (opera seria) from being serious and
reenacting 'old theatre' to a more fun and comical approach (opera buffa).
The new styles f...
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A Review of a Rock and Roll Video
I was excited to get into this video. I am a big rock and roll fan so I was ready to dig into this video to see what Schweikart had to say about it. At first I totally got the same vibe about him being an annoying Uncle figuratively speaking; but if this was a conversation I would’ve dug into it. The first thing that I lik...
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The Life and Work of Antonio Vivaldi
I have been intrigued by a few composers that I have learned about in this class. It was easy to develop an interest in Ludwig Van Beethoven because I knew who he was before I took the class. I found Richard Wagner to be quite interesting as well, mainly because some of his feats really astounded me, such as his affairs and...
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A Response on the Diffusion of Hip-Hop
Diffusion of Hip-Hop Response Today’s hip-hop music is rap with an electric background. This type of music originated in the early 1970’s in New York city with a few young adults. They were all DJ’s and wanted to outdo each other. They would move the needle back and forth while the master of ceremonies, or MC, rapped to...
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Comparing the Differences Between the the 1971 Version and 2001 Version of Brian's Song
Brian’s Song is an emotional, detailed story that tells the story of an important man named Brian Piccolo. Brian Piccolo is a running back for the Chicago Bears. While at the Chicago Bears training camp, he met Gale Sayers. When they first met they didn’t like each other that much. During the seasons they played for the Chi...
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The Positive Effects of Music
This I Believe I agree with Billy Joel when he said, “[Music] is something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music.” While people may disagree on which music is better, everyone agrees that the world is better because of music. I believe that music plays a vital role in the lives...
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The Life and Music Career of Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood is a highly successful country singer and actress who rose to fame when she won American Idol season 4 in 2005. Since 2005, Underwood has recorded four studio albums: Some Hearts, Carnival Ride, Play On, and most recently, Blown Away. She has a net worth of $55 million. In 2013, she earned...
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The Similarities and Differences Between the Linkin Park Concert and Emma Kirkby Performances
The rock band concert I picked was by Linkin Park while the Baroque are Emma Kirkby performances; one of Messiah but who may abide and the other Nulla la mundo pax sincera. I enjoyed both performances; they are uniquely different from each other yet entertaining. The rock concert was entertaining because it was hype and en...
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An Analysis of the Song Someone Like You by Adele Adkins
Someone like you is a song written by Dan Wilson and Adele Adkins and performed by Adele. The song is based on a time when Adele was heartbroken due to the ending of a relationship she had with someone she was obviously still in love with (Solomon, 2013). The defunct relationship had left her feeling bitter and she had writ...
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The Sentiments of a Generation Portrayed in Three Songs: We Shall Overcome by Joan Baez, Alice's Restaurant Massacre by Arlo Guthrie, and White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane
Songs have always been used to communicate the sentiments of a generation at a point in time. The song “we shall overcome” by Joan Baez, is a folk song that has been greatly used in protest rallies as an anthem during the civil rights movement that was against discrimination of African Americans (Murphy, 2003). Originally,...
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A Biography of Louis Armstrong, an Influential American Jazz Musician
Introduction Born in August 4th 1901, Louis Armstrong, also nicknamed as Pops was one of the most influential artists in Jazz music in America (Teachout, 2010). Of African-American origin, Armstrong was the first African-American to cross the racial line and be judged purely on his talent and not for his skin color (Nolle...
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The Invisibility of Misogyny in Music Videos
Invisibility of Misogyny What is it? What does it do? Invisibility of misogyny is the prejudice against women. It’s any sign is mistreatment, hatred or dislike against women. It causes men who are not consciously hateful towards women to learn to mistreat women. Just living in today’s society, many of us could see how wo...
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An Observation of the Chamber Instrumental Performance at Chapman University
Concert Report On May 9th, I once again attended a chamber instrumental performance at Chapman University. The program once again featured musicians from the Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music. The pieces featured several small ensembles performing music like and Sculthorpe’s “Jabiru Dreaming” for string quartet and Mendels...
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An Observation of the Performance of Monti's Czardas and Beethoven's String Quartet in F Major Opus 18 #1 at Chapman University
Concert Report On December 13th, 2014, a performance was held at Chapman University in the Salmon Recital Hall. This program featured string musicians from the Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music. These musicians performed various pieces from composers of the Classical and Romantic Period such as Monti’s Czardas and Beethove...
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The Hate of Igor Stravinsky Towards Orchestra Conductors
Conductor Paragraph Some people are very skilled at appearing much more proficient at what they do than how qualified they are in reality. From athletes to singers, some people are even able to make a living off of appearing talented even if they lack any talent. Famed composer Igor Stravinsky details this phenomenon by hi...
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A Visual Analysis of the Three Different Customs of David Bowie
#1: Bowie’s first costume is a very shocking costume. Yet one can really see Bowie’s interests in the SciFi qualities in the costume. You can also see a lot of challenging of gender roles: From the red long nails, to the hands on the chest up top, both make this costume very famine and sensual. It almost has the look of The...
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A Feminist Theory, Music Theory, and Analysis of the Musical Works of Taylor Swift
A Feminist Analysis of Taylor Swift Music is- and always has been -a powerful tool with which artists can use as a platform to express themselves, reach out, and connect with other people on the most sensitive human level. It is no surprise that in times of struggle, loss, joy or love, it is music that people will turn t...
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The Influence of Technology on the Decreasing of the Complexity of Music and the Popularity of Music
Music is an All-Encompassing Beneficiary There is a claim that the complexity of music has lessened over the years during the global spark of digitalization, but this technological advancement has caused the popularity in music to increase. More people are gaining access to music every day, along with the climbing statisti...
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Hanslick's and Taylor's Ideals in What Music Should Represent
Analyzing two different accounts to the relation to music and feelings, Hanslick and Taylor express opposite ideals in what music should ultimately represent. This paper will discuss the claims of both musical philosophers, and opinions to both. The two argue different subjects, one being the only form of music is based on...
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The Meaning of Music: Comparing the Philosophies of Adorno and Tricia Rose
Adorno, a philosopher who studied music in the 20th century, is known for critiquing and having large claims toward “jazz music” and its structure. “Hip Hop Wars” by Tricia Rose would be largely critiqued by Adorno because he would not agree with claims of hers such that we should not let space define us as people, and that...
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