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A Photography Piece Review of Nothing on TV by Benny van der Wall
Gallery Stroll 2 The piece of art that I found most interesting on this gallery stroll was Nothing On TV by Benny van der Wall. It was a photography piece on display at Finch Lane Gallery. I chose the piece because it looked like scenes that I have seen before in my own life while out in the deserts of Utah and Wyoming. Th...
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An Analysis of the Photography Piece Alpen Moon by John Steele
Gallery Stroll 1 The piece of art that I found most interesting was Alpen Moon by John Steele. It was a photography piece on display at Art Access. I chose this particular piece because it is a landscape image that looks much like the land where I like to hang around in Wyoming. It shows sagebrush covered desert, with larg...
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Racism and Gender Issues in the Artworks of Renee Cox
DB 9 ART APRRECIATION The Emancipation of American slaves after the US Civil War is a historic period in American History but while slaves received citizenship, freedom, and the right to vote, women seemed to remain in the same place as before. Women were stripped of their freedom of speech and were suppressed to the poin...
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Portraying the Past Through Photography in Walker Evans' Allie Mae Burroughs and Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother
Photography: The ultimate tool for historical portrayal Historical events are a synonym of transformation. During the 20th century, revolutions, wars, and crisis were taking place all around the world. The United States was not an exception. The Great Depression in 1929 marked the history of the nation. This major event...
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The Life and Work of William Eggleston
William Eggleston Artist paper                Who is this American photographer ,William Eggleston ? William Eggleston was born in Memphis , Tennessee on July 27 , 1939 and a photographer in the United States. He was raised in Mississippi Delta , attending Vanderbilt University in Nashville . As a student there he started...
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The Unhappiness of Stella in a Photograph from Toy Stories, a Photography Collection by Gabriele Galimberti
Happy Toys, Unhappy Girl Toys tell much about the children who play with them. Toys tell if their owner is a tomboy, tough-guy, or girly girl. They show if the child plays sports or videogames or if they like Cinderella or Tinker Bell. Some children’s innocence is displayed through their toys, while others’ toys display vi...
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A Personal Review of the Exhibition Gordon Parks: Back to Fort Scott in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is displaying the work of Life magazine’s first African-American staff photographer Gordon Parks in their exhibition Gordon Parks: Back to Fort Scott, and it is emotionally provoking. More than forty gelatin silver prints bring 1950s segregated America to life in a way that allows the viewer...
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An Analysis of a Photograph of a Boy from Aleppo Depicting the Consequences of the Civil War in Syria
“We all have to announce our full solidarity with the struggle of those seeking freedom and justice in Syria, and translate this sympathy into a clear political vision that supports a peaceful transition to a democratic system of rule that reflects the demands of the Syrian people for freedom.” ~ Mohammed Morsi Introd...
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An Analysis of Children, a Photograph by Yildiz Moran, the First Educated Female Photographer of Turkey
When I first saw this photograph, I was getting a lump in my throat. I will try to explain the reason of lump in this essay. There is 3 person in this photograph. One baby and two “children”. We see that a girl is holding a baby. She looks like eight or nine years old. She is most probably the elder sister of the baby. We a...
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The Biography and Works of Paul Caponigro, America's Foremost Landscape Photographer
Paul Caponigro: America’s Foremost Landscape Photographer Famous for the unique meditative quality of his work, Paul Caponigro once said, “Photography is a medium, a language, through which I might come to experience directly, live more closely with, the interaction between myself and nature,” (“Paul Caponigro”). These roo...
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Capturing the Emotions of Young Adults Through the Photographs of Different Regugees from and in Syria
Cultural Event Essay The Global Cultural Event I went to was called Putting a Face on Syria and was hosted by Tina Manley. The people who attended the event were shown photographs of different refugees from and in Syria and the photographer, Tina Manley, gave a lecture about them. In this lecture, Manley talked about the d...
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The Life and Work of Jerry Uelsmann a Photographer
Photography Jerry Uelsmann is a Detroit born photographer. Uelsmann earned his bachelor of fine arts degree in 1957 at the Rochester Institute of Technology along with his master of science and master of fine arts in 1960 at Indiana University. Later, in 1960, he began teaching at the University of Florida Gainesville, be...
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The Work and Accomplishments of Adam Elmakias a Music Photographer
Anyone that is a fan of bands such as Pierce The Veil, All Time Low, Yellowcard, and many more, have most likely seen at least one photo done by Adam Elmakias. Due to the bands that Elmakias has worked with, he has been featured in magazines such as Alternative Press and Rock Sound to name a couple. Adam Elmakias was born...
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An Analysis of the Photograph Outside Looking In by Gordon Parks
In the photograph titled “Outside Looking In” by Gordon Parks, there are six young African American children gazing upon something that they can’t be a part of because of racism and discrimination. These children are clinging onto the idea that they have not hurt anyone, they are no different, and that they deserve to play...
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The Consequences of War in the Image Wait for Me Daddy by Claude P. Dettloff
War is like a chess game for the entire world to play. The players are the country rulers, the people who call the shots. Then instead of kings, queens, knights and so on, war has differently ranking military people each with a different power level or ability. Meanwhile down at the very bottom are the pawns, the standard c...
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A Description and Analysis of the Polaroid Photograph in the Torsos Series of Andy Warhol
Art Critique - Torsos, Andy Warhol Andy Warhol has been called one of the most prolific and popular artists of all time. Dabbling in almost every medium of art, including performance art, filmmaking, writing, painting, drawing, mixed media, and photography, Warhol was a very well-rounded and well-versed artist. Warhol is...
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The History and Beginnings of Photography
The History of Photography American photographer Arnold Newman once said: “Photography, as we all know, is not real at all. It is an illusion of reality with which we create our own private world”(Brainyquote). This is probably the most concise, and accurate, description of photography ever made. Throughout its history, ph...
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An Argument in Favor of Photo-Journalists Filming and Shooting to Raise Public Awareness
Should photo-journalist intervene? What would you do if someone is being raped in front of you? In the article “Not Just a Document”, the author discusses about the photographer Kevin Carter, who took a picture of a girl in Sudan who was suffering from hunger. Big vulture is sitting near her, just waiting for her to be d...
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The Message behind Ed Freedman’s Remix of Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima
Grandpa, The Stripes Are Rainbow Now Atop Mount Suribachi, midst the Battle for Iwo Jima, five valiant Marines and one intrepid Navy corpsman struggled to hoist Old Glory amongst the piled rubble. Associated Press photographer, Joe Rosenthal, snapped the iconic Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima photo on February 23, 1945 surrou...
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The Development of the Theories of Photography in Bate's Photography: The Key Concepts
The first chapter of Bate’s Photography: The Key Concepts discusses theories of photography and traces the development of those theories throughout history. Bate asserts that photography, like any other practice, “presupposes a theory,” though photographers and art critics have posited different assumptions about the purpos...
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An Analysis of the War Image, Old Glory Goes Up on Mt. Suribachi
Take Home Essay: War Photographer/Image For my image, I found one from the book by photographer Joe Rosenthal. The image, known as Old Glory goes up on Mt. Suribachi, which shows United States Marines raising the American flag at Iwo Jima. This truly historic event took place on February 23, 1945. The gelatin silver print...
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Hope and Optimism in Tami Chapell's Photograph from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland
In today’s world, news consumers are constantly bombarded with reports of war, natural disasters, poverty, and violence. Reporters highlight the tragedy of these stories because it is the immediate response to these events or circumstances. Tami Chapell, a photographer, captured what seems at first to be just another tragic...
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The Life and Work of Tim Hetherington, a British War Photojournalist, Author and Filmmaker
Tim Hetherington Tim Hetherington was a British war photojournalist, author and filmmaker, famous for his documentary Restrepo (2010) and his photos of the Afghanistan War and the political upheaval in Western Africa. His images deal with the personal aspects of war, focusing on faces and portraits of soldiers and civilian...
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The Life and Career in Photography of Imogen Cunningham
Imogen Cunningham: Photography’s Undeclared Feminist One of the most potentially dangerous and common pitfalls in the process of interpreting art is applying biographical information and giving it more weight than factors like technique, historical context, and process. The types of art that most commonly fall victim to...
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An Analysis of the Photograph, Construction of the Statue of Liberty, Workshop View, Paris by Albert Fernique
Albert Fernique’s photograph, Construction of the Statue of Liberty, Workshop View, Paris, is an Albumen print done in 1880. The image depicts a busy industrial workshop filled with workers contrasted by the large copper figurine. This photo serves as historical context, as well as documentation of the creation of the Statu...
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