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The Life and Work of Tim Hetherington, a British War Photojournalist, Author and Filmmaker
Tim Hetherington Tim Hetherington was a British war photojournalist, author and filmmaker, famous for his documentary Restrepo (2010) and his photos of the Afghanistan War and the political upheaval in Western Africa. His images deal with the personal aspects of war, focusing on faces and portraits of soldiers and civilian...
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The Life and Career in Photography of Imogen Cunningham
Imogen Cunningham: Photography’s Undeclared Feminist One of the most potentially dangerous and common pitfalls in the process of interpreting art is applying biographical information and giving it more weight than factors like technique, historical context, and process. The types of art that most commonly fall victim to...
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An Analysis of the Photograph, Construction of the Statue of Liberty, Workshop View, Paris by Albert Fernique
Albert Fernique’s photograph, Construction of the Statue of Liberty, Workshop View, Paris, is an Albumen print done in 1880. The image depicts a busy industrial workshop filled with workers contrasted by the large copper figurine. This photo serves as historical context, as well as documentation of the creation of the Statu...
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Yosemite, America's Symbol of Natural Beauty
Yosemite has become a symbol of America’s natural beauty. Its grandeur draws in individuals who are attracted to the visions of wonder that it bestows. Visions so impactful that it provoked certain individuals to capture the greatness within an image; whether this be through painting or photography. These images served as b...
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A Passion in the Art of Photography
Dealing with Images Since the age of 12 I have been taking photographs, and until now, I have not truly questioned or looked into how photography has changed art and the culture surrounding it. Not only am I interested in the history of photography, but also in the history of the image and how it has changed over the yea...
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An Analysis of the Photography Fall in Water
When looking for a sublime piece of art at first I had no idea where to look. After getting quite frustrated not being able to find anything or where to look I resorted to one of my favorite photographers, William Wegman. The piece I chose is entitled “Falling Water,” which was photographed in 1992. Wegman is an artist who...
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Jacob Riis's Photography and His Ideas About Improving Conditions in New York Slums
From the mid 19th century to the turn of the century, there was a massive shift in the demographics of the US. Several waves of immigrants from Europe and elsewhere entered the US, many through New York. Changing industry and a huge workforce led to the development of sweatshops and the tenement system to house them. Jac...
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We Went Back: A Review of Exhibit of Chim's Photographs from Europe 1933-56
We Went Back: Photographs from Europe 1933-56 by Chim Having never seen much of David Seymour's (who originally published
under the pseudonym Chim) work, I was immediately impressed upon entering
the space comprised of around 100 breathtaking images. I have always been
drawn to documentary work, but war photography h...
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A Critical Response to The Becher's Photography Series 'From Industrial Facades Series'
Critical Response Paper #2 The Becher's 'From Industrial Facades Series' lacks a political
message, or any style at all, but this doesn't make it any less worthwhile
or meaningful as a piece of art. Though they are often cited as not being
photographers, but by artists who just happen to use photography as their
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Photography as Performance: Characteristics of Chris Burden's and Other Photographers Art
Photography as Performance Photography and performance art have always been very closely linked.
From Roland Barthes concept of the "imitation of self", suggesting that all
photos (even those that are supposedly candid) are in essence a type of
performance as long as the subject is aware of the camera, to performance...
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