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Topics in Street Art

An Overview of Graffiti, Commodity and Postmodern Art
Graffiti art, because of it's illegal is seen as a controversial art
form, in my opinion it is a very beautiful, expanding form of art. It can
range from simple lettering to train car sized designs. Graffiti artists
often practice their work for hours insuring that they can make it
perfectly. When the time comes to making t...
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An Analysis of Bansky's Girl With Red Balloon
Close Reading of a Visual Text: Girl with Red Balloon Art of the modern era is constantly changing. We used to paint on a canvas or chisel away at a marble slab, but now we are designing works of art on computers and erecting great buildings with elaborate detail to them. But one man who is really making a big difference i...
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Graffiti and Street Art as Forms of Arts According to the Articles, Art Attack and Urban Warriors
A Synthesis About Graffiti and Street Art Aren’t graffiti, street art, and vandalism the same thing? The articles “Art Attack” and “Urban Warriors” beg to differ. Written about street artists, and street art itself these articles both suggest that graffiti and street art aren’t the same thing as vandalism. In fact, the con...
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An Essay on Street Art
Street Art. Street artists are on the rise around the world, many people see don’t believe that street artists aren’t actually artists, but people that just go out and make a total mess of the walls and just make graffiti rather than real art work. However, I believe that the difference between graffiti and art is that o...
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