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Street Art and the Message in Follow Your Dreams: Cancelled by Banksy
Cancelled Banksy, a graffiti artist whose artwork has been materialized across London and other locations around the world. He is probably one of the most obscure famous people in the world. A few people know him, but many know “of him”. Banksy’s artwork is typified by impactful perception, often collaborated with catchphr...
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Banksy’s Intended Audience Is the Youth Who Are Impacted by Visual Representations of Political and Social Issues
Today, pictures of street art and graffiti have become popular due to the Internet. They are posted on Instragram, Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr, then these images spread around the globe. One graffiti artist who has benefitted greatly from this is Banksy. He is an unanimous graffiti artist famously known for his controversi...
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A Visual Analysis of the Graffiti Artwork Done by Banksy
Visual Analysis: Bansky2 Graffiti artwork has always been something people disregard. People pass it by on the walls of alleyways, on bridges, on train cars, and never pay much attention. The world looks at graffiti as something rebellious teens do to get an adrenaline rush, or break the rules. The artist Banksy, shows t...
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A Research on the Graffiti Artist Banksy and How Social Media Has Affected His Popularity and Helped Him Have Global Impact
Introduction Banksy is either a renowned artist or infamous graffiti enthusiast, depending on one’s perspective. Either way, Banksy has garnered the attention of millions all over the world due to his very public – and very anonymous – graffiti art and other counter-cultural exhibitions. This website/graphic report exami...
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An Analysis of Banksy's Painting The Banality of the Banality of Evil
This piece is one of Banksy’s works created during his stay in New York in 2013. It is worth noting that he did not actually fully create the painting, rather, he worked over an original painting, altering it. He bought the original painting for 50$, added to it, and then returned it. It was originally a landscape, showing...
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A Review of the Cave Paintings of the English-Based Graffiti Artist, Banksy
Banksy is the pseudonym for an English-based graffiti artist (who has also doubled as a film director and political activist). Despite being famous (or infamous) in the art world for the better part of a decade, the artist’s real identity is still not known. The majority of his work is graffiti in public places, designed to...
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An Overview of Banksy Controversial Pieces of Art
Banksy: Madonna and Child, With Bomb. Kayla Wolman 12R Notoriously known for his controversial pieces of art, Banksy has yet again sparked the interest of the public. In this artwork, he successfully makes a profound statement about religion as well as society. The statement I interpret from this piece is that reli...
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