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An Essay Recommending to Watch Full House, an American Sitcom
Often times, people watch movies or comedic sitcoms to relieve stress or for entertainment.Additionally, these multimedias all show a certain message or a life lesson that is shown by the characters’ actions. A famous and popular TV sitcom, Full House, depicts many life lessons ranging from family relationships to teenagers...
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Budgetary Law and Lawmaking in the Television Show Parks and Recreation
Budgetary Law and Lawmaking in Parks and Recreation In the midst of the 2009 Fiscal Crisis, many state and local governments found themselves becoming insolvent due to rapidly falling revenue from sales taxes, the primary source of state revenue. In addition, federal budget tightening further increased budgetary pressure....
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A Comparison of the Similarities and Differences Between the Spinoffs Frasier and Cheers
Frasier as a past innovation is unique one of its kind. Unlike many other spinoffs, Frasier was just as, if not more, successful than the original show Cheers. Frasier combines the humor of Cheers as well ads a certain sophisticated and chaotic humor to it. Like many others spin offs, Frasier was bound to be compared to its...
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A Research on the Relationship Between Consumerism and Television Usage of Individuals in the United States
Purpose A study was conducted in order to test for a relationship between television usage and consumerism. Specifically, are people more likely to shop and have favorable attitudes towards shopping the more that they watch television? Given that the nature of television entails not only entertainment but a plethora of ad...
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An Analysis of the Changes in the Walking Dead, an American Drama Series
As a long time viewer, going back to the pilot episode of a series can be a strange experience. The characters are younger; their mindsets are probably different, old favorites are alive and new ones are yet to be introduced. This was what I experienced and enjoyed watching The Walking Dead’s pilot episode. What I was not e...
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A Report on My Favorite Cartoon Character from Pokemon, Pikachu
My favorite cartoon character that inspired me childhood is Pikachu. Pikachu is an Electric-type pokemon, and is the most popular mascot of the Pokemon franchise. Pikachu is a short, chubby rat like pokemon (fictional animal-like character). It is covered in yellow fur and its ears are long and pointed with black tips. Pika...
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An Analysis of the Social Impact of Sesame Street
November 10, 1969 marked the beginning of a revolution in early childhood education. After nearly four years of character and lesson development, early education research, scene and prop preparations, and battles for funding, Channel 13 WNTV debuted the first ever episode of Sesame Street. Producers of the show were met w...
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A Comprehensive Analysis of Data, a Fictional Character in Star Trek
Is Data From Star Trek A Person? The word “person” is one that we use every day and believe there is such an obvious definition to it, and yet when we actually examine the word, it becomes clear that there are different interpretations and characteristics of what a person actually is. It is safe to say that everyone in the...
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The Underlying Messages in the Apprentice, an American Reality Show by Mark Burnett
What We Learn From Trying Not To In today’s society, we are being constantly bombarded with messages in advertising, in movies, and even in reality television. These messages are often blunt in advertising (simply telling you why their product is the best) and in movies (messages like “teamwork” and “never give up”). Whe...
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The Real Lessons That the Simpsons Wishes to Impart
The definition of the modern family is said to be a father, mother, and often with two and a half children (the half being an infant or baby), with the father working and providing the income, while the mother is often the one tending the comfortable, suburban home (Coontz 29, 31-32)(Smith 1). The children are always in sch...
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