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An Analysis of a Scene from the Show Gossip Girl with the Use of Sociological Theories on Television
Theory On Television The scene I will be describing is from the show, Gossip Girl. The setting is present day in Manhattan, New York that revolves around the lives of over privileged teenagers attending a prestigious private prep school. The scene showcases a trio group with their “leader,” Blair Waldorf on the steps at th...
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The Series Breaking Bad: The Transformation of Walter White
Save Walter White! The desperate old man has stage-four lung cancer, and his doctors will not accept the insurance that his poor high school teaching job provides. What a sad soul with such a ravaging, pre-destined expiration. Wrong! Walter White was no more a cancer victim than a cat is a dog. In fact, White’s death senten...
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An Analysis of Human Reactions to Panic and Chaos in The Shelter, an Episode in Twilight Zone
Twilight Zone: “The Shelter” Twilight Zone, created and narrated by Rod Serling, is an American television series that made its debut on November 24, 1958. This anthropology series touches on numerous themes, such as racism, war, social issues and politics. The storyline of each episode usually follows ordinary, everyday f...
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An Analysis of the Couples in Parks and Recreation, an American Political Comedy
Assignment 4 The first fictional couple that is being discussed is from the show Parks and Recreation. The couple is Leslie Knope, the main character, and Ben Wyatt. These two characters met each other by working in the same building. They, at first, did not get along but due to their close proximity to one another, they b...
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The Impact and Promotion of Anti-Religious Beliefs in Family Guy, an Adult Animated Sitcom by Seth MacFarlane
Moral guidance in the form of artistic expression is a timeless tradition which still exists today. Over time, these artistic mediums have taken many different forms, ranging from paintings to television programs and films. Our sense of morals and decency is derived from what we interpret to be “socially acceptable.” Throug...
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The Black Dynasty in Empire, an American Musical Drama Television Series by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong
For my journal I watched Fox’s Empire which follows a black American family with a hip hop company called Empire that the main character is going to give to one of his three sons who are in a constant battle to take it over and be chosen to someday run Empire. I picked Empire specifically for this journal because it deals w...
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An Comparison of the Hollywood's CSI and the Real Life CSI
After watching the videos comparing Hollywood’s ideas of CSI and what real life CSI actually is, I see how unrealistic the TV version is. There are many differences regarding Hollywood vs. real life. In TV shows portraying CSI, they make it seem as getting DNA back from evidence is a super quick process, when really it’s th...
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The Impact of HBO in the Viewing Experience of Americans
Inside HBO: The Impact of the Home Box Office Television has been considered to be one of the most prominent aspects of American culture since it was released to the public after World War II. In those decades, since, the business of television has grown to become a multibillion dollar industry with markets spanning the g...
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An Analysis of Chandler Bing, a Character Played by Matthew Perry in Friends, a Timeless Sitcom
So no one told you life was gonna be this way Your job's a joke, you're broke, you're love life's D.O.A It's like you're always stuck in second gear When it hasn't been your day, your week Your month or even your year but I’ll be there for you (The Rembrandts 1-6) Above are the first six lines to the theme song for t...
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An Analysis of the Character of Sherlock Holmes in the Television Series, Sherlock
The Character Analysis of Sherlock Homes In the BBC America version of “Sherlock”, I found that Sherlock himself would be an intriguing character that I really wanted to observe get into more depth about. For this project I decided to watch two, hour and a half long episodes of “Sherlock.” The first one was season one, epi...
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