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The Opinions of Different Cultures on the Ending of the Play A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen
Since its conception in the the year 1879 century, Henrik’s Ibsen’s classic play A Doll’s House has provoked thought in every culture. The notorious end of the play has been called “the door slam heard around the world” so many times that the first person to actually use the phrase itself has been lost. Every culture in the...
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A Critique of Crimes of the Heart, a Play by Beth Henley
Crimes Of The Heart Crimes of The Heart is a play known for its placement and time period. It is not only a discovery of family and life but a discovery of a time period. Without knowledge of the south and of the 70s, one could not fully understand and appreciate the depth of the play as a whole. In the southern 70s, the...
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The True Meaning of Freedom in the Crucible, a Play by Arthur Miller
The Crucible: Freedom Without Guilt Guilt is the feeling of remorse after doing something wrong, while freedom is the state of being without any restrictions or external control. However, Arthur Miller suggests that freedom is a state of mind, not of body. In the “South Bank Show,” he comments that “guilt is un-freedom. Fr...
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The Life and Career of Edward Albee, the Master of Theatre of the Absurd
Who’s Afraid of Edward Albee? Edward Albee can be considered a master of Theatre of the Absurd. Many of his plays, if not all, possess different absurdist qualities. Theatre of the Absurd is often associated, however, with European playwrights and it is not typically associated with American playwrights. Albee took this Eu...
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The Social Issues in the Musical Theatre, Cabaret
Social Issues in Musical Theatre: Cabaret Addressing social irregularities can be daunting and tough to accept. Having an outlet that addresses these issues while creating an environment that is enjoyable to be immersed in makes facing these issues a little easier. Musical theatre is that escape. Since the beginning of t...
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A Report on the Tisch Drama Stageworks' Performance of the Play Milk Like Sugar at the New York University
Milk Like Sugar: On May 8th, Milk Like Sugar was performed at NYU by the Tisch Drama Stageworks group. The play was held in the Abe Burrows Theatre and was written by Kirsten Greenidge. Greenidge is known for her play Luck Of The Irish that was shown at Lincoln Center a few months prior to this performance and was featur...
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An Analysis of the Protagonists in the Musical Dreamgirls
Since the protagonist is defined as the character who experiences and overcomes conflict, I believe that there are several protagonists in Dreamgirls. Obviously, these include the members of the Dreams themselves. At the end of the play, they set aside all sources of conflict and are able to regain what is truly important...
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Protection from the Dangers of Sexual Assault Through Acting Choices, Directing Choices, and Audience Integration in the Production of Voices Against Violence
Extra Credit: Voices Against Violence Voices Against Violence was produced by a UT group (CMHC), which helps protect peers from sexual assault. The production delves into the detailed taboo of sexual intercourse on college campuses and its variable consequences. Through acting choices, directing choices, and audience integ...
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A Report on a Theater Performance for Social Change: An Argument Against Tuition Increases
Theater for Social Change: Tuition Increases What issue did you choose and why did you choose it? I chose tuition increases because it is applicable to many students on campus. Most undergraduates think that these increases in education costs won’t happen in the three to fours years they are there, but they are mistaken a...
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A Personal Analysis of the Performance of The Diary of Anne Frank
Performance Analysis I had the wonderful opportunity to watch the Diary of Anne Frank on the last weekend of its production. This play, I can safely say, was one of the most riveting experiences; from beginning to end, the performance kept the audience and myself on the edge. The title, as many people are familiar with, re...
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