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A Case Study on the Controversial Method of Auditing of Ernst & Young
Ernst & Young failed to follow two auditing standards that could have limited investor turmoil and Lehman Brother’s downfall. Lehman’s management happened upon a loophole through SFAS No. 140 which allowed them to lower their net leverage ratio substantially. This controversial method drew enough attention for a whistle blo...
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My Proposed Strategy in Redesigning the Accountancy Job at the Local Chain Store Supermarket
I once worked as a trainee accountant at a local chain store supermarket. I found the job non-dynamic with little or no focus on the future. The accountant who was offering to train had stayed at the same level for over ten years. As such, there lacked motivation, and the accountant was planning to resign and look for anoth...
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The Importance of Safeguarding and Promoting Ethics in Accounting Practices in Organizations
Accountant nee to adhere to the code of professional conduct is
paramount to safeguarding ethics in accounting practice. Brown (2007) notes
that having the professional code of conducts does not amount to ethical
decisions. As such, he notes that as accounting professionals, we have a
duty of providing an environment and cu...
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A Case Study on the Financing for Drug King
In order to raise capital, a business is required to follow a number of different options. One of the most prominent is to issue debt. Through that path alone, there are multiple different options on the types of bonds to issue. For example, an entity may choose to have a call option or a stock converter option. Drug King h...
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The Life of an Accountant and the Skills Needed to Be Successful
Without a doubt, Washington D.C. is one of the hubs of professional development. Informational Interviews, then, are a critical component on a young intern’s own advancement. I have been told, and experienced myself, the idea that it is not about the strength of a resume or cover letter, but a potential career rests almost...
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The Evolution of GAAP (the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) have guided the finance reporting protocol for years. Recently, rapid changes have been occurring in the American business sector; however, contrary to what many may think, significant changes have not occurred in the GAAP principles. There has been a small degree of chang...
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A Comparison of Air Fare between American Airlines and Southwest Airlines
Airline travel is far from convenient, but the only way to travel long distances in a shorter amount of time. With the continuous rise in prices, however, one must look at the opportunity cost of choosing the airport. There are so many hidden fees now married with the increase of a plane ticket, and not many travelers stop...
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The Pros and Cons of the Accounting Branch of Conditional Conservatism
Accounting conservatism is an accounting branch involved in verifying details before legal claims to profits are made. The verifying process takes a high degree level. However, under accounting conservatism we have the conditional accounting conservatism type that may cause opposition towards accounting conservatism (Barth...
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A Comparison between the Success and Failure of Enron and Kyocera Company Using the Accounting Process
“Writer’s choice” Introduction Accounting is basically a systematic way of identifying, collecting, recording, measuring, interpreting, analyzing and disclosing of financial data which is very useful as per a given information entry especially on business routines. It is actually a field of exploring and getting to know s...
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An Examination of the Sample Charter School Budget and the Use of Variance Analysis
The sample charter school budget in this case is a largely flexible budget because the amounts received by, and spent by the school fluctuates depending on the number of students that the school has at any given time. However, some elements in this particular sample charter school budget possess characteristics of static bu...
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