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A Training Needs Assessment of the McDonald's Corporate Restaurants and the Possible Outcomes of Modifying Their Training Program
Summary In the fast food industry, it is not uncommon for customers to expect unsatisfactory service. Quality is becoming one of the widely addressed concerns among these types of restaurant chains. Since it has become a common standard for chains such as Burger King and McDonald’s to underperform in terms of service and q...
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An Analysis of the Limited, a women's clothing store
Executive Summary The Limited is a retail store focusing on women’s clothing, from business casual to full suits, with the occasional everyday outfits. They have been around for approximately fifty years. This company was founded in 1963 nearby in Columbus, Ohio and was the foundation brand for Limited Brands, Inc. and rem...
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The Importance of Safeguarding the Customer's Information
In a day and age where we are constantly told to follow our dreams, owning your own company may seem easily to do; but is it really? There are many issues that need to be taken into consideration before you decide to become a business owner. The biggest issue that the business community is struggling with today is protectin...
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The Different Controversies That Plagued Companies
As Christmas creeps in closer and closer, we all look forward to seeing red and green in all the stores at the mall and hearing Christmas songs playing over the loudspeaker in every public facility we enter. However, some people were not happy with a certain company’s Christmas decision this year. We’ve all heard about it...
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A Study on a Lucrative Possibility of Building Totokaelo in South Beach Florida
Introduction Totokaelo, which translates in a slang way, more or less, to “the sky’s the limit” in Latin (Schneier, 2015), will be an ongoing clothing foundation that offers and retails clothing and footwear for men and women. Totokaelo will be ongoing as mentioned, because it’s already established itself in the retail and...
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The History and Success of Trader Joe's
In the 1950s, California native Joe Couloumbe opened Pronto convenience stores, an attempt to compete with the already successful 7-eleven chain (Lewis 3). Soon after Couloumbe opened his store, Pronto faced closure after limited business success and Couloumbe decided to buy out the store in Pasadena, CA instead of abandoni...
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Microsoft, a Company That Follows the Modern Learning Organization Model
Microsoft: From Desktops to Online Drivers Microsoft is one of the largest companies in the world nowadays. They’re active in tons of countries, making everything related to computer software that you can think of, and have become a truly household name in many places. They’re mostly known for their software division now...
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A Discussion on the Risks of Multinational Corporations
Multinational Corporations Written Exercise Multinational corporations is an organization that is involved in doing business in other countries. It is guided by a similar business infrastructure and ignores national boundaries. It might not be hard for a very renowned business to prosper in spreading their business nat...
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The Lesson That John Abrams Learned Before Founding Clockwork That Influenced Clockwork
John Abrams founded three companies before Clockwork. What lessons did he learn from each that influenced Clockwork? John Abrams founded three companies before he went on to found Clockwork. With each of these entrepreneurial ventures new lessons were learned that helped prepare Abrams for Clockwork. The first company foun...
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A Case Study on the Business of Leaders Bank
What did Leaders Bank (Leaders) sell? Is it a commodity? As a bank Leaders specialized is commercial, industrial and real estate lending for privately held businesses and their respective owners. As an institution leader concentrated on selling the idea that everyone they worked with, whether and employee or a customer was...
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