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A Report on the Models of Controlling Financial Interest, Consolidation of Financial Statements, and Goodwill with an Example of AT&T, Inc.
Unit 4 Individual Project There are many fundamental principles that dictate the consolidation of financial statements. Some of these factors include the FASB, or Financial Accounting Standards Board. The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP, traditionally require the consolidation of financial reporting wit...
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Following the Stocks of Smuckers, PNC, and Amazon
Initial Stock Paper The three stocks that I have chosen to follow are Smuckers, PNC, and Amazon. I know a little about each of these companies but not very much beyond the basics. I decided to follow Smuckers because I grew up 20 minutes away from the factory and, as a child, it was a household name in my community. I’d li...
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A Company History and Overview of the Nestle Bottling Company
Nestle, No Thank You Nestle, a water bottling company that is named after Henri Nestle, a german pharmacist, started out as a company with a set of condensed milk products which later partnered up with Anglo-Swiss Milk company to eliminate competition in 1905. Since then, it has progressed to coffee, tea, instant chocolate...
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A Critical Analysis of Online Shopping Upends Small-Town Retail, an Article by Laura Stevens
This is a summary of the article “Online Shopping Upends Small-Town Retail” by Laura Stevens in the, The Wall Street Journal, that got published on Monday, September 12, 2016. In this article, Stevens begins by addressing how United Parcel Service Inc., known as E-commerce which is a delivery service has not only reached ou...
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The Different Activities in Managing a Portfolio
Introduction Managing a portfolio of assets is an essential task for any serious investor. This is because, portfolio management is both science and art that helps in making decisions on matters concerning investment mix and policies or strategies to adopt, aligning investments to the objectives, asset allocation strategie...
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Helping the Society to Adapt to the Growing Dislocation of Jobs by Technology
Writing Exercise 1 The article “Technology, Unemployment & Policy Options: Navigating the Transition to a Better World” by Gary E. Marchant, Yvonne A. Stevens and James M. Hennessy, was published in the Journal of Evolution and Technology and describes its goal as “to inventory and briefly evaluate the policy options that...
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The Validity of Simulation in Predicting Job Performance
Article Review Statement of Purpose: The topic of employment testing and selection is extremely important in the workplace. The use of simulations in the hiring process helps the employer predict and measure how effective the employee will be in their new position, and whether they are indeed the best hire. Additionally, e...
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The Value of Sabermetrics and Its Practical Applications
This article provides in-depth insight into the value of sabermetrics and the wide array of applicable areas it has. Anyone who has ever heard of sabermetrics knows that the most common use is to ascertain the amount of runs a team will score a game—and through the course of a season. For example, a team that scores the sam...
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The Importance of Image for the Way One Presents Oneself to Colleagues or Other Professional
Besides experience and skill, your professional image and etiquette are easily one of the most important factors that can influence if you receive a job or not – in any field. The way that you present yourself to colleagues or other professionals is important because it leaves a long lasting mark on that person’s impression...
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An Income Statement and Balance Sheet Analysis of the Bank of America Corporation
Bank of America Corporation as on 31st of December 2015 Balance Sheet Analysis: The Bank of America Corporation had total assets of $ 2,144,316 million including $ 159,353 million of cash and cash equivalents, $ 407,005 million of total debt securities and other assets. The total assets of the last year was of $...
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