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Marin County's Attempt to Get More Value out of Tax Dollars
“Marin County must admit when we make mistakes and learn from them.” ~ Administrator Matthew Hymel Introduction As any project manager knows, implementation of a project does not always go as planned, both when it is being conducted and perhaps especially when it is assigned to a consultant, outside firm, or other s...
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The Strengths and Weaknesses of Apple as a Company
For a company as large and powerful as Apple, the list of strengths seems as if it could be endless. Among Apple’s many talents that have kept it above competitors is its ability to innovate. In the technology world, companies are virtually unable to succeed if they are not releasing new and updated products often enough. A...
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A Financial Analysis of the Starbucks Company
Financial Analysis- Starbucks The description provided before the financial data is very brief, but provides an adequate understanding of the company’s goals. The business is described well and investors can understand that they are investing in one of the world’s leading coffee/tea companies. However, the description does...
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A Discussion on Four Different Types of Financial Statements
In every case, having financial statements come in handy for every single person whether they know it or not. Financial statements come in all shapes and sizes. Some are extremely long, and some might only consist simple in a matter of small numbers. Financial statements are documents that are used to inform the company, or...
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A Discussion on the Decision of Tetra Pak Inc to Hire External Auditors to Conduct an Annual Audit
The board of Tetra Pak Inc has recently decided that in order to comply with principles set forth by GAAP that it is in the best interest of the company to hire external auditors to conduct an annual audit. The purpose of this audit is to achieve an unbiased review and assessment of all company records related to financials...
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A Business Case Analysis of Doe v. XYC Corp.
As your company becomes more and more connected as a result of the ever transforming nature of business, employees will need to be granted an increasing amount of access to the internet and e-mail on a multitude of devices. It is essential that you recognize the potential liabilities that could arise as a result of employee...
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A Discussion on the Methods of Bootstrapping, a Term That Refers to Starting a Business on Limited Budget
Bootstrapping is a term that refers to starting a business on a limited budget, or one’s ability to stretch a limited amount of resources to grow a business, and to conserve capital while generating revenue. Bootstrapping is common for many small start-ups that have been started on a shoestring budget. It is important for a...
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The Importance of Laying Out a Financial Plan Before Starting an Entrepreneurial Venture
As an entrepreneur is essential that you lay out a financial plan before starting any entrepreneurial venture. There are a number of different components to a financial plan including the income statement, statement of cash flows, balance sheet, and a breakeven analysis. Each of these different components acts as a lead in...
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My Advantages in the Transfer Process Coming to the Georgian Court University
Coming in to Georgian Court University, I feel that I have had a significant advantage in the transfer process. I didn’t base my decision to come here strictly because of the beautiful campus or the fact that it provided an education for my career goals. Instead, I decided to attend because a lot of the women and girls that...
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The Importance of Business Interests in the United States
America Puts Business Interests First It is quite valid that in American economic policy, with the exception of the Jacksonian and Roosevelt Presidencies, corporations have almost always held the upper hand and, as a result, labor unions have had little success. The worker has always been at a disadvantage because of the f...
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