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The Findings, Recommendations, and Conclusions Regarding Adding the Method of a Personalized Customer Service for My Company to Run Successfully
As a small business owner I need to find ways to keep my company running successfully. My employees and I have been hearing about the importance of personalized customer service. Adding this method to our business can increase potential buyers’ attention, but we are not sure if I could hurt the business. We need to find out...
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Professionalism is Deserving of Praise, But Not at the Cost of One's Principles
What is the worth of a human life? Of a person’s career? Someone’s time? It is hard to answer such questions with no context, but when the result of one’s work is closely intertwined with the answers, then a logic devoid of empathy begins to take over. This is not necessarily a bad quality. It is simply professionalism. Jon...
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The Dangers of Your Everyday American Store
Your Favorite Store Is Your Biggest Stalker “The store can also recognize returning shoppers, because mobile devices send unique identification codes when they search for networks. That means stores can now tell how repeat customers behave and the average time between visits” (Clifford & Hardy, Companies trac...
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A Company Analysis of CanGo
Consulting Firm has a mission for CanGo, an online company looking to grow. Our mission for CanGo is to deliver professional assistance to support the growth of the successful establishment that currently makes up CanGo through the reworking and rebuilding of management to employees, technology to marketing. Consulting offe...
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The Benefits of Mortgage-Backed Securities
Regulators put the first circuit breakers in place fallowing the market crash of October 19, 1987. The Dow Jones shed 508 points or 22.6 percent during that time. The crash began in Hong Kong and affected the markets all around the world and was known as Black Monday. The Second incident was the flash crash on May 6 2010. T...
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A Study of the Purpose of a Cash Flow Statement and an Overview of Ford Motor Company's Cash Flow Statement in 2012
Cash flow statements are reports that present a summary of actual or anticipated flows of cash in and out of a business during an accounting period, typically at the end of a month, quarter, and or year. The reason why a statement of cash flow is important to managers and executives alike is as Epstein (2014) points out “th...
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The Benefits of Using Departmental Overhead Rates instead of Company-Wide Rates for Auerbach Enterprises
Auerbach Enterprises; an air-conditioning manufacturing company for automobiles with two distinct product lines (MaxiFlow & Alaska), is considering moving from a company-wide predetermined overhead rate that has been used in previous years to the use of a departmental overhead rate at the beginning of the new year. Using ma...
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An Essay of Coca-Cola's Financial History and Financial Outlook
Coca-Cola Inc. Financial History and Financial Outlook Coca-Cola is the world’s largest beverage company, which has been providing over thirty-five hundred products for more than two hundred countries worldwide for over one hundred and twenty years. Exhibit 1 displays some of Coca-Colas’ brands with its products, target...
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The Strength and Impact of GoPro in the Economy Today
GoPro Incorporated is a stock on the NASDAQ stock market. Yahoo’s profile for them says, “GoPro, Inc. develops hardware and software solutions to alleviate consumer pain points associated with capturing, managing, sharing, and enjoying engaging content.” It has a current price of $10.89. This stock is somewhat fluctuating,...
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The Importance of Small Businesses in the Economy of Maine
Small Businesses in Maine Small businesses in Maine provide necessary services to those that live in the state as well as those that visit for a short time. Maine’s small businesses are what fortify Maine’s economy and show a strong work ethic for Maine by those that are employed in this job sector. These small business...
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