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The Different Types of Nonprofit Fraud
Abstract In today’s society full of scandal and lies, it is difficult to know who to trust. Although nonprofits are intended to help the less fortunate and to better our community as a whole, many are corrupt and merely parade around so as to receive tax exemptions and public donations. The author addresses several of the...
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Blood, Sweat, and Tears in Working in a Sweatshop
Sweatshop Controversy Paper Blood, SWEAT, and Tears Trends are constantly changing in the fashion industry. It is difficult to keep up with the demand that the greedy corporates are faced with to make profit. However, they have found that they can often hire people from third world countries to do the intensive work that...
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A Study on the Ethical Issues in Increasing the Price of Daraprim
Ethics are a “code of moral principles and values that govern the behaviors of right or wrong” (Fox, 2015). From the managerial viewpoint, however, ethical issues in practice can arise a complicated situation. A 62-year-old drug, named Daraprim, that is used to treat a life-threatening parasitic infection has just gone up c...
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Application and Interview Processes Should Be More Intense in Order for Companies to Find Good Workers
In the past couple of years, companies have begun to ensure that they are hiring good employees by making their applications and interviews more intensive. It is becoming more and more prominent to have personality questions involved in the application process to make sure that they are hiring people that will be a good fit...
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Religious Practices Should Be Allowed in the Workplace
The issue of allowing religious faith in the workplace is increasing, and majority of these issues could have been handled properly if both employer and employee have an open mind and try to understand other people’s religious upbringing. It is not a surprise that every employer or corporation, big or small are aware that t...
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An Analysis of the Mission, Vision, and Firm Stakeholders of Tyson Foods
Tyson Foods is amongst the leading American multinational
corporation located in Springdale, Arkansas. The corporation was
established in 1935 and operates within the food industry. Currently, Tyson
Foods Inc. employs approximately 107,000 people working in close to 300
facilities in different regions across the world. Th...
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A Comparison between the Business Ethics of Japan and America
Japan is a country well known for many things, be them odd clothes, technological magic, anime and manga, and many more. With such diverse and fascinating culture, it’s little surprise that Japan is in possession of one of the most strict business cultures around the world. In fact, for many, it’s so unique that finding a p...
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A Comparison of the Similarities and Differences Between the Articles Wal-Mart Protesters Arrested as Demonstrations Return and Wal-Mart Our Retailer of the Year
Abstract This paper is a comparison between two articles about the shopping center Wal-mart. The articles are compared in terms of audience, purpose, message, style and tone. The first article, “Wal-Mart protesters arrested as demonstrations return” comes from CNN and is written by James O’toole. This article discusses Wal...
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An Analysis of the Components of a Business Plan
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the different components of a business plan. Each part will be described in a brief overview, with more focus being put on specific sections. The Small Business Association has outlined each of the documents that make up the proposal on its website. This guideline provides accessibili...
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An Overview of the Stunning "Share a Coke With..." Coca-Cola Campaign
Coca-Cola’s introduction of the “Share a Coke With…” campaign stunned their audience, increased growth and impressed mass communicators everywhere. In a day and age where it is not simply encouraged, but necessary to engage your audience on a personal level in order to build relationships and boost your brand, Coca-Cola’s...
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