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Volksvagen and the Lawbreaking Behavior Scandal
After working very hard over the last decade to make a bigger splash in the US market and seize a bigger piece of the market share in the auto industry Volkswagen became the biggest automaker in the world in two thousand and fifteen. Their position as the top automaker was short lived though as the company was caught cheati...
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A Research on the Issue of Misleading Labelling in Canned and Processed Goods
Health Concerns & Misleading Labelling Introduction With the rise in the levels of general obesity, consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious with regard to the food they purchase, particularly in terms of canned and processed goods available in abundance in the grocery stores and super-markets. As a means...
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A Proposition for the Necessary Actions in the Case of Product Contamination
It has been brought to my attention, the production run containing 120,000 bottles that was to be released under the new ad campaign, has been compromised. We are quite certain; this contamination came at the hands of a disgruntled worker who placed an unknown chemical into one of the machines, exposing the finished produc...
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The Unethical Behavior of Enron's Employers and Its Affect on Various Stakeholders
How Did the Unethical Behavior Affect the Various Stakeholders? The collapse of Enron crippled the U.S. economy overnight. The employees had jobs, pensions, retirement plans, country club memberships, gym memberships, and a countless number of other perks. All of these vanished over a small period of time because of the li...
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A Comparison of the Business Ethics in the United States and the Business Ethics in Japan
Corporate Business Ethics in The United States vs. Japan Human Resources Management Final Project Introduction For my final project, I've decided to compare business ethics in Japan versus the United States. I've always been interested in the Japanese culture, particularly on the business side, so I'm looking for...
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An Examination of the Four Values in My Quaker Class
Values Paper Of the four values we went over in my Quaker class, simplicity, peacemaking, integrity, community, and equality, the value that I believe is the most important for leadership is Community. Without a sense of community in leadership it makes being a leader very difficult and challenging. It can make the role of...
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The Need for Google to Improve Its Public Image as an Environmentally Conscious Organization
To Whom It May Concern: As a company renown for being innovative and forward-thinking, as well as a responsible member of the communities in which it has a presence, it is fitting that Google should adopt environmental degradation as the focus for its Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. Specifically, Google should...
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The Nike Company Should Be Held Responsible for the Working Conditions in Their Sweatshops in Foreign Countries
#1:I believe that Nike should be held responsible for working conditions in foreign countries that it does own but subcontracts to make products for Nike. A subcontractor is an individual or company that signs a contract to perform obligations for another company. The incentive to hiring subcontractor a subcontractor is to...
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Justifications for Drug Testing Programs and Their Effects on the Civil Rights of Employees
Civil rights at the workplace constitute a class of laws that protect an
individual from infringement by a private organization or a government
parastatal that has employed him or her. It is customary for workers in the
United States of America to take drug tests. This paper describes
justifications for drug te...
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The Importance of Ethics in Accounting
Ethics in Accounting
Accounting is extremely dependent on ethical decisions and practices. Since
financial statements are required for decision making, it is imperative
that these statements accurately reflect the business transactions.
Otherwise, owners and investors will make wrong decisions based on the
false information...
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