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An Analysis of the Ten Communication Secrets of Great Leaders in the Forbes Article
10 Communication Secrets of Great Leaders The article I read was a forbes piece on the ten communication “secrets” necessary in a great leader and commonly shared amongst those we have seen in the past. To start, there’s a few notes on honesty and inciting trust-- Namely that you don’t need the first to achieve the latter,...
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An Analysis of the Ethics of Google's Project Glass
Research Paper – Analyzing the Ethics of Google Glass On April 4th, 2012, Google announced “Project Glass,” an undertaking that sought to revolutionize the nature of a ubiquitous computer. Within the mission statement, it is noted that “technology should work for [the user] — to be there when [the user] need[s] it and...
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The Set of Policies of LMJ-Ad That Have to Be Respected by Employees
Every company has a set of policies that are predefined and each employee must abide by these policies. In this particular case the LMJ-Ad management team thinks that there are two employees working together to steal information and give it to competitors. I have been asked to start an investigation involving this issue....
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An Examination of the Ethical Standards of Apple Inc.
Apple Inc. is considered one of the leading companies in the technology industry. Their ethical standards have consecutively been praised by both consumers and organizations who measure a corporation’s ethical levels alike. Apple has recently as the World’s Most Admired Company (Ferrel, 2015 p. 554). However, because Apple...
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The Benefits of Outsourcing for a Business
Chapter 14: Human Resource Selection & Development Across Cultures 1. What are the costs and benefits of hiring home-, host-, and third- country nationals for overseas assignments? "Many MNCs are outsourcing aspects of their global operations and in so doing are engaging temporary or contingent employe...
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The Major Events I've Experienced During My Internship at the A-Z Auto Repair Company
The A-Z auto repair company is a family possessed business that deals with repair of domestic vehicles and trucks. The auto repair company also provides civility shuttle from the company to customers place when the customer demands the service. The A-Z auto repair company is licensed to repair all types of household’s vehic...
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My Ethical Dilemma Experience While Serving at Al-Hamis & Sons Limited Company
An ethical dilemma also refers to the moral dilemma, which requires a
creative and critical choice to be made out of two given options. However,
the outcome might not be satisfactorily at the long run. It only needs a
strong personal conscience in order to make a concrete and sound decision.
For example, as our case study,...
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An Analysis of the Current Children Wear Business Industry in the United Arab Emirates
Executive Summary The current fashion industry in UAE is booming. This is because many people like keeping with the latest trends in fashion wear and, also have the financial capacity to make purchases. Specifically, there has been an increasing demand for children wear by consumers. Although there are many clothing shops...
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An Evaluation of Pepsi Company's Decision to Re-Imagine Their Unhealthy Products
There has been a big health movement in the United States within recent years. Products made with high fructose corn syrup and other ingredients perceived to be bad want to either be expunged or changed to make them healthier by health activists. Companies like Pepsi are trying to change the image of their unhealthy prod...
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A Study on McDonald's Adopting an Environmentally Friendly Business Model
Protecting the environment is very important to many people today. They are concerned with making sure that people treat the earth right through things like creating less pollution, and recycling. They are also concerned with how the way a business operates may affect the environment. McDonald’s is well aware of these con...
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An Evaluation of the CVS's Decision to Eliminate Cigarettes from Their Stores
Addiction is a powerful thing. For many people, their addiction is to a drug such a tobacco or cigarettes. Stores know this, and have whole sections of stores dedicated to cigarettes to cater to these types of customers. Some stores however, such as CVS feel that they should be looking out for the health of their custome...
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The Importance of Not Playing the Blame Game and Making a Change in Business
Once again the conquest for power has begun. The “blame game” is at its peak and political heavy weights are busy hatching conspiracies and intrigues against each other. Prophesying what will happen next is even more difficult. The opposition wants to topple the government and those in power are trying hard to find constitu...
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The Environmental Factors That Made an Impact on the Virgin Group
Virgin is one of the most recognised and admired global brands. Founded by
Richard Branson in the early 1970's, the Virgin Group has established and
developed successful businesses in diverse industries ranging from mobile
phones to transportation, travel, financial services, media, music and
Virgin ha...
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A Company Overview of Wells Fargo and Its Ethical Platform
Introduction Founded in 1998 as a result of a merger between the initial Wells Fargo and a Norwest based financial corporation, Wells Fargo is currently the largest financial company in terms of global market capitalization and the fourth largest bank in the United States (Rau, 2001). It is a public company traded in the...
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A Study of Corporate Ethics in a Business Society
Introduction: Within this portfolio, I will be looking at five issues of corporate ethics within the business society and how it has influenced the way we think as a consumer. ‘The term ‘ethics’ is derived from the Greek word ‘ethos’ and Latin word ‘moras’ both together these two words define how individuals choose to inte...
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A Personal View of the Corporate Dishonesty of Volkswagen
I agree that what Volkswagen did was very inappropriate considering that they are a leader in the automobile industry. While anyone, regardless of their trade, should be expected to conduct themselves in an honest fashion, there are instances where even the most prominent CEOs or executives are unable to meet this moral ob...
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The Controversies Surrounding Wal-Mart Stores in America
APHG- Is Wal-Mart Good For America? A lot of controversy surrounds Wal-Mart and their practices, and the biggest question being asked is are they good for America? One of the most dominating corporations in the world, Wal-Mart controls every single one of their suppliers and all of their global trading partners. They are...
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The Functions, Forms and Importance of Client Confidentiality Between Institutions and Clients
Introduction Client confidentiality is the practice where an institution or individual providing a beneficial service keeps the information, details and in some cases, the identity of their clients, private and exempt from release to any third party unless the client consents to it or a legal obligation such as a search wa...
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The Importance of Providing Customers with Proper Information to Make a Real Healthy Choice
When people see a sign warning of danger, they typically heed the warning and avoid the area of danger. If a road is closed for construction and a short detour is marked, people take the detour in order to avoid the construction. Similarly, when customers shopping at a grocery store take a glance at their favorite energy ba...
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The Importance of Employees to Understand the Code of Ethics
All companies have rules and regulations that are expected to be followed by all employees. These are governing principles that are made known to the employees prior to them acquiring their jobs or after getting the positions. The rules and regulations are meant to ensure that all employees within the organization act ethic...
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A Discussion on the Various Aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Relation to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Over the past decade or more there, has been a big push for more businesses to take part and be held accountable for corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility refers to the practices of a business that benefit society as a whole. This includes the community, environment, charities, and any outside sta...
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A Case Study of an Unethical Business Practice of a Private Manufacturing Company Regarding Entry-Level Workers and Customers
From an outside perspective, one can observe that the work environment Angela is involved in is unethical to both its workers and its customers. They don’t seem to be caring about their worker’s content nor their customers’. This is evident through a few factors. The customers are obviously not happy since they’re calling i...
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A Study on the Health Hazards of Working with Home Building Materials at True Home Dreams
Issue identification: True Home Dreams is group of companies which produce home building
materials, paints and plastering products. Manufacturing of these products in majority of cases involve hazardous
toxic materials, which in many cases have impact on employees. Company
follow all safety procedures, to preven...
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Mike O'Brien's Ethical Dilemma in Weighing the Benefits Against the Ethical Costs of the Sale of Construction Equipment in Africa
It is said that “A salesperson’s ethics and values contribute more to sales success than do techniques or strategies.”(Willingham, 2003). As a salesman your job is simple, sell a given product, and maximize profits. But with this sales people are often confronted with situations where they must question the ethics involved...
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Sway, a New Product in Microsoft Office That I Worked On This Summer as a Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft
I spent this summer as a Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft in Redmond, WA. I worked with another Software Engineering Intern on a core feature for my teams product: Sway, which we expect to appear in their product a few weeks after we leave. Sway is a new product in Office, preview-released last October and releasin...
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