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The Purpose of a Strategic Plan for Selling a New Video Game
Strategic planning is comprised of the high-level overview of the future of the business and dictates their long term decisions. It involves a plan of the company’s vision, objectives, and values as well as their interactions with the media and the outside environment. (Mikoluk, 2013). Tactical planning is the plan of actio...
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An Analysis of Business and Marketing Objectives of the Cheetos Brand and Campaign through Mobile Gaming
Business and Marketing Objectives: The main business objective is to make the Cheetos brand a versatile snack that is chosen for all parts of the consumer’s life: parties, sporting events, studying, and even dessert. Furthermore, the Cheetos brand must become something memorable, not necessarily a fad like other brands t...
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A Report on the Threats to the RaceTrac Petroleum Gas Station and Their Solutions
RaceTrac Petroleum is the number one Gas station in the south and continues to be one of the best work places to work. It’s also a popular pit stop for gasoline and snacks in the south. The company operates more than 600 gas stations and convenience stores in ten southern states under the RaceTrac and Raceway names. Raceway...
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The Characteristics, Pros and Cons of Different Legal Forms of Business
What legal form would be best for your business idea? That’s a question that people need to ask themselves when starting a new business. There is quite a bit of distinction between Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, Subchapter Corporation and an LLC. It’s important to sit down and figure out which one would w...
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An Analysis and Identification of My Strengths and Weaknesses While at the Workplace, University, and Home
Strengths and weaknesses are inherent in everyone. An individuals’ personality, environment and relationships can have an impact on, and be influenced by, strength and weaknesses of character. According to Stone (2014), an understanding and awareness of these traits can improve our interactions throughout our daily life. Kn...
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An Analysis to Determine which Organization Should Receive Our Grant
Final Grantee Analysis At this point in the process of awarding our grant, we have successfully narrowed a pool of fifteen applicants down to five finalists. Each of these remaining organizations are very deserving of our grant, but the class only has the resources to support one of these organizations. Through careful a...
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An Analysis of the Criticism Surrounding Cable Companies in the United States
Causal Analysis - Why, Cable? Americans pay an outrageous amount for their cable television bill, an amount that continues to increase year after year. It is difficult to justify paying upwards of a hundred dollars just for the luxury of television entertainment, but many Americans cannot bear the idea of letting it go. Th...
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An Examination of the Business Strategies of Zara, a Fashion Retailer
One of the phenomena in Spain is the rise of Inditex, known for its ownership of Zara. It would seem odd that Inditex, an aggressively expanding, global company would be headquartered in La Coruña, a typical, quiet European city. Yet despite being based in a troubled country with over 50% unemployment for those under 30, it...
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A Case Study of the Companies Workday and Oracle
Workday and Oracle, the owners of Taleo, have an interesting relationship. Workday was founded in 2005 by David Duffield, the founder and CEO of PeopleSoft, and his chief strategist Aneel Bhusri after Oracle launched a hostile takeover of their previous company. With that kind of upstart attitude, Workday has taken aim at e...
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An Analysis of the Project of Expanding the Eastern Hills Shopping Center
The owner of the Eastern Hills shopping center wants to modernize and expand the 32 business shopping center complex. The project is planning on providing a room for 8 to 10 new businesses. The financing was already arranged. The only thing that is remaining for the owner of the shopping center is to plan, schedule, and...
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