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Topics in Business Strategy

The Importance of Artistic Design and Logo in Internet Commerce
Design, Logos, and Internet Commerce As the world continues to become more interconnected, the internet has emerged as the newest and most powerful tool of humanity. Every day more and more people turn to the digital world as the outlet for expressing their passions. The online domain is now a social hub where ideas, art...
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The Different Strategies in Managing Operations Outside the Country
Chapter 9: Entry Strategies/Organizational Structures MNCs have a number of different entry strategies and organizational
arrangements that helps gain entry for operations in a different country.
Many are traditional and standard approaches, while others are hybrids,
mixed, or flexible arrangements that involve collab...
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The Importance of Open-Mindedness in Business
It is always a good idea to be consider other cultural views in the
business world. Culture is very complex. Managers especially have to
consider these cultural differences when working in an international
business environment. Culture varies and contains various subtle features
that usually vary within countries and across...
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An Analysis of The Onion, in Which the Atthor Satirizes the Way Products are Presented to the Consumers
The Onion: Fact or Fiction In the mock press release from, The Onion, the author satirizes how products are marketed to their consumers and how people are gullible enough to believe all that marketers say about their product. By describing MagnaSoles, a fake product, the author brings about humor and realization in that mo...
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The History and Overview of Emaar Properties
Emaar Properties
Emaar Properties is a real estate development firm that is headquartered in
Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company was established in 1997 to serve
the UAE's property development sector. This paper is interested in
exploring how Emaar Properties has grown to become an international
company. Since 1997, th...
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A Comparison of the Business Portfolios of United Arab Emirates-Based Companies Emaar Properties and Etisalat
Emaar Properties and Etisalat are two companies based in United Arab
Emirates. The two companies engage in different business portfolios. Emaar
Properties engages in real estate development serving clients in both UAE
and in foreign countries while, Etisalat is a telecommunication service
provider serving clien...
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The Characteristics, Core Values, and Results of Jumpstart, a Non-Profit Organization
Jumpstart: Children First Jumpstart is a national non-profit organization that is concerned with early childhood education. Ever since it began in 1993, members of Jumpstart have worked tirelessly to improve early childhood education so that students have a better chance of being successful throughout their lives. Amer...
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A Proposal for the Window Display of Wooden Opal, a Vintage Fashion Store
Window Display Proposal The name of the store for the window display is called Wooden Opal. The store has a very chic feel to it. It also incorporates a rustic, warm feel to the store as well. During the Christmas season, Wooden Opal incorporates the overall aesthetic of its interior design into the window displays but wi...
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The Expansion of Starbucks into the Tea Market and Its Consequences
Starbucks coffee has decided to expand its business by opening up its first Teavana teahouse in Manhattan. They hope to be able to open at least an additional 1,000 stores in and outside of the U.S. For many of their tea loving customers, this is a welcomed change. Starbucks wanted the new store to feel much different tha...
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The Business Tactics to Attract Shoppers During the Holyday Shopping Season
Holiday shopping is a stressful time of the year. Usually beginning on Black Friday and extending through Christmas, stores try to have a variety of tactics to get customers into their doors and away from their competitors. As Christmas becomes ever closer, stores begin to use tactics for the procrastinators that might ha...
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The Benefits of Using Aluminum for Ford Trucks
In the article “Ford Trucks Reinvent Tough by Switching to Aluminum,” the Engineering News-Record explains the changes to Ford’s most common truck for the 2015 model year. Most importantly, the truck’s body will be made out of aluminum rather than steel. This change in materials makes the trucks lighter by up to 700 pounds....
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The Failure of the First Foray of International Breweries in China, the Success of Anheuser-Busch and SABMiller, and the Business Strategies of SABMiller
Why did the first foray of a majority of international breweries fail? Compare the first foray and second foray of foreign entrants, and predict the possible outcomes. The first foray for international beer investors in China failed because the majority of the people were low income earners and could only afford cheap beer...
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GlaxoSmithKline Co. and the Competition in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Competition in business is usually for market share and sales volume; the tactics used to increase the aforementioned are price reduction, promotions, distribution and packaging (Richard, 2015). A competitor is a business that seeks to have your target market, reduce market share and sales volume. Competition is usually in...
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An Analysis of the Success of the Business Model of the Company of Mr. Shah
The initial Consortium that made up the PPP was an ideal group of organizations that allowed them to be successful. There were many things brought to the table by each of the companies: Sumitomo Chemical Company, WHO, UNICEF, ExxonMobil, the Acumen Fund, and Population Services International (PSI). Some offered technical or...
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A Company Overview of Produce Shack, and Its Business Environment and Strategy
Executive Summary Everyday customers see the waste in the grocery industry and feel like they cannot make a difference. Now they can! The Produce Shack is a fresh produce store that will be located in the metro community and will offer products that are locally sourced to cut down on the waste in transportation. We als...
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The Strategy Behind Robin Chase's Zipcar a Car Sharing Start-up
Zipcar was founded in 2000 in Boston by Robin Chase and Antje Danielson, although the majority of the start-up process was in the hands of Chase. Zipcar is a "short-term, on-demand private car service" (pg. 3) replicated from similar businesses in Western Europe, where users can rent cars in order to satisfy their everyday...
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My OIG Strategy for NCPR: Auditing, Findings, Recommendations
Part A Mission and strategy of the IG The mission of my OIG is to protect and enhance the NCPR so that the agency can operate optimally and legally within prescribed regulations. The OIG accomplishes this by overseeing the agency. Through auditing, findings and recommendations, the OIG fulfills its mission. The role o...
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A Description of Hollenbeck's and Klein's Goal-setting Model
Goal-setting research is involved with establishing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-targeted goals. Goal commitment, according to Locke at al. (1981), is an individual’s level of determination over time toward an accomplishment of an original goal, and the unwillingness to lower or abandon that goal (p...
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A Harvard Business School Case: Allen Lane's Plans to Purchase a Company in the Distribution of Mechanical or Electronic Parts
The present Harvard Business School case is about a man, Allen Lane, who wished to purchase a company in the distribution of mechanical or electronic parts. The early portions of the case outline Lane's early career in the manufacturing industry, starting with a job as vice president of operations in a small firm to a job a...
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The Creative and Compelling Marketing Strategies of CJ Johnson
Whether you’re a startup with an app to promote, or a fashion brand looking for new ways to spread the word, your creative marketing campaign makes all the difference between overwhelming success, or crushing failure. In today’s digital world of short attention spans and severely limited time, marketing not only needs to be...
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An Educational Experience of Playing The Stock Market Game
The Stock Market Game was an educational experience that perfectly simulated the real Stock Market. Having the ability to buy actual stocks while using real time makes the game a perfect replication of the real market. Furthermore, you can even use different strategies in order to do better, which adds more to the education...
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An Overview of the Strategic Planning of Southwest Airlines
Strategic planning must take many elements into account. Some of these elements are the company’s mission, vision, values, goals, critical success factors, and differentiation strategies. Southwest Airlines approaches strategic planning from a very different point of view than other airlines. Where other airlines boost prof...
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A Case Study on Developing a Competitive Strategy Using the Value-Based Strategy Approach
Aquion is well positioned as a startup company. The technology offered by the startup is not only ingenious and one-of-a-kind, but extremely valuable to utility industry players as it represents a low cost alternative to what has been available nearly since electricity was harnessed. As the case study states, the new batter...
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A Report on the Current Position, the Ultimate Sustainability of Current Strategy, and Future Strategy Recommendations of the Wells Fargo Bank
“Those guys have gone their own way. That doesn’t mean that everything they’ve done has been right. But they’ve never felt compelled to do anything because other banks were doing it, and that’s how banks get in trouble, when they say, ‘Everybody else is doing it, why shouldn’t I?’” ~ Warren Buffett on Wells Fargo ~...
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An Overview of the Hospitality Company, Westin St. Francis and Its Business Strategies
Executive Summary The St Francis by Westin is located right on Union Square in San Francisco. After 250 rooms were destroyed during the 1906 earthquake the St. Francis was rebuilt to be one of the largest hotels in San Francisco with having 1,196 standard rooms and 59 suites it has well over 1,200 rooms. The St. Francis i...
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