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A Discussion of the Weakness in the Skill Set of an Employee
Discuss an instance when you identified a weakness in the skill set in an employee (or in yourself).  Consider learning opportunities that may be freely available, if you had limited financial resources, where would you look for training to close the gap on these skill sets?  How would the success of the training be measure...
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The Legal Issue of Worker Classification in the Uber Transportation Service
The question of whether a worker is legally classified as an employee or and independent contractor has been brought up throughout history, and is one that can still be seen in industries today. Recently and arguably the most well known case that involves this legal issue of worker classification has involved mobile applica...
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A Report on the Relationship Between Management Communication and Employee Performance in an Organization
Communication Abstract The authors Neves and Eisenberger discuss the relationship between the management (employer) and the employees of an organization in the context of perceived organizational support (the support that an organization or company gives to the employee from the perspective of the employee). Based on pre...
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An Analysis of Different Conflict Management Strategies in the Workplace
Workplace and team/group conflict are commonplace, but individuals who can incorporate certain types of conflict management strategies that work will soon be able to achieve their goals and minimize disruptions. In the workplace, managers will successfully eliminate conflicts and turn the situation into a problem-solving o...
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A Look at the Role and Importance of Consultants in the Human Resources Development
The Role of Consultants in Human Resources Development In the field of human resources, there is a growing trend toward the noncommittal relationship that is implied by contracting a consultant. In HRD, that trend has produced the need to study and to apply principles that go into making a productive and insightful consult...
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Understanding the Principles of Delegation of Authority
Delegation is defined as the process through which superiors assign certain duties, tasks or responsibilities to their subordinates so that they can carry out the work on their behalf, and accord them the level of authority and clearance to do the same. The flow of power is usually a one-way street; it is disseminated from...
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The Importance of Being Prepared during an Interview
I decided to take the online Interview with InterviewStream. I feel as if InterviewStream may be a good tool for monitoring your interview and see how you react, but the interview is not as dynamic as one would be in person which makes it difficult to gauge how well you are answering questions. I realized that I need to ho...
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The Effects of Change on an Employee and an Employer
Introduction Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable. Almost every day it seems like something is changing for us; it could be a new budget for our finances, a new way to complete a task at home, or a new change at our places of work. These changes happen for a variety of reasons, such as an increase in productivit...
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The Importance of Managing People Properly
Introduction Whether we like it or not, humans aren’t perfect. We inevitable make mistakes with our peers, with financial decision, and most importantly, at our jobs. When employees make mistakes, it can sometimes cause controversy between workers, supervisors, or even between the company and its customers. Some people...
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A Company Overview of Google's Employee Relationship
Google is a good example of a company that supports and maintains good working conditions for their employees, just as Netflix does, Google allows its employees to have hourly breaks for stretching and breathing exercises. They also pay their employees very well depending on their past employment. The employees receive vaca...
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