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Japanese Automobile Companies: How do Do They Retain Their Competitiveness in the International Markets?
Around the seventies Asian companies encountered a surge in regards to
becoming multinational companies. Analyzing the extent to which the
Japanese automobile manufacturers have been able to maintain their position
as multinationals in the international markets, it becomes clear that they
have indeed succeeded due to the ap...
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A History of the American Fiber Manufacturers Association
The American Fiber Manufacturers Association is a trade association for companies in the United States that manufacture synthetic and cellulosic fibers. This industry in the United States alone employs twenty-seven thousand people, produces over six billion pounds of fiber, and has annual sales that exceed eight billion dol...
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A History of the Tequila Interchange Project in Educating Consumers
Tequila is North America’s first distilled drink and it’s the first commercially produced alcohol (Thomas, Ryan). Tequila has changed dramatically since 1521 when is was brought to America as Mezcal Wine by Spaniards. Mezcal and Tequila soon differentiated. The rise of high end tequila started back in 1758. Tequila has had...
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The Six Categories of Cost Related to the Manufacturing of DreamCap Package
In finance and accounting there are six forms of cost that must be
considered. For this essay we will discuss the six categories of cost
related to the manufacturing of a new packaging product. For this essay the
product will be called the DreamCap Package. The six categories will be
discussed in relation the DreamCap Packa...
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A Research on the Golf Industry in Canada
For this assignment I chose to research my fathers business. My father owns the pro shop at Kawartha Golf Club in Peterborough, Ontario in Canada and works as a head professional. Also I will be discussing the golf industry in general. He started his job there eighteen years ago, before that out family lived in Toronto, whe...
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An Exploration of the Opportunities in the Wedding Industry
“The cake is the wrong flavor, the flowers are supposed to be yellow not pink, and my dress doesn’t fit anymore because I lost too much weight,” yelled the bride from the next room over. Now, whose fault is all of this? Oh yeah, that’s right, the wedding planner. Who in what crazy world would put themselves through a crazy...
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An Analysis of Diamonds in the Rough: Corporate Paternalism and African Professionalism on the Mines of Colonial Angola by Todd Cleveland
In “Diamonds in the Rough: Corporate Paternalism and African Professionalism on the Mines of Colonial Angola,” author Todd Cleveland travels to conflict-bearing regions in modern Angola to reconstruct the history of a Portuguese-led mining operation which spanned from 1917 until Angolan independence in 1975, which was follo...
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A Case Study on the Luxury Car Cadillac
Cadillac Case Study Once a brand name associated with prestige, success, and luxurious leisure, Cadillac’s enviable reputation disintegrated quickly after the arrival of premium European automobiles to the American car market in the 1970s. Built on bulky frames with large engines and handling that was slow to respond, Cad...
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The Life and Contribution of Leonard Kleinrock
Abstract This paper utilizes works to describe the work, legacy, and contribution to the world of computing/networking done by Leonard Kleinrock. Networking, as an aggregate, is the key to our society’s ability to function and progress at the rate we are progressing. Because of the actions and innovations carried out by...
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John D. Rockefeller as a Robber Baron
The 19th century witnessed a universal transformation from agrarian society to industrialization in America. New technologies and manufacturing techniques allowed several men to become immensely powerful. Sometimes people categorized these men as "captains of industry," whose resources, intellect, and power could be used fo...
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