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Skills Needed for Success in the Workplace Environment
Skills for Success The workforce environment is constantly changing every day. In order to be successful in a job, a person should possess certain skills. Some of the skills a person should have include communication skills, transferrable and information based skills, and flexibility and good personal traits. One needs a...
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An Analysis of the Pros and Cons of Various Options in Relation to Entrepreneurs' Seeking for Investors
One of the most important steps for any entrepreneur is when they finally begin to seek investors for their venture. For my consulting company Enviro I have considered a number of different options for funding my venture including; traditional bank loans, angel investors, and seeking venture capital. In the essay I will exa...
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The Importance of Security and Surveillance in the Airline Industry
As thousands of people everyday head towards airports to catch departing and arriving flights, the aviation industry has never been this busy before.  Our society today relies on airplane transportation for international and domestic travel more than ever before. With flights taking off and landing every second, even the sm...
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An Experience and Opportunity to Work for Partners for the Common Good
It was already dusk when I shut the door to Partners for the Common Good for the last time. For the last 10 weeks, I have spent countless hours inside the intimate setting of this company’s office. There are only 11 of us total, and there is no doubt I will miss each one. The work has been challenging, but the growth and co...
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The Importance of the Health Metric and Its Benefits to the Society
After reading chapter 4 of the HIP investor book, it is evident that there are five metric pillars. These metric pillars include Health, Wealth, Earth, Equality and Trust. Of all these metric pillars, the improvement of the Health metric would benefit the society immensely. The levels of customer satisfaction would increase...
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The Biography and Life Achievements of the Businessman Jeffrey Preston Bezos
In a country where opportunity means endless possibilities to an aspiring young businessman, Jeffrey Preston Bezos found his niche. There are infinite variations to business in the United States, with more and more industries opening up every year. In the case of Bezos, he struck a goldmine working and controlling the young...
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The Weekend Effect in Stock Prices and Stock Returns
Stock trading is a subset of finance, which is characterized by
several economic anomalies. An economic anomaly occurs when a financial
item such stocks behaves in a manner, which is inconsistent with the
economic model. Unlike other social sciences, financial economic
instruments are unstable with irregular behavior which...
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Investing in NeuroLife
NeuroLife Case Based on the information given in the business plan, I would invest in NeuroLife for several reasons. The relevant domain knowledge of the management team, a very clear beachhead market, and a strong financial outlook all lead me to be inclined to invest in this company. Dr. McChesney, the CEO, is not only...
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MacuCLEAR Business Plan
MacuCLEAR Case Based on the information given in the MacuCLEAR business plan, I would invest in the commercialization of the MC-1101 drug for several reasons. Their clear target market, well-defined exit strategy, and already-tested drug components all lead me to be inclined to invest in the company. The company has ident...
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An Argument Against Investing in LoDrag
LoDrag Case Based on the information given in the business plan, I would not invest in LoDrag for several reasons. The weak financial outlook, the unsubstantiated exit strategies, and the primitive stage of the technology all lead me to pass on this investment opportunity. As an investor, I am looking to be well rewarded...
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