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The Issue of Contemporary Leadership in Sport Organization
Scott (2014) highlights in the book, “Contemporary Leadership in Sport Organizations”, that “In the results-oriented world of competition sports, with a pronounced emphasis on winning and winning now, there are many situations in which people in leadership roles find themselves willing to compromise personal integrity and v...
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Instructional Leadership in the Book Fascinate by Sally Hogshead
A Fascinate-ing Approach to Instructional Leadership What does it mean to fascinate? In 1692, the so-called witches of Salem, Massachusetts, were hanged for “fascination” – that is, casting a spell on their neighbors. In the 1800s, Sigmund Freud wrote about fascination as a form of hypnosis. Officially, fascination is “a h...
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The Context of Leadership in Different Cultures
Chapter 13: Leadership Across Cultures 1. Do the leadership programs developed by Roche emphasize development of managerial characteristics, leadership characteristics, or a combination of the two? The leadership programs developed by Roche emphasize development of managerial characteristics and leader...
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The Dave Thomas Qualities of Good Leadership
Dave Thomas exemplify the definition of the word leadership by emphasizing the qualities of relevant and critical leadership. Thomas defines the term leadership as a behavior topped with abilities and skills. Good leadership is social influence process; Thomas founded the Wendy’s fast food restaurant and employed people. Th...
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The Theoretical Framework, Leadership Style, and Leadership Traits as Exemplified by a Case Study of David Wilson, the CEO of Alfa Inc.
A Critique on Leadership Style Organizations are increasingly appreciating the role of leadership in achieving their mission, goals, and objectives. Central to this is an appreciation that different leadership styles greatly influence efforts towards the attainment of the organizational milestones. In this regard, this pa...
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An Analysis of the Leadership Styles of Google
1. Introduction As part of an assessment requirement for NZ530 Organisations and
the purpose of this paper is to analyse the leadership styles adopted at
Google, how they fit the theoretical leadership models and how they link to
employee motivation.
2. Synopsis Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin...
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A Coaching Approach as My Optimal Style of Leadership in Restaurant Management
As someone who works in the restaurant industry, I know firsthand that there is an established hierarchy of leadership in most establishments. There are also different types of people, each with their own unique personality. This can be said not only for general personnel, but management as well. If I were to ever find myse...
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An Assessment on Whether or Not Jayne is a Democratic Leader
Assess whether Jayne is a democratic leader (10) A democratic leader is a type of leader that encourages members of the group to take a more participative role in the decision-making process whilst also guiding them in the direction they believe is the best option to take. Everyone is given the opportunity to participate...
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A Study of the Strengths of Bill Gates as a Leader
Strength Self-Assessment According to the Clifton’s Strength’s Finder, my strengths include consistency, discipline, harmony, deliberative, and relator. Consistency is an executing trait, that helps me to make quick, fair decisions, as well as help to create policies and procedures to finishing projects. Discipline inclu...
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Comparing the Similarities and Differences Between a Charismatic Leadership Style and Transformational Leadership
A charismatic leadership style is similar to transformational
leadership since both types typically seek to inspire enthusiasm in their teams and are instrumental in
motivating others. This ability to generate individual commitment holds immense benefit. The main
difference between charismatic leaders and transformation...
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The Power and Influence of Bill Thompson to Inspire Change within the Organization
Sporting Goods Case Study The case presented by Yukl in the text describes the challenges faced by Bill Thompson, a new manager of a retail sporting goods store in Vermont that is a part of a national chain. Previously he had been working as the assistant manager at a company store for two years in Delaware. The profit per...
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A Case Study of a New Leadership Plan for Bagels Are Us
Introduction In this case study, Bagels Are Us is undergoing turnover within the ranks of their middle management and as such the overall morale is low. Bagels are Us desperately needs to staff these critical leadership positions and create a cohesive middle management team. The senior leadership at the organization would...
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The Impact of Behavior and Personality Traits on Leadership Styles
The topic of leadership has been debated for decades with some scholars arguing that certain approaches to leadership are better than others. Some believe that a servant style of leadership is more favorable to organizations while others argue that transformational leadership is the key to organizations’ success. In additio...
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The Important Role of the Six Attributes in the Transformational Leadership Theory
ABSTRACT The transformational leadership theory as given by Oscar Guzman (2015) stated, “transformational leaders focus on the big picture and use communication to motivate followers to effectively and efficiently execute their vision. Transformational leadership theory calls for leaders to be visible and accessible, and t...
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The Key Points in the Theory Z for Leadership
Companies that choose to use Theory Z for leadership are attempting to balance the cultures of the American business concepts, with that of the Japanese business culture. Often time’s companies struggle to find the perfect balance but in many cases companies utilizing Theory Z successfully have gained tremendously in profi...
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An Analysis of the Leadership Skills in Life
The Defining Moments From the time that we are young and helpless to the time when we
think we have it all figured out, most people want to be a leader of some
fashion or know someone who is a great leader. The dream to have power and
significance is transposed into the minds of people as society grows to
affect us mo...
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The Life and Work of the American Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer who is known for his
label Marc Jacobs, his secondary line Marc by Marc Jacobs, and his long-
term position as creative director at Louis Vuitton. He was born in 1963 in
New York City and lived with his grandmother as a teenager. Jacobs has said
that his grandmother has been one o...
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The Importance of Leadership in Maintaining a Non-Profit Organization
Nonprofit organizations are not the same as they were in the past. In the early days of non-profit companies, fewer governmental restrictions existed (Young, 2000). In other words, non-profit organizations were not held to the same standards as they currently are. In addition, digital technology was not as advanced. Many mo...
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A Discussion on Vulnerability in the Book on Leadership
The main issues discussed in the book on leadership is the vulnerability. The story in the book revolves majorly on the management consultant firm. The administration attempts to acquire a running boutique which is much successful in business. It is from that moment when the government is trying to figure out how successful...
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The Steps to Becoming an Effective Leader in a Successful Organization
Leadership Leadership development is vital to the success of an organization. Leaders have to be strong and united in order to run an organization to its maximum potential. They have to be able to motivate the employees under them to work towards the success of the organization. Through development plans leaders are able...
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Machiavelli's Ideas on Leadership
A Machiavellian Leader The first thought that comes to mind when the term "good leader" is used is people such as Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, Moses, and Ghandi. These people stand out because they fearlessly enacted movements that altered the course of history. They yelled loudly for people...
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Characteristics and Importance of Good Leadership
Defining Leadership Leaders are people that we’ve looked up to since we were born. We grow more and more everyday because we trust their instincts and inspiration. Without our leaders, we wouldn’t be shaped into the independent, motivated, and goal-oriented people we are. We need leaders in our to guide us to work efficien...
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Machiavelli's "Divide and Conquer": An Effective Leadership Strategy?
“Divide and Conquer”: An Effective Leadership Strategy? According to the Collins Dictionary, Divide and Conquer is “a concept that refers to a policy intended to keep someone in a position of power by causing disagreements among people who might otherwise unite against them.” This idea is a historical political strategy...
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An Examination of Various Considerations in Implementing the Government's Million-Dollar Grant for a Leadership Academy
Abstract Leadership in public organizations takes various angles. For a public
organization to work effectively certain leadership traits of managers is
of important consideration. This paper explores various considerations in
implementing the government's "million-dollar" grant for a leadership
Academy. It concentrat...
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The Effective Leader in the Book The Leadership Pill by Ken Blanchard and Marc Muchnick
The leadership pill is a book that contrasts two methods of leadership. There are two groups mentioned throughout the book, one is led by ‘the effective leader’ and the comparison group is leadership pill industries. The effective leader believes in winning the trust and respect of his team members by empowering them and le...
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