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A Research on the Organizational Development and Change Theory of USSTRATACOM
This paper will discuss a current research article that utilized
organizational development, change theory, or resistance to change as part
of the article. I will then apply the article's concepts to an
organization known to me. We as human beings resist changes in all aspects of our lives. We get
into a rhythm and...
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An Analysis of the Organizational Environment, SWOT of Apple Corporation, Inc.
This is an analysis of an organizational environment. In this paper
I will use the readings we have completed in class to complete a thorough
analysis of the internal and external environment influencing my selected
organization. I will describe the organizations strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threats in the con...
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An Organizational Development Plan and Proposal for USSTRATCOM
This paper is the organizational development plan proposal for my
final paper in this class. Within this proposal I will give a description
of the organization I have selected, a brief history of my involvement with
the organization, a short description of the problem in need of a solution,
and my proposed change initiativ...
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The Importance of Addressing the Long Term Concerns in an Organization and the Well-Being of the Employees
Executive outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas estimated that
workday time devoted to fantasy football costs American businesses $16.8
billion. While the study concluded that fantasy football costs businesses
an extraordinary amount of money and work productivity, it may also
increase employee morale. In many comp...
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The Idea of Using Socratic Principles in Changing the Atmosphere of a Store
Socratic Method Proposal: Our challenge is to change the atmosphere of a store. This exercise relates to the principle because one of the principles states how philosophy searches for greater harmony among beliefs. As we roam around the grocery store we attempt to help create greater harmony and happiness among the people...
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The Importance of Values in the Company
Values in the company is a set of guiding principles, which can help employees to understand the workplace area and make clear vision about the company’s purposes. It allows creating strong relationships in teams, overall vision in the organization and mechanism for easier management of employees. The values should reflect...
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An Analysis of the Viewpoints of the Contradiction Pradigm and the Chaos Theory Illustrated by Freedman
When analyzing the power structure embodied by media architecture in Great Britain, two primary viewpoints are illustrated by Freedman (2013), chaos theory and the contradiction paradigm. This work will consider these two viewpoints and show why the chaos theory provides a superior analytical methodology. Despite its idea...
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The Culture and Healthy Working Environment at Patagonia
At Patagonia culture, the management meet the social needs for employees including social esteem, self-actualization and safety needs. “According to Maslow’s hierarchy of need, the primary issues are social esteem, love and sense of belonging to employees” (Cianci and Gambrel, 2003). The employees at Patagonia culture feel...
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A Report on the Plan for the Proposal Training
As it is required, the company will need to implement the new platform and the new companywide compliance system. The company requires staff and managers training for this project to succeed. The new platform introduced calls for all managers to complete and adhere to a 10 hours training session to familiarize with the new...
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Different Types of Decisions for an Organization and Their Roles
Part 1.1 Types of decisions for an organization 1. Strategic decisions- These are key decisions executed by senior management of an organization. They are long-term decisions that affect the entire operations of an entity. Due to their complex nature, they take time before they are executed since every...
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The Expansion of Business Insider's Website into Serious Journalism: Incentives and Consequences
Reading newspapers has long been a part of people’s morning routines. Many used to have their paper physically delivered to their house. In today’s digital age however, many are opting to forego that and get the majority of their news stories online. Companies like The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed have already made a note...
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The Black Friday Phenomenon: Incentives and Long-Term Impacts
For many people, Black Friday is the beginning of their holiday shopping season. Customers see it as a fun and exhilarating experience but most importantly, as great opportunity to save hundreds of dollars. Businesses see the day as an opportunity to finally turn a profit for the year and to get many customers into their do...
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An Overview of Teams and Team Conflicts
Teams are made up of members with complementary skills and expertise, and are meant to perform better than the member’s combined individual performance (Mannix & Neale, 2005). Teams are based on the premise that one member’s strength complements another’s weakness ensuring effectiveness in the unit. A team should have a lea...
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A Psychological Observation of Different Consumers in Loblaws
Shopper's psychology analysis As I entered the Loblaws Superstore on Saturday October 15, 2011, I
realized how distinct and diverse our community's consumer base was. During
my observation at Loblaws, there were many different consumers; some that
shopped in a group and some that shopped individually. Th...
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The Creation of Awareness for Corporate Social Responsibility in Society
It is the object of this essay to observe and explain the emergence of ‘new’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In order to achieve this it will be necessary to do many different things; the initial task is to establish an understanding of what both new, and old CSR are and to briefly compare and contrast the two to ac...
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A Study of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in IKEA and WWF
Introduction: It will be the object of this essay to identify two different Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in accordance with the descriptions and categories provided by Auld et al., in doing so it becomes possible to explore each program in greater detail in an attempt to understand the aims and goals...
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The AT&T Outsourcing and Its Effects on the Employees
AT&T is looking into further options to increase its profits. Unfortunately, the tactics which the phone and internet service provider tends to enact will be at the expense of its employees. Currently, they are in the middle of contract negotiations with 21,000 employees in their wireless unit. (Pressman) The 17,000 employe...
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Capacity Utilisation and Its Impact on the Employees of Lindt
Evaluate the likely impact on the employees of a business such as Lindt of operating at a higher level of capacity utilisation Capacity utilisation measures the extent to which a business is using its production potential which is the percentage of total capacity that is actually being achieved. Lindt is a business th...
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The Stages and Characteristics of Team Growth
In order for a team to be efficient, it has to go through several stages of growth; dependency, fighting, trust and finally work. Dependency is usually characterized by adherence to the leader and his decisions (Bernarz 2011). At this stage the leaders are picked from either previous position or the dominance and charisma d...
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A Study on the Use of Third Party Logistics Providers (3PL) by Business Organizations
In the modern business world, more and more companies are making use of third party logistics providers (3PL). Third party companies can handle many different functions that would otherwise have been up to the parent company. Companies can outsource different tasks to 3PL organizations and drastically improve their efficien...
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Max Weber's Concept of Bureaucracies
Max Weber, a German sociologist, said that bureaucracies were the “rational way” to conduct business in a modern day society. This was derived from the type of authority called “rational-legal authority”, which Weber claimed was better than the other two forms of authority: traditional and charismatic. Weber stressed that t...
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An Evaluation of the Influence of Different Stakeholders in an Organization
Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organisation Tesco is the largest retailer I the U.K and the third largest in the world. Tesco specialise in grocery and general merchandise. Tesco has many different stakeholders which influence the organisation in many ways; some have higher influence than others...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Automation in the operation of a Business Organization
A Discussion in Examples “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” ~ Bill Gates Introduction Automation is the process in which...
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The Factors That Influences People and Organisations
People and organisation is one of the many areas that affect how a business operates and eventually even touches on the overall outcome. Investing in the right type of people as well as organisation can bring about many benefits in order to meet the objectives and demand of the business in the banking sector, there are vari...
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The Discourse Community of Hypebeasts
HypeBeast Whenever you walk into a store and there’s a blowout sale, you always see the scraps of the least important or least expensive items left over from the sale. In the day of a life of a hypebeast, they would’ve already been at the store by five am, waiting in line for the store to open up to get the item that has t...
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