Case Won by New York Times Stands True to Freedom of Expression

This paper is about the court case New York Times Co. vs. the United States. The topics that the author covers in this essay are Vietnam; The Pentagon Papers; The Washington Post; the Supreme Court; U.S. policies; Southeast Asia; the Vietnam War; Secretary of State Robert S. McNamara; History of United States Decision-making Process on Vietnam Policy; World War II; the Paris Peace Talks; Daniel Ellsberg; the Defense Department; Anthony Russo; Los Angeles; Senator William Fulbright; the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; Attorney General John Mitchell; Judge Gurfein; the U.S. Court of Appeals; the District of Columbia; the court case Near vs. Minnesota; an anti-Semitic newspaper; South Vietnam President Diem; the First Amendment; Justices Black, Douglas, Marshall, Brennan, Stewart, White, Blackmun, Harlan, and Burger; the Espionage Act; and Watergate.
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