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A Comparison of Lipstick Advertisements by Revlon and Maybeline
INTRODUCTION This report will examine and evaluate two lipsticks ads, Revlon Just Bitten and Maybelline Shine Seduction lipstick. According to their website’s company history, the founder of Revlon is Charles Revson. In 1932 Charles and Joseph Revson, along with chemist CR Lachman, change the beauty industry forever. Revl...
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The Importance of Knowing Global Cultures to Produce Effective Advertisements
Executive Summary To be able to produce effective advertisements globally, it is important to have knowledge of various cultures, as well as of the advertising process. Every culture has differing values and beliefs toward the family, religion, equality, status, social class, and work. Some cultures see their religion as t...
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The Misconception of Including Minorities in Advertisements in Advertising and People of Color, an Article by Clint Wilson and Felix Gutierrez
Rhetorical Analysis: Advertising and People of Color Clint Wilson and Felix Gutierrez are writers who publish articles and books about many topics, involving: race, ethnicity and the media. They research the history of advertisements and specifically the use of minorities in advertisements. In this piece, “Advertising and...
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Normalizing the Idea of Menstruation Through Advertisement: The Example of Lola's Marketing
It’s the middle of the day when Mother Nature decides to pay you her monthly visit. As discretely as possible, you slide a tampon from your bag and slip it into your pocket, all the while looking around to make sure no one is watching. Women act as if we will be punished by law if we let lose that we are, heaven forbid, on...
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A Research on the Effectiveness of Various Types of Video Game Advertisements
Video games play a significant part in the modern world. They take up hours upon hours of people's lives everyday, and every video game producer is trying to gain the consumers’ attention through advertising. This project is all about if those advertisements work. The definition of advertise from Webster’s Dictionary is to...
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A Critique of an Advertisement by Love Cosmetics
This 1970’s advertisement is almost too disturbing to be taken seriously. The first thing that viewers notice is the image of a young girl- seemingly around eight or nine years of age- holding a white teddy bear. Her short, silky curls frame her young face. Her wide eyes and parted lips give her an innocent- albeit somewhat...
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The Impact of Advertisement in Society Today
Advertisement in Today's World The T.V. show you are watching changes to commercial. The commercial starts out with a tall, blonde, model like woman running out of the ocean and onto the beach. The screen zooms out a little bit and that's when they show men sitting at the bar, drinking some beer, and watching this woman ru...
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An Argument Regarding Whether Advertisements Exert Too Great an Influence On Our Daily Lives
“Advertisements exert too great an influence on our daily lives.” How far do you agree? Advertisements are marketing tools designed to promote a product. They are usually in the form of a short video broadcasted on television or pictures on billboards. Since they are created to influence people, they do have a large influe...
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The Public Promotion of Oversexualization of Women in Advertisements
The Oversexualization of Women In 1960, 44% of advertisements that were oversexualized featured women while only 11% featured men. In 2000, 83% of advertisements that were oversexualized featured women while only 17% featured men. The oversexualization of women has only grown more severe over the years and is most comm...
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An Analysis of Protein World's Controversial Advertisement
As a woman, we are pressured daily to look and act a certain way and Protein World’s most talked about advertisement shows us just that. The image has appeared in countless spots amongst London and has caused quite an uproar in the feministic world movement. The particular ad being analyzed says “Are you beach body ready?”,...
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