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The Use of the Pyramid of Needs in the Advertisements to Urge People to Live the American Dream
Surviving To Live The Dream Abraham Maslow was famous in the field of psychology for his humanistic theory on “the pyramid of needs”. With such a simple diagram, he laid out a rather fundamental pattern of human nature that explained the order in which we require certain needs before we can ascend to the next big step in b...
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The Transformation of Advertisements with Social Structure of Thoughts and Philosophies
In the 21st century, world is rapidly progressing in the field of technology and on the other side, the moral and ethical structure of the society is slowly degrading. Business units faced extreme criticism from section of people for their profit earning motives, hampering the welfare needs concurrent to the society. During...
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The Huge Role of Advertisements in the Lifestyle of Consumers in the United States
Advertising is used everywhere; it is a part of everyday life. They are used on billboards, cars, windows, and even on TV. Advertisements have become a grand part of American culture and plays a role in the lifestyle of consumers. Advertisements are more than just appeals, they show consumer values and yearnings for a diffe...
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A Visual Analysis of Eight Different Advertisements from the 2015 Super Bowl
The modern American society is one constructed on a foundation of democracy and a call for equality. It also rests comfortably on a secure base of capitalism, a base that erupts into a complete infrastructure of consumerism and reaches out to all, begging for citizens to buy, buy, and buy. This overwhelming drive for consum...
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Emotional Persuasion in Still I Rise, a College Advertisement by the University of Phoenix
“You may write me in history, with your bitter, twisted lies, you may trod me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, I'll rise.” This poem by the late Maya Angelou is used by the University of Phoenix in the video “Still I Rise” as a way to persuade college students into joining their school. This college video advertiseme...
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The Negative Influence of Media and Advertisements on Women
Media and Advertisement’s Message to Females: It’s Influence on Women The famous Shakespeare tragedy, Hamlet, displays an array of different characters, but one in particular is extraordinarily interesting; Ophelia.  Ophelia is a young girl around the age of adolescence, and the daughter of King Claudius’ Lord Chamberlain,...
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An Analysis of the Nike Advertisement Featuring a Woman on the Image
Nike Advertisement Advertisements are always surrounding us, showcasing new ideas and new styles, demanding that we try each and every one. Sometimes, they are emotional, catching us off guard. And sometimes they are very sexualized, making food a sensational item put placing a woman with it. I am going to be analyzing a...
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An Advertisements Analysis: Goldfish Cracker Snack Advertisement in a Rachal Ray Cooking Magazine and in Family Circle Magazine
Chocolate or Cheddar? You’re flipping through a magazine, looking for something interesting to read or look at. Oh, finally, what is that? What caught your eye? Was it the color? Is the design simple or complex? Is it an advertisement trying to sell something? Does the product initially pertain to you or your interests?Re...
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An Analysis of an Asian Club Advertisement Poster
Advertising is the most powerful form of influence and manipulation in today’s society. This is why the Asian Club Advertisement, which was found in the Hayes residential hall, incorporates a plethora of powerful phrases as well as graphic elements in order to effectively appeal to, and convince a certain target audience to...
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Manipulation and Scare Tactics in Modern Advertisements
The methods of persuasion used by modern advertisements today are tantamount to the scare tactics utilized by government propagandists during times of national conflict. Propaganda subliminally establishes the standard of nationalism that would be considered acceptable for the public, and advertising has a similar impact on...
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The Efficient and Successful Advertisement of CoverGirl by Using P!NK Through Lovely Nakedness and Nail Polish
P!NK: Nudity and Nail Polish Jef I. Richards once said, “Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called advertising.” An efficient and successful advertisement is one that reaches out to the consumer and makes them want to buy the intended product displayed in the promotion. It’s full of uniqu...
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An Analysis of the Controversial Banned Ad of Urban Outfitters Due to Irresponsible and Harmful Thigh Gap in Advertisement
A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Refinery 29, a modern, uncensored fashion and lifestyle blog that I regularly follow. It’s not uncommon for this popular website to publish an article about a controversial topic, usually concerning race, discrimination (of all sorts), or all of the above. At the top of the blog, unsu...
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The Perversion of Innocence in a Vintage Advertisement for Love Cosmetics' Baby Soft Products
Perversion vs. Innocence “Sex Sells” has been an excuse for the seemingly needless perversion of men and women in advertisements for years. In this day and age, it is nearly impossible to go anywhere, virtually or physically, without running into some form of advertisement, as we are exposed anywhere from 5,000 ads a day...
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An Analysis of the Perfume Advertisement for Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf and Its Effects on the Beauty Standards of Society
As a whole, people tend to not focus on the effects of advertisement in our daily lives. It is everywhere you look, on billboards, in magazines, even on social media. Because it is everywhere we do not even notice how it affects us, when we buy something is was already slotted into categories for us beauty, sex, luxery, and...
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A Discussion on What Makes Advertisements Appealing for Them to Be Effective in Persuasion
People are exposed to hundreds of advertisements a day. Much thought goes into making even the most subtle advertisements because in order to be successful, they must appeal to the human brain. The successful advertisements usually appeal in an emotional, logical, or ethical way. The following will describe an in depth a...
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A Magazine Advertisement Analysis of a Trax Magazine Advertisement
This is a magazine advertisement of Trax Magazine, a magazine about music entertainment and discovering new artists. Now this is a picture of a woman bent over her sink spewing vomit from her ear whilst a male is playing an electric guitar in the next room and seems to be quite enjoying himself. What i can see from this adv...
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An Analysis of the Advertisement of Vitafusion's Men's Vitamins
At first glance, the image depicts an inevitable belly flop into paradise. However, the viewer will soon discover a conspicuous green bottle of Men’s Vitamins contaminating the picturesque sunset. In this advertisement, the juxtaposition of the photoshopped vitamin bottle and the man in the surrounding landscape is an obvio...
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A Comparison of Lipstick Advertisements by Revlon and Maybeline
INTRODUCTION This report will examine and evaluate two lipsticks ads, Revlon Just Bitten and Maybelline Shine Seduction lipstick. According to their website’s company history, the founder of Revlon is Charles Revson. In 1932 Charles and Joseph Revson, along with chemist CR Lachman, change the beauty industry forever. Revl...
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The Importance of Knowing Global Cultures to Produce Effective Advertisements
Executive Summary To be able to produce effective advertisements globally, it is important to have knowledge of various cultures, as well as of the advertising process. Every culture has differing values and beliefs toward the family, religion, equality, status, social class, and work. Some cultures see their religion as t...
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The Misconception of Including Minorities in Advertisements in Advertising and People of Color, an Article by Clint Wilson and Felix Gutierrez
Rhetorical Analysis: Advertising and People of Color Clint Wilson and Felix Gutierrez are writers who publish articles and books about many topics, involving: race, ethnicity and the media. They research the history of advertisements and specifically the use of minorities in advertisements. In this piece, “Advertising and...
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Normalizing the Idea of Menstruation Through Advertisement: The Example of Lola's Marketing
It’s the middle of the day when Mother Nature decides to pay you her monthly visit. As discretely as possible, you slide a tampon from your bag and slip it into your pocket, all the while looking around to make sure no one is watching. Women act as if we will be punished by law if we let lose that we are, heaven forbid, on...
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A Research on the Effectiveness of Various Types of Video Game Advertisements
Video games play a significant part in the modern world. They take up hours upon hours of people's lives everyday, and every video game producer is trying to gain the consumers’ attention through advertising. This project is all about if those advertisements work. The definition of advertise from Webster’s Dictionary is to...
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Identifying the Psychological Needs of a Wal-Mart Advertisement in a Magazine
Analysis of a Wal-Mart Advertisement One of the most genius ways people are influenced to purchase an item
or service is the common everyday magazine advertisement. The
advertisements we glance at in a magazine do their job very well, and that
is because they are designed to appeal to our psychological senses. They
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A Critique of an Advertisement by Love Cosmetics
This 1970’s advertisement is almost too disturbing to be taken seriously. The first thing that viewers notice is the image of a young girl- seemingly around eight or nine years of age- holding a white teddy bear. Her short, silky curls frame her young face. Her wide eyes and parted lips give her an innocent- albeit somewhat...
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A Rhetorical Analysis of the Dear Kitten Advertisement and Its Effective Use of Pathos, Ethos, and Anaphora
Abstract This paper is a rhetorical analysis about the advertisement “Dear Kitten”. The commercial argues that Friskies’ cat food is the best food for cats and kittens. The video shows an older grey cat explaining the ways of life to a kitten by giving short life lessons. This paper explains how this advertisement is effec...
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