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A Discussion on Identity as a Concept of Communication
Over the past thirteen weeks of this course, I’ve studied a lot of different characteristics of basic communications. From the time that I started the class, all the way to now, finals week, my various views on not only communication itself, but the different aspects of it as well have changed so much. Some of the concept...
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The Difference between Men and Women in Terms of Communication
Deborah T. or Deborah C. In Deborah Tannen’s excerpt from “Sex, Lies and Conversation” she addresses the fact that men and women think differently, therefore communicate differently. Her counter-case, Deborah Cameron’s article “What Language Barrier?” ask the question, is there really evidence to back up the claim that...
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The Issue of Censorship and Controversy in the Art World
Censoring the Arts Censorship has been a long time problem for artist and viewers alike for years. Many artists’ works are being removed and hidden from the public eye due to conflicting interest such as religion, sexuality, and academia. There is a sense that freedom of expression is being loss due to these restrictions....
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The Legalization and Media Coverage of Same Sex Marriage in the State of New Jersey
Same sex marriage is becoming increasingly common throughout the United States. New Jersey has been the 14th state to legalize it, and people are either dismayed or overjoyed at the recent developments. In New Jersey, governor Christie sought a delay for the legalization, but the delay was denied. Fox News reports that tho...
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The Importance of Listening in Improving Communication
Listening and Stage Hog EssayPersonally, I feel that I am a pretty good listener. Often times I really don’t know what to say or have anything to talk about, so I just listen to the other person talking instead. If I can’t really offer a response to their discussion, I at least want them to feel like I was in fact listening...
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The Pros and Cons of Joining in a Discourse Community
Ain’t Nobody Messin’ With My Clique Two people, one language, one communication path. This is what we would define as a discourse community. While Dr. Tripp easily defined this for us, Ann Johns spent a good time dwelling on this fact of what a discourse community is. In her essay, “Discourse Communities and Communities of...
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The Different Angle of the Gas Leak Report in Los Angeles by the New York Daily News, CNN, California and NPR
Plugged On October 23 2015, a gas leak was reported near Los Angeles, forcing thousands to relocate. New York Daily News reported on how the event has affected the state and its residents and specifically how it will affect them monetarily. CNN reports on how it has specifically affected the elementary school students in...
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The Negative Influences of Social Media on Children and Adults
A social life, is a successful life. The modern lives of children and adults together are influenced by the effects of social media. The internet, for example, is world-wide; allowing for people across the world to access information otherwise inaccessible. In the modern world, anyone can contact, or even influence, a speci...
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The Changes in Dating Norms throughout History
“Mom I don’t want to wear that dress!” She yells to her mother, “ honey you have to, girls don’t wear pants they wear dresses”. This may be a typical line you hear in a mother daughter relationship, because it’s true! Families in the United States today have grown accustomed to conforming to social norms. Sociologists have...
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Establishing Referential Identity in Face-To-Face Communication and Texting
Establishing referential identity: Establishing referential identity refers to figuring out the words that are used to distinguish between objects in a conversation. In face-to-face conversations, because of the constraints of copresence and visibility, it is not always necessary to establish an explicit referral to an obj...
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