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The Importance of a Careful and Accurate Analysis of a Text's Audience, Purpose, and Context Critical for a Successful Technical Communication
Why is a careful and accurate analysis of a text’s audience, purpose, and context critical to successful technical communication? In what ways might different audiences, purposes, or contexts influence technical communication? The key to any successful technical communication is the ability of one to generate a proper a...
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Online Social Networking and the Issues of Opening of Individuals in Social Networks
A Conscience Self-Analysis Regarding Social Networking and Openness Of Individuals Part I: Online social networking technologies have been rising in overall use for the past several years. As far as my generation is concerned, mySpace was the first social networking site to reach mainstream popularity among the people I...
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The Importance of Social Media and Social Identification to the Identity of an Individual
Labels and Ideals Jo Brand once said, “Once you get labelled, people expect you to behave with the very narrow confines of that label.” For a long time, people have questioned hard about determining which factor is the most significant in the creation of identity, stimulating a continuous debate with arguments from either...
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The Pros and Cons of Using Social Networking
The Reality of Social Networks Times have changed and ways to achieve our need for social interaction have evolved along with the advancement of technology. The Internet has enabled people from all over the world to interact in a number of ways and thus why social networking websites have also dominated the scene and con...
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The Internet Debate Between Gabby Douglas and Ryan Lochte
GABBY DOUGLAS VS RYAN LOCHTE Apparently, having your hair slicked back is a crime, but vandalizing a gas station and lying about it is completely acceptable. Every Olympics, controversy tends to rise over several players and their actions during the games. Gabby Douglas and Ryan Lochte, respectively a gymnast and swimmer,...
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The Importance of Truthfulness and Honesty in What News Agencies Report
 The most important ideal in terms of news coverage of public issues is honesty and truthfulness. Sometimes a reporter will get news that is so incredible, they print it right away, without fact checking to see how credible and real it actually is. Often times news agencies are rushing to get the news out first, so they s...
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An Analysis of the Effects of Social Media to Every Day Life
What Is It Doing to Us? Every morning we wake up and the first thing most of us do is go on our phone and look at what is going on in social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more are all social media accounts with which we surround our everyday lives. Social Media has taken over most of our lives. In our e...
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Origin and Types of Memes with General Commonality of Politics, Religion, and Media in Today's Society
You've seen hundreds of them. You laugh at those who call it meh-meh or even mimi. You think you know the entirety of the Internet. But how did memes really take over? Probably by just being exactly what they are. Memes. It starts with Richard Dawkins definition of a meme in the 1976 book The Selfish Gene. As long as the I...
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A Discussion on Personal Media Inventory and Sharing Photos Online
Personal Media Inventory The memories in life that are worth remembering are the ones that we will remember forever. However, sometimes taking a picture or two won’t hurt anybody, as long as it doesn’t ruin that beautiful moment in time. Many of our great-great grandparents passed down photographs of themselves and that...
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The Negative Effects of Social Media: the Pressure to Be Perfect, Addiction, and Negative Effects on the Character of a Person as a Whole
Social Media — nearly every person with some form of electronic has it. You hear about it constantly. “Post this picture on Instagram!” “Follow us on Twitter!” “Share this post on Facebook for your chance to win!” It is nearly impossible to go anywhere without seeing somebody’s eyes glued to their cellphones, tablets, or la...
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A Discussion on Lauren Zalaznick's Views on the Conscience of Television
Television is Power Lauren Zalaznick, from TED Talks, speaks a great deal about the conscience of television. I’ve listened to what she has said, and read it as well once over just to make sure I heard what she was saying with an open mind. I have to agree with Lauren Zalaznick. Her opinions are bold and full forced about...
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Should Apps Be Age Appropriate for Children?
Should Apps Be Age Appropriate for Children? Cell phones and the applications they contain have become a very important part of our daily lives, especially for the young ones, but the content that they provide may not be always age appropriate for children. Apps should be age appropriate because it is a safety issue. Chi...
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The Effects on Real Communication between People Who Use Cell Phones Daily
Owned By Cell Phones Just about everyone around the world has a cell phone. These devices have become oxygen to this generation. People couldn’t possibly imagine life without them now that they have taken over their lives. They are handy and helpful with numerous things one accomplishes on a daily basis. They are used to s...
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The Negative Issues of Instagram, a Popular Phone Application
With the increasing popularity of smartphones in our society, the use of social media apps has risen exponentially. Several phone applications have gained almost overnight fame, specifically, Instagram. Instagram is a mainstream social media app that allows its users to share photo and video content with their followers. It...
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The Different Types and Elements of Social Interaction
In a world where citizens like to judge others on appearance, chapter five explains the interaction amongst society today. For example, one day a mystery man walked down into a random subway to played a masterpiece that are only heard in concerts. As people walk by this unknown man they do not stop to take in the good quali...
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The Pro and Against the Use of Internet Filtering Programs in Public Places
Many public places, such as restaurants, public libraries, schools, computer laboratories, etc., have implemented the use of a program to prevent people from accessing sites deemed harmful or inappropriate to the public, or sometimes distracting in a learning environment. Or at home, where parents can control what their chi...
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A Letter for the Revision of Peace Treaty from Germany
Guten Tag (Hello) Countries of Paris Peace Conference, As you probably know, we signed a peace treaty that ended the World War I, but at a very large cost, since we ended up in huge debt, of about $33 billion. This is nowhere close to being fair, since our government has been brought into turmoil and debt. Also, at the...
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The Consequences of Leaving Bad Comments Online
To me, I think that there are a lot of problems with users leaving comments online. A lot of people use comments on the internet to bully people, troll, and state unwanted opinions. It’s okay for people to have opinions, but often times they are better kept to themselves. People post a lot of negative comments that start ar...
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The Complications Caused by Social Media and the Internet
Privacy “The Web Means the End of Forgetting” was an amazing article. As I sat there and read it, I realized just how big of an influence social media and the internet can have on a person’s life. Teachers, parents, and other influential people in your life always tell you to be careful what you post. They tell you that em...
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The Special Relationship Between Crowdsourcing and Social Media
Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are both different and alike in some ways. Crowdsourcing is more of a problem solving technique. It’s used to break problems down in a way that allows them to be solved in the quickest and most efficient way. It takes problems and breaks them into smaller tasks. After being brok...
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Snapchat and Its Features Takes the New Generation by Storm
Selfies Galore "Hey, what's your Snapchat?" Close to replacing the common greeting,
it has become increasingly common to ask for a person's Snapchat,
sometimes, even before getting their name. Snapchat is an app that enables
the downloader to send photos, with a small caption, back and form between
friends. In this se...
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The Truth Behind the Privacy of Social Media
The article, “Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Sent Feeds that Helped Police Track Minorities in Ferguson and Baltimore, Report Says” was written by Craig Timberg and Elizabeth Dwoskin. The article appeared in The Washington Post, October 11, 2016. Craig Timberg and Elizabeth Dwoskin gives a revelation of the company on so...
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A Discussion on Identity as a Concept of Communication
Over the past thirteen weeks of this course, I’ve studied a lot of different characteristics of basic communications. From the time that I started the class, all the way to now, finals week, my various views on not only communication itself, but the different aspects of it as well have changed so much. Some of the concept...
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The Issue of Censorship and Controversy in the Art World
Censoring the Arts Censorship has been a long time problem for artist and viewers alike for years. Many artists’ works are being removed and hidden from the public eye due to conflicting interest such as religion, sexuality, and academia. There is a sense that freedom of expression is being loss due to these restrictions....
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The Importance of Listening in Improving Communication
Listening and Stage Hog EssayPersonally, I feel that I am a pretty good listener. Often times I really don’t know what to say or have anything to talk about, so I just listen to the other person talking instead. If I can’t really offer a response to their discussion, I at least want them to feel like I was in fact listening...
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