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A Report on Pinterest, an Online Social Media Based Website
Pinterest: In the online world, a demand for social media sites has been rising for the past couple of years. There is a new market from users for websites where you can interact with friends, family, celebrities, and sometimes complete strangers. A new front runner is an online social media based website called Pinterest....
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An Overview of YouTube as a Source of Information for Educational and Entertainment Purposes
In 2005, a digital revolution began. Three former PayPal employees started a website using the domain name Within eight months of its public reveal, YouTube was already receiving upwards of 100 million views per day. By October of 2006, just one year after its creation, YouTube had been purchased by Google. Now...
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An Analysis of the Facebook Community as a Discourse Community According to Swales's Six Criteria
Facebook The users of the popular social networking site Facebook represent a clear discourse community according to Swales’s six criteria. Facebook itself, by the definition of what it is, clearly meets Swales’s second goal of having a clear mechanism of intercommunication. To communicate, all one must do is simply enter...
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Facebook as a Medium for Communication
Internet Facebook is one of the largest discourse communities in the world by membership. It provides an effective medium for communication and content sharing with one’s friends, family, or other selected audience. The internet is the genre of communication which facilitates the functionality of Facebook, and it is rapidl...
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An Analysis of Privacy Matters by Daniel J. Solove
Analyzing “Privacy Matters” by Daniel J. Solove Even if you have nothing to hide, in the digital and modern age privacy still matters, as our lives become more encumbered in technology. Personal data is very sensitive in the 21st century, as almost everything is stored online and can be accessed by unwanted individuals. In...
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Adjusting My Communications in Person and Through Social Media
I am similar in my communications in person and through social media as I mostly let the other person talk and commonly express empathy with them. When I am communicating with people in person and through social media, I mostly like to hear what they say and hear what they have to say. In both methods of communication, I do...
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The Use of Conventional Text and Graphics to Convey Messages
There are multiple different ways to convey a message and we have two great examples demonstrated here. One is a purely conventional text by Mr. Moss and it is very factual and detailed. The other is by Dwight Zimmerman and the graphics give a sense of emotion and reality to the subject. These two accounts of similar time p...
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A Review of Ethical Issues of Privacy on Social Networking Sites
Privacy Loss, or Data Sharing? Social networking has become a household standard in the last couple of years. A more diverse demography of people are finding themselves searching social media for old classmates, friends, and possible companions. Having such a large crowd of users, social networking websites such as Faceb...
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The Negative Effects of Social Media Sites on Young Adults
What’s your favorite social media site? Facebook? Or how about Instagram? Snapchat? According to a study from the Pew Research Center, 92% of American teens go online daily. They post, tweet, like, retweet, repost, share, and scroll through hundreds of different posts a day. Exposing young adults to social media can be ben...
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A Comparison of a Wikipedia Article and the Harvard Site on the Effects of the Use of Marijuana
The internet is full of information pertaining to millions of different subjects. This information is accessible with the touch of a few keys and a click of a mouse. Not all of this information, however, is reliable. The topic of medical marijuana yields many related websites and their own take on the positive and negative...
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