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The Impact of Posters during the First World War
World War I Poster and Hoffman Article During World War I, propaganda was used as a weapon to voice the opinions of each country involved in the war. The government played a huge part in shaping the designs and expressing the way everyone felt. Different types of propagandas included cartoons, pamphlets, and even books. Th...
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A Study of the Impact of Media on the Gubernatorial Race in Florida over Ten Years
Final Research Proposal Abstract This research involves discovering the impact social media has had on the race for governor in the state of Florida over the past 10 years. The goal of this research is to show that social media is growing and becoming a forceful impact on many different areas; social media could potential...
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The Success of the Speeches of John F. Kennedy
Let us Continue Ask not what this speech can do for you, but what you can do with it. John F. Kennedy, with one speech and one solid stance, set into action a chain of  events that led to progressive social change. His impressive control of language and extensive knowledge of his audience helped rally the American people....
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An Analysis of the Speech of Bob Ross
Speech - Bob Ross Who likes landscapes? Ever see a painting of a landscape and wonder how a person could portray the land in such a way that it looks real? Well there was a painter who helped people understand how one can do just that. His name was Bob Ross we will now go on a voyage through his history where along the way...
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Account of the 2016 Election: The Outsider Election
2016: The Year of the Outsider Election Many people believe that the 2016 election is to be called the “outsider” election. What makes 2016 a year of the “outsider”? Some may say that it is because the presidential candidates are appealing more to the publics anger than to the usual political policies. Others may say it is...
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The Importance of Regulation to Prevent Corruption in the United States Elections
In the United States, politics are fixed upon one singular goal: winning elections. Politicians are “in it to win it,” so to speak; therefore, campaigns are a usual hangout for corruption and manipulation. Historic attempts to prevent such corruption have occurred as far back as Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency, when Rooseve...
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An Analysis of President Richard Nixon's Speech on the American War on Drugs
Analysis of Primary Source Document The document was President Richard Nixon’s speech to congress on drug abuse prevention and control on June 17, 1971. Nixon states that the abuse of drugs has gotten out of hand and total government intervention is needed, especially in the area of Heroin usage. In the early 1970s, the Vi...
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A Response to Benjamin Weinthal's Still Needed: Regime Change in Iran
Political Short #3: “Still Needed: Regime Change in Iran” Dear Editor, NATIONAL REVIEW Upon reading “Still Needed: Regime Change in Iran” authored by Benjamin Weinthal, it is clear that the author feels that the people of Iran and their ongoing oppression by a so-called “moderate” regime has been ignored for too long....
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The Dangers of Social Networking Sites
Social Networks are huge in today's society. It is the most common way we interact with family, friends, and even strangers. Even though people love social networking so much, many people do not realize the dangers of it. Social networking sites all have different features when it comes to privacy. Some social medias are pr...
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The Distinct Difference between Political Correctness and Censorship
Political correctness and censorship are often referred to as synonymous terms by many people – particularly those with a more conservative perspective – yet there is in fact a world of difference between the two. Anne Applebaum’s, “The Decline of American Press Freedom”,outlines the effects of censorship in American media...
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