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The Lack of Emotion in Communication Today
Technology- Cyber friends are easier to have a conversation with As technology continues to develop and improve, society becomes more and more intrigued in the new devices, updates, and networks that often times we may lose parts of our humanity. It’s as if we’re robots constantly communicating through these devices rather...
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The Importance of Getting to Know Our Partner before Committing Marriage
When starting a relationship people look for similarities, but the truth is opposites attract. When I started to date my fiancé James I thought we were practically the same person. Since then I have realized that we have so much that we don’t have in common such as how we clean, how we dress, and how we drive. I have never...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Praising and Blaiming
September 6, 2016 at 9:05am Blaming has typically been thought of as a bad thing, a negative thing; while praising has always been thought of as a positive thing. To most people, including myself, blaming is a way to get out of something one did. Rather than take the responsibility yourself, you blame it on another. Praisi...
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A Review of the Dramatist Theory Formulated by Kenneth Burke
In the early 1950s, there came a theorist by the name of Kenneth Burke who was fascinated by words and why they were chosen for rhetoric. After years of study he came up with what is now known as the Dramatism Theory. Dramatism is a way of analyzing language as an action instead of just communicating (Griffin, Ledbetter, Sp...
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An Analysis of the Public Apology of Ray Rice, an American Football Player
Ray Rice: Sincere or Not? Ray Rice, a former well-known American football player, did the unthinkable to his then fiancée. In February of 2014, he physically assaulted her on an elevator and the entire thing was caught on camera. Several videos quickly surfaced, showing the whole situation to the public. While the videos w...
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The World of Art and Advertising in Merchants of Cool and Beautiful Losers
Art and Advertising After a close analyzation of the world of art and advertising, I have come to the conclusion that these worlds are not all that different. The documentary Merchants of Cool goes in depth about the field  of advertising and really gives you a new perspective of the life of being an advertiser and a consu...
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The Difference between Men and Women in Terms of Communication
Deborah T. or Deborah C. In Deborah Tannen’s excerpt from “Sex, Lies and Conversation” she addresses the fact that men and women think differently, therefore communicate differently. Her counter-case, Deborah Cameron’s article “What Language Barrier?” ask the question, is there really evidence to back up the claim that...
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The Different Factors That Makes up a Happy Marriage
The Lord’s standard for marriage is between a man and a woman who are legally married, and as Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, “Once you commit to being married, your spouse becomes your soulmate.” We’re also told, that we should try to keep it that way, always. It might not always be easy, but what point is there in making a commi...
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The Powerful Influence of Our Words
Words have a powerful impact in the world we live in, the words themselves as well as the way they are expressed, hold tremendous power. In today’s society, words can be so powerful that they can also be extremely dangerous. The existence of words has dated back as early as the creation of time, when God created all living...
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An Analysis of Into the Breach, a Speech by King Henry
King Henry uses the English language in a way that revitalizes his
soldiers' hope and will to fight. A good example of this quality is seen in
his "Into the breach" speech, urging the men to continue the fight against
Harfleur. The content of this speech affects his men in two ways: it
appeals to their brute strength, and a...
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