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An Analysis of the Concept of Rhetorical Situation by Professor Richard E. Vatz
Vatz, Richard E. “The Myth of the Rhetorical Situation” Philosophy and Rhetoric 6. 3 (1973): 154-16—an article written by Professor Richard E. Vatz, a professor in the Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies at Towson University, that reasons with the concept of the rhetorical situation and the relevan...
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An Analysis of a Study on Interpersonal Communication and Relationship Building on, a Popular Dating Site
In the 2006 study I researched, “Self Presentation in Online Personals: The Role of Anticipated Future Interaction, Self-Disclosure, and Perceived Success in Internet Dating”, the authors tested interpersonal communication aspects of a relatively new online platform that seeks to help people find and develop romantic relat...
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Kerchoff's and Davis's Filter Model (FM) - A Theory of Relationship Development
The ‘Filter Model’ (FM) was proposed by Kerchoff and Davis. This theory argues that relationships develop through 3 filters, stating that different factors are important at different times. The first filter looks at demographic or social variables. Individuals tend to mix with those who go to school/ work, live in the same...
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Rollie and Duck's Model of Relationship Breakdown
Rollie and Duck’s model of breakdown attempts to explain the process in 6 steps. It begins with breakdown which involves dissatisfaction with how the relationship is conducted, thus leading to an intrapsychic process that’s characterised by brooding on the partner’s faults and the costs of the relationship. In the dyadic pr...
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A Grandmother's Letter to Newlyweds: The Role of Communication in Marriage
Congratulations Allan and Jennifer this letter is to help you learn essential communication skills. With education and learning interpersonal communication skills, I hope to pay it forward so you and Jennifer will not end up in the statistics of a failed marriage. As you may know, educators are focusing on communication ski...
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The Definition and Positive Side of Conflict
The word conflict is one that I rarely used in my vocabulary let alone partake in. And prior to my involvement in this course I always viewed conflict as a negative between people that directly correlated to how poor of communicators they were. But my opinion, though legitimate in reason, proved to be inaccurate because ins...
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Understanding My Conversation with My Partner with the Use of Conduit Container Theory
Social Interaction Paper Conduit Container Theory After recording and jotting down my conversation with my partner, most of what I asked and stated were well-received by the Conduit Container Theory. I was able to easily share my thoughts, despite some stuttering or pauses that can't be helped, with my partner because I e...
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The Importance of Gaining the Trust of Other People
In life we are presented with an unlimited amount of opportunities, but we must earn trust from our parents and others around us to condemn these chances. In life, we will make mistakes, and hopefully learn from them, to make ourselves better people. Trust is such an important word to me, because it is what helps us grow o...
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The Five Stages of Development of Internal Relations in Group According to Tuckman
The movie ‘Remember the Titans’ depicts the different instances that the application of the theory of the formation of group relations based on Tuckman’s five stages of development. According to Tuckman, there are five stages of development of internal relations in groups. The first stage is forming. In this stage, the gr...
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The Fuels to a Healthy and Romantic Relationship
Intimacy is not a subject of discussion within young adults when it should be. Keeping up with intimacy is vital to a healthy relationship. Breakups among young adults is due to disconnection with intimacy. When a relationship lacks lust, it is going to lack romance and intimacy. For a young relationship to thrive, levels o...
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