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Ways to Be Effective in Job Hunts in 7 Ridiculously Useful tips for Job Hunters, an Article by Jay McGregor
This assignment will be analysing a piece entitled “7 Ridiculously Useful Tips For Job Hunters”, written by Jay McGregor. The first step is to be creative, which can be accomplished in an innumerable amount of ways-- Make a video, make a blog, just leave an impression, but stick to the point and don’t waste thei...
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An Analysis of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Plea to the Clergy in Letter from Birmingham Jail
King’s Plea to the Clergy Gaining equal rights for all is not an easy task. In the process, advocates face challenges and criticisms. One major advocate for the equal rights for all was Martin Luther King Jr. While fighting for equal rights for the African American people, Martin Luther King Jr. faced many challenges and d...
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A Persuasive Speech to Patronize Products That Are Not Tested on Animals
Speech goal: To persuade the audience to use cosmetic and household products that are not tested on animals. Introduction Have you ever thought of where your cosmetic products come from? Or what exactly goes into the process of making them? You may be shocked by the answers. Today I will be telling you about what happ...
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An Analysis of the Different Factors That Influence Communication
As most of us can probably relate, there are many bad communicators in the workforce and sometimes these communicators find themselves in positions next to you. They may be your co-workers, or even your managers, and these situations only help to exacerbate the already tough working environment you may be a part of. Researc...
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The Comments of the Facebook Profiles of Kristy Moseley and Michelle Rodriguez and the Twitter Profile of Nicki Minaj
Looking for a celebrity to write about was a little difficult or me to do. At first I wanted to write about one of my favorite writers, Kristy Moseley. As I scrolled through her Facebook, however, I noticed everyone commented on her things as normal comments. Almost everyone was commenting on her Facebook post as if they we...
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The Usage of Syntax, Tone, and Pathos in Benjamin Banneker's Letter to Thomas Jefferson on the Issue of Slavery
Benjamin Banneker's Letter to Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Banneker, a strong supporter of the movement to abolish
slavery, developed a letter addressed to Thomas Jefferson concerning the issue of
slavery. His letter was written in an era during which slavery was commonly practiced in
the United States. Banneker atte...
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A Review of Is College the New High School, an Article by Vauhini Vara
I don’t come from a long line of college goers but for as long as I can remember I’ve been encouraged to further my education. Since grade school I had the idea of college and all its experiences, good and bad instilled in me. I knew then and now that not only would going to college and receiving a degree greater than an as...
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The Endless Suffering of Syrian Children in Anne Barnardaug's How Omran Daqneesh, 5, Became a Symbol of Aleppo's Suffering
Endless Suffering of the Syrian Children: "How Omran Daqneesh, 5, Became a Symbol of Aleppo’s Suffering" this article was written by Anne Barnardaug on 18 August 2016 for The New York Times. Anne Barnardaug is an American journalist who was born in New York and currently living in the Middle East, in particular, Beirut, Le...
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Flower Gardening 101, a Great Article for Gardening Beginners
“Flower Gardening 101” is an excellent read for anyone interested in beginning flower gardening. The article, written by Eric Vinje in 2012, is featured on a popular gardening website that sells organic products and features articles of gardening tips and strategies. The article is all about the basics of gardening and is w...
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Understanding Online Articles and Research Papers
Today we often find ourselves looking to popular news and popular media in order to inform ourselves about what’s going on around us. We look and cite online articles instead of actually reading the research papers that the articles often are based upon. This is true for not only articles on psychology but also on other are...
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A Report on Attending a Talk by Steve Rushin, an American Journalist, Sportswriter and Novelist
I attended a talk by author Steve Rushin. I had already begun reading The Pint Man for an upcoming school assignment before I realized that he would be in the area to talk about his book and writing. I found him to be informative and humourous about his life and writing, and very down to earth for a successful author. He...
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A Rhetorical Analysis of Time Magazine's Cover on Barbie
Rhetorical Analysis Final Since the early 60’s, Barbie has not changed much beside transforming to more modern clothing and different material. If Barbie were an actual woman, she would be about five feet nine inches tall, weigh one hundred ten pounds, with an eighteen inch waist, and and a thirty-nine inch bust. These are...
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An Assessment of the Serious Subjects in the Teen Online and Printed News Source, Seventeen Magazine
Seventeen Magazine: Goofy Source or Serious Publication? Seventeen Magazine is an online and printed news source that primarily discusses celebrities, fashion, beauty tips and the struggles of modern day teenage women. The demographic of Seventeen Magazine is self-explanatory based on their title. The average age of their...
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A Summary Analysis of the Article Student Denied Constitutional Rights Speaks Out Against College
My summary analysis is on the article entitled “Student denied constitutional rights speaks out against college.” This article was written by Robert Soave and published on September 24, 2014. I obtained this article from The Daily Caller. Robert Van Tuinen, a college student at Modesto Junior College in California was arr...
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An Analysis of the Argument on the Mandatory Rules for Driverless Cars in Ushering in a Safe, Driveless Future
The editorial board of the New York Times, in the editorial; Ushering in a Safe, Driverless Future, argues that mandatory rules for driverless cars are essential to the advancement of this technology. The New York Time’s purpose is to explain how driverless vehicles may seem unsafe, but in reality are just a technological t...
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The Contrasting Perspectives on the Death of Harambe, a Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla
In May of 2016, Harambe was killed at the Cincinnati zoo in Ohio, USA. The 450lb seventeen-year-old male silverback gorilla was born and raised at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas. Harambe was moved to Cincinnati in 2014 in hopes of breeding. Unfortunately, Harambe’s life ended early when three-year-old Isaiah Dickerson fell...
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An Analysis of the Four Theories of the Press by Fred S. Siebert, Theodore Peterson, and Wilbur Schramm
Four Theories of the Press In the realm of media theories, Four Theories of the Press by Fred S. Siebert, Theodore Peterson, and Wilbur Schramm has long stood as a canonical text within this field of scholarly research. However, as Daniel C. Hallin and Paolo Mancini would argue in their book Comparing Media Systems, this...
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An Analysis of the Controversial Appearance of Barbie on a Limited Edition Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover
Barbie Response On February 25th, 2014 Barbie appeared on a limited edition Sports illustrated swimsuit cover. Both Sports Illustrated and Barbie have had a lot of controversy for having products that objectify women, the companies deciding to merge the idea of a child’s toy onto the spread of a sexualized adult...
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An Analysis of Articles and Their Purposes
Annotated Bibliography Marchant, Gary E., Yvonne A. Stevens, and James M. Hennessy. "Technology, Unemployment & Policy Options: Navigating The Transition To A Better World." Journal Of Evolution & Technology 24.1 (2014): 26-44. Academic Search Complete. Web. 12 Apr. 2016. Genre: Scholarly Article Relevance: Impo...
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The Format, Time, Identity, and Layout of a Publication in Designing the Editorial Experience by Sue Apfelbaum and Juliette Cezzar
Designing the Editorial Experience by Sue Apfelbaum and Juliette Cezzar talks about format, time, identity, and layout. Every publication carries a unique style, format, voice, and layout in each issue. The format of a publication influences its identity and conten...
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An Analysis of the Effects of Other's Successes on a Person's Determination and Ambition in Alan Lightman's Article A Brief Version of Time
In Alan Lightman’s article, “A Brief Version of Time”, he includes the belief that “the multiplication of achievement is partly divided by the diminishment of ambition”. Through this, he explains that nothing is legitimately innovative because most concepts have been thought of, have been used, and have been established by...
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The Colonization of Mexico through an Aztlan Perspective in Gloria Anzaldua's Article The Homeland, Aztlan
Our Homeland? In Gloria Anzaldúa’s article, The Homeland, Aztlán, she speaks about her own experiences on the history of the colonization of Mexico and many factors related to it. She evokes the horrid things that she and many Mexican-Americans have had carved into their memories. Gloria identifies with many of these battl...
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The Story of Daniel Pierce in the Article Teen Who Filmed Moment Family Disowned Him for Being Gay by Alex Wellman
In the article, “Teen who filmed moment family disowned him for being gay,” by Alex Wellman, the main focus of the story is Daniel Pierce, son to a Christian family. Daniel had decided to tell his family he was gay and recorded it on video. Two reasons he said he had filmed it was for his own protection, and to show the man...
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A Discussion of the Life of Chris Gardner During the Recession by the Staff from Success Magazine in the Article Chris Gardner: Homeless to Happyness
In the article, “Chris Gardner: Homeless to Happyness,” the SUCCESS staff from SUCCESS magazine discusses the life of a man, Chris Gardner, during the recession. As a stockbroker in the early 1980’s, Gardner did not have a college degree. The big turning point in life for Gardner was when his wife left him and his son. They...
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An Evaluation of the Article War, What's the Word Good for? Absolutely Nothing but War by Lea McInerney
I chose to evaluate the article War, what's the word good for?
Absolutely nothing but war, by Lea McInerney. While I personally agree with
the points made in the article, the structure and multiple unacceptable
mistakes make it a bad argument. The overall conclusion of the article is
that "Instead of banging on about the "w...
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