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The Importance of Online Networking in a Police Division
Is It Okay? “Leave no stone left unturned.” With the use of social media, this is exactly what the police community is saying. So on the off-chance that you need to effectively run an association, you can't bear to overlook online networking. That is particularly a valid case if you're a running a police division. There is...
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A Student's Online Social Account Should Not Be Monitored by Schools
How would you feel if your son or daughter is being bullied on the internet and you didn’t even know about it? In the article, “Should Schools Monitor Student Social Media Event to Prevent Cyberbullying?” published in BBC World News the author, “Sam Combs” discusses that phones of youths and their lifelines should be monito...
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Offensive Speech Should Be Censored by the US Government
How could you hurt someone in the name of free speech? In this article “Free Speech: Westboro Church Supreme Court Tests First Amendment” from Christian Science Monitor the author, Warren Richey discusses about the positive and negative aspects of freedom of speech in the U.S. He also discusses First Amendment and how a Sup...
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An Examination of the Media Perpetuation of Stereotypes of Men
Media shapes the way someone thinks so it is not uncommon for a person to believe what they actually hear or see in a movie, magazine ad, or TV show. In television commercials and advertisements men are not only seen as muscularly fit exhibiting no fears or weaknesses, but are also generalized as dumb due to the historic co...
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An Analysis of the Role of the Communications Decency Act in America
There is no part of the United States Constitution that is less family-friendly and hostile to government than the First Amendment. The Amendment gives one the freedom of speech, of religion, of press, and of assembly.The First Amendment to the Constitution is not a favorite with parents because it protects the rights of ch...
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An Overview of the Background Interview
Everyone has different views on what they see in their community and how they want to change things. My paper focuses on two individuals with two different viewpoints that want to help their communities get better and back to where they want it to be. For the purpose of this interview and paper I will not be disclosing thei...
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The Importance of Rhetoric in Effectively Communication
Rhetoric The purpose of rhetoric is to communicate effectively. This may mean to persuade, inform, or educate, but in the end, it all comes down to conveying a message. Different styles of writing are used in order to get a message or idea across. All writers have a common goal, which is to be well understood. It is also...
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