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An Examination of the Gentrification in Brooklyn
Gentrification in Brooklyn Gentrification is a very pressing issue to many residents of New York City. Gentrification is when property values in low income neighborhoods rise, displacing low income families and small businesses to make room for wealthier residents. Many neighborhoods in Brooklyn are experiencing gentrifica...
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A Study on Common-Pool Resources in Fraternities
Eggs: A Study of Common-Pool Resources in a Fraternity Economic theory tells us that humans are rational actors; meaning that each person or unit acts in its own interests with the goal of benefitting as much as possible. This theory that humans behave as rational actors results in very problematic outcomes when dealing w...
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The Worldly Philosophers: A Lesson on Economics
For my silent reading time at school throughout the second semester, I read The Worldly Philosophers, a book about economists and their beliefs, starting with the first one Adam Smith and going through some of the more modern economists such as John Maynard Keynes. Using the time available, I dove in to several chapters tha...
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The Ethical and Health Issues and Economic Benefits of Tobacco
Tobacco Around the World Tobacco has had a long and varied history around the world. This new-found plant began gaining global attention due to becoming an extremely important cash crop in the Americas after its discovery by Europeans in the 15th and 16th centuries. From the early Mayans who used it for rituals and ceremon...
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The Reasons Bhutan Achieved Its Ultimate Goals and Objectives With Regards to Its Mode of Measure
Bhutan is a tiny state that has currently attracted the entire world’s attention due to its measure of prosperity through the aspect of gauging the citizens' happiness levels, instead of the GDP. From my personal point of view, there are various reasons that can deter Bhutan in achieving its ultimate goals and objectives wi...
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A Discussion on the Difference Between How Poverty Effects Men and Women as They Get Older
The article, The striking power of poverty to turn young boys into jobless men, written by Emily Badger and Christopher Ingram talks about the difference between how poverty effects men and women as they get older. Economists at Harvard and Stanford found that girls who grew up in poor families were more likely to work when...
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A Research on How Counterfeiting Affects the United States Economy
The Internet and Our Thoughts I am convinced that researching how counterfeiting affects the United States economy is a good enough topic for my paper. Although counterfeiting is sometimes associated only with money, the reality is that the crime happens with products as well. People may pay full price for name brand items...
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Poverty in America During the Term of Barack Obama in the Article The Economists
Rhetorical Analysis of “In Need of Help” In the article by The Economists, “The poor in America In need of help” speaks on poverty in the United States of America, specifically in the time period during the term of Barack Obama. The Economist's take on the argument of global poverty, specifically in the United States, hol...
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Economists and the Power of Market Economy
AP Macroeconomics Chapter 1: The Power of Markets Economists have two basic assumptions about the wirings of individuals and firms, as they collide with each other to create a market. Firms seek to maximize profits, which include the need to find an equilibrium between price point of what individuals would pay for, (betwe...
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A Discussion on Entrepreneurship and Its Significance for Business and Economy
One of the significant inputs in any economic progress of a country is Entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur is an individual who creates their own business, coming up with an idea and turning it into a profitable business. The quote “The farmer is an entrepreneur who promises to pay the land owner, for his farm or land a fixed...
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