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An Analysis of the Minimum Wage in the United States
“The best customer of American industry is the well-paid worker.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt Introduction Besides its national monuments and monumentally unhealthy fast food, the United States may be best known for just one thing: the country is filled with political debates and divisive economic issues. From the natio...
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Catastrophic Fallout of the Black Tuesday
Upon the catastrophic fallout that called itself Black Tuesday, the stock market plunged to the depths of Wall Street and chaos ran rampant in a once-thriving nation. Jobs found themselves snatched away from hardworking laborers faster than one could blink, the lower classes plummeted into a deep financial rut, and reform d...
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An Analysis of the Wage Grap Bettwen Man and Women in the Workforce
The Gender Wage Gap: Economics vs. Feminist Studies Equality between men and women is an ongoing issue in corporate America. The wage gap is prevalent in a multitude of professions, and although it gradually improves as years pass on, it is still a problem. From an economic perspective, there is a complicated combination o...
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A Comparison of the Republican and Democratic Views on the Issue of Minimum Wage
In 2009, a law became effective that set the federal minimum wage at $7.25 per hour. In recent years, the topic of minimum wage has become the center of heated political debates as both Democrats and Republicans try to gain the support and following of the nation. This issue, just like many others has multiple viewpoints on...
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The Positive Impacts of Raising the Minimum Wage on the Economy, the Health of the Citizens, and Their Quality of Life
Raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15.00 will help the economy because when people are paid $15.00 an hour they can spend on more than just necessities. It can also help small businesses because people will have more money to afford to spend on restaurant food, things from different shops, and even entertainment. If th...
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Large Growth Stock vs. Large Value Stock: A Comparison of JP Morgan Disciplined Equity and American Funds American Mutual 529A
Ian Salisbury states in his article “Growth, Not Value, Is Tops in Stocks” that growth stocks are outperforming value stocks (Salisbury 2009). He says that growth stocks are shares of companies with the strongest potential to generate revenue and earnings while value stocks are under appreciated (Salisbury 2009). The best...
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An Argument in Favor of Increasing Minimum Wage in America as Proposed by President Barack Obama
Raise Minimum Wage In 2014, poverty is more prevalent than ever. Almost 5 million Texans are living in penury, struggling to make ends meet for basic survival. When it is possible to provide for “the poorest among us,” it is necessary and a moral responsibility to do so. More purpose can be found in the perpetual expense...
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An Analysis of the Financial Model
The financial model has proven true for over 500 years since early renaissance era which was known for world exploration and the start of long distance trading.  This model is centralized on the accounting equation of Assets=Liabilities Owners Equity (Wainwright, 2012).  Firstly, to understand this formula there are a few...
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The Different Factors Affecting Price Elasticity
Question 1 Price elasticity of supply for the dairy Price elasticity for supply indicates responsiveness of supplied quantity in reference to price changes PES= %change in Q.S/ %change in price Farmer’s dairy price falls from $6 to $4.75, which is equivalent to a drop to 35c per liter of milk. The drop in percentage=...
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A Study of Inherent Risks That May Impact the Financial Statements of 2015
List four areas of high inherent risk based on your findings in (a) above and explain how they could affect the financial statements of 2015. Inherent risks refer to susceptibility of a given account balance or various classes of account balances to material misstatements given the inherent and environmental characteristi...
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