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The Potential Negative Effects of Adopting the Single Global Currency
The world is on the verge of a new stage of evolution because new technologies appear quickly. People will soon be able to switch to the alternative source of energy. Gas, oil, coal and other natural resources will change to new long lasting quality batteries or generators. It will be a significant step not only in daily hu...
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The Significance of Geography in a Financial Crisis
“In the course of a crisis, capitalism is forced to abandon the fictions of finance and to return to the world of hard cash, to the eternal verities of the monetary basis” Harvey (1982: 292) Money can be found everywhere. From the remotest corners of the world to the global centres of finance, money is implicated in the s...
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The Effects of Economic Stability on U.S Banking Industry
Effects of Economic Stability on U.S Banking Industry Introduction Economic stability, whether at the national or international level, has far-reaching effects in the banking industry. Economic stability and the health of the banking industry are closely related; declines in economic stability have negative implications o...
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The Negative Effects of Credit Cards on Our Financial Health
"In the Shadow of Debt" Essay Since the crash of the US housing market in 2008, the world has been
at its worse economic state since the Great Depression. Countless numbers
of people lost their jobs, and are currently unemployed. The ones who have
not lost their jobs have been hit by the recession in one form or anot...
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The Causes and Culprits Behind the Financial Crisis of 2008
The Scammers Behind the Financial Crisis of 2008 On September 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers, then the fourth-largest investment bank in the United States, collapsed, shocking the world and seemingly starting off a chain reaction of other Wall Street institutions declaring bankruptcy.  This was the beginning of the financial...
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Professional and Financial Analysis of the Banking Sector in the United States of America
Banking traditionally has been associated with institutions that accept deposits from the public and through a money creation pattern, creates credit and lends out to the same public at an interest rate that is highly controlled by the Federal Bank. Conversely banking has adapted to changes in the society and currently offe...
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Baby Boomers and the Growth of the American Economy
The Big Boom After World War II many soldiers were filled with glee as they returned to their loved ones with hope of a sense of normality. During the war they faced many obstacles and experienced tragic moments in their lives. The postwar boom, also known as the “Baby Boom”, occurred after World War II in the United State...
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The Crash of the Stock Market During the Great Depression in the United States
Rock Bottom The Great Depression was an economic recession due to the stock market crash in 1929. A recession is a long period of economic decline where trade and industrial activity are reduced. It originated in the United States although eventually made its way to Europe and other countries as well. Lasting around a deca...
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The Euro Currency and Value and the Consequences of the Thriving Germany to the Multiple Nations of EU
The Euro and Germany's Trade Surplus The euro was introduced in 1999 to facilitate the free movement of
labor and goods among the countries inside the European Union. One common
currency to be used by its member states allowed European consumers to
immediately see the price of a product, as opposed to seeing the pric...
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An Analysis of the Relation Between the Fiscal and the Monetary Policy
Fiscal and Monetary Policy: Like Cousins To further complicate the already overly complex ways of government policy making, there are two tools used by the federal government to influence the United States economy. These are fiscal policies, such as the Budget Control Act of 2011, and monetary policies, like the Federal Re...
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The 10 on 1 Technique Addressing the Importance of Making More From Less
Writing Analytically mentions a technique for building an essay called the ’10 on 1 Technique’. It sounds pretty foreign, especially to me. This technique addresses the importance of making more from less, alike the saying ‘less is more’. They describe it as a way “to make ten points or observations about a single example r...
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The Death Penalty as an Expensive Form of Punishment and a Waste of the Taxpayers' Money
Death Penalty The death penalty is considered the top punishment of all and usually depends on how grave your crime was. In the United States, the practice of this punishment is different depending on the state you live/reside in. Some abolish it, others decide to keep on practicing it and there’s always been arguments all...
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Cultural Capital as an Economic Determinant in Ain't no Makin It
Cultural Capital as an Economic Determinant in Ain’t No Makin It In Ain’t No Makin It: Leveled Aspirations in a Low-income Neighborhood, Jay MacLeod challenges the ideas of economic determinism and meritocracy by expanding the definition of habitus to explain an individual’s aspiration of social mobility as determined by...
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The Lives of the Working, Poor Low-Wage Population in Nickel and Dimed, a Novel by Barbara Ehrenreich
In the year of 1776, with a total population of roughly 2.5 million people, the United States of America was founded on the moral premise that, “by working hard, you would have a good life.” And yet 237 years later, with a staggering population of roughly 314 million people, does that premise still hold true? This highly de...
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An Analysis of the Minimum Wage in the United States
“The best customer of American industry is the well-paid worker.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt Introduction Besides its national monuments and monumentally unhealthy fast food, the United States may be best known for just one thing: the country is filled with political debates and divisive economic issues. From the natio...
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Catastrophic Fallout of the Black Tuesday
Upon the catastrophic fallout that called itself Black Tuesday, the stock market plunged to the depths of Wall Street and chaos ran rampant in a once-thriving nation. Jobs found themselves snatched away from hardworking laborers faster than one could blink, the lower classes plummeted into a deep financial rut, and reform d...
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An Analysis of the Wage Grap Bettwen Man and Women in the Workforce
The Gender Wage Gap: Economics vs. Feminist Studies Equality between men and women is an ongoing issue in corporate America. The wage gap is prevalent in a multitude of professions, and although it gradually improves as years pass on, it is still a problem. From an economic perspective, there is a complicated combination o...
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A Comparison of the Republican and Democratic Views on the Issue of Minimum Wage
In 2009, a law became effective that set the federal minimum wage at $7.25 per hour. In recent years, the topic of minimum wage has become the center of heated political debates as both Democrats and Republicans try to gain the support and following of the nation. This issue, just like many others has multiple viewpoints on...
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The Positive Impacts of Raising the Minimum Wage on the Economy, the Health of the Citizens, and Their Quality of Life
Raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15.00 will help the economy because when people are paid $15.00 an hour they can spend on more than just necessities. It can also help small businesses because people will have more money to afford to spend on restaurant food, things from different shops, and even entertainment. If th...
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Large Growth Stock vs. Large Value Stock: A Comparison of JP Morgan Disciplined Equity and American Funds American Mutual 529A
Ian Salisbury states in his article “Growth, Not Value, Is Tops in Stocks” that growth stocks are outperforming value stocks (Salisbury 2009). He says that growth stocks are shares of companies with the strongest potential to generate revenue and earnings while value stocks are under appreciated (Salisbury 2009). The best...
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An Argument in Favor of Increasing Minimum Wage in America as Proposed by President Barack Obama
Raise Minimum Wage In 2014, poverty is more prevalent than ever. Almost 5 million Texans are living in penury, struggling to make ends meet for basic survival. When it is possible to provide for “the poorest among us,” it is necessary and a moral responsibility to do so. More purpose can be found in the perpetual expense...
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An Analysis of the Financial Model
The financial model has proven true for over 500 years since early renaissance era which was known for world exploration and the start of long distance trading.  This model is centralized on the accounting equation of Assets=Liabilities Owners Equity (Wainwright, 2012).  Firstly, to understand this formula there are a few...
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The Different Factors Affecting Price Elasticity
Question 1 Price elasticity of supply for the dairy Price elasticity for supply indicates responsiveness of supplied quantity in reference to price changes PES= %change in Q.S/ %change in price Farmer’s dairy price falls from $6 to $4.75, which is equivalent to a drop to 35c per liter of milk. The drop in percentage=...
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A Study of Inherent Risks That May Impact the Financial Statements of 2015
List four areas of high inherent risk based on your findings in (a) above and explain how they could affect the financial statements of 2015. Inherent risks refer to susceptibility of a given account balance or various classes of account balances to material misstatements given the inherent and environmental characteristi...
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Will Reform or Revolution Lead to a Better Economy?
Essay 1: Reform or Revolution? A just and sustainable economy can be achieved through gradual, though significant, changes to the capitalist system under which we currently operate. The combination of many gradual changes such as individual action and increasing taxes will pave the way to system-wide changes, policies of a...
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