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The High Agricultural Produce of Santa Barbara County in California
Santa Barbara County in California is one of the highest agricultural
producing counties in the United States. $1.2 billion worth of agricultural
goods are produced each year in the county. 2.3 billion pounds of produce
is grown each year in Santa Barbara County. Despite the wealth of locally
grown produce, only around 4 pe...
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The Consequences of Technology Advances to Laborers in the United States
As technology advances in 1875 to 1900s, industries were considered more efficient. However, it is worth to consider that as industries successfully became rich, more and more business owners would provide less care to hi workers. Therefore, the position of the workers was rather degraded instead of seeing improvements by t...
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The Impact of Industrialization in the World Economy
"Industrialization refers to a process that transformed agrarian and
handicraft-centered economies into economies distinguished by industry and
machine manufacture."T.E.(pg. 816) Industrialization started in the mid
eighteenth century in several parts of the world, Great Britain, Yangzi
Delta in China, and Japan all industr...
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An Overview of the Mining Industry of South Africa
INTRODUCTION An incredibly large portion of South Africa's economy can be attributed to its mining industry. As a matter of fact, 18% of South Africa's GDP is directly related to surface and underground mining of minerals and other resources. South Africa's mining industry is considered to be the fifth largest sector in te...
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An Overview of the Economic Implication of Fracking and Its Regulation
According to Washington post, hydraulic fracturing is a new technique used in gas extraction that makes use of hydraulically pressurized liquid made of sand, water, and chemicals to fracture rocks. The process incorporates horizontal drilling coupled with multistage hydraulic fracturing. The first step in the process entail...
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The Clash of Big Businesses and Labor Unions and Socialism in the United States During the Industrial Revolution
Big Business vs. Organized Labor and Socialism In the United States during the industrial revolution, the plight of workers who struggled to earn a livable wage and faced unreasonable workings conditions, as well as the state of unevenly distributed wealth, became a national debate. Some radical socialists, such as Daniel...
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Different Issues in the Economy Today by Fed
Wall Street Journal Fed’s Message is Key to Soothing Markets, Small Jobs Impact Seen from Trade Pact, The Deficit Rise Again, and The Chances of a Global Meltdown were intriguing articles. Each one made me feel different ways but the same all at the same time. Each article covered a different issue in the economy today,...
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The Importance of Industry in the United States
Does Industry Matter? The United States must return to prominence industrially to have a chance to truly compete in emerging markets. It is unacceptable that we have great innovation at home, and yet we give the production of that innovation away, so that China and Japan are essentially selling our own ideas and ingenuit...
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The Mechanization of the Cotton Industry in Japan and India
The mechanization of the cotton industry in Japan and India had significant consequences on the industrialization of each respective nation as a whole. There were several economic similarities, social similarities, and social differences between the cotton industry in these countries. There were economic similarities in th...
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The Risk and Uncertainties Plaguing the Oil and Gas Industry
ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE AND SUSTAINABLE ORGANISATIONS Executive Summary There is no doubt that the Gas and Oil industry is the most vibrant
industry in the world (Radler, 2011). Industry players are constantly
forced to navigate through several economic, political, legal, and
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The Effects of Market Power on Efficiency, Rate of Innovation and an Inequitable Distribution of the Surplus
Chapters 1-3: 1. Explain, using diagrams, why it is that firms confronting a more inelastic demand function have an increased level of market power. According to Shepherd, how does this impair efficiency, reduce the rate of innovation, and, result in more inequitable distribution of the surplus? Firms confronting a m...
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The Definition and Benefits of Framing and Reframing
Topic - Reframing, a model for change Outline Definition of Framing and reframing. Organizations are living, breathing objects that can change day by day. To be a productive leader, learning to accept that change and identify needs is crucial. In order to define reframing, one must start with the definition of framin...
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Examining the Cause of Inelasticity in Tobacco
The American economy is fed by several trades. Obviously, because
different products vary in their usage, cost, and popularity, certain items
have more economic influence than others. Tobacco is a substance that has
long been regulated by the government, both because it is purchased and
used in such large quantities, and be...
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The Extremely Competitive and Cutthroat Industry of Non-Alcoholic Beverages
The non-alcoholic beverage industry is extremely competitive and cutthroat. Organizations in this industry are constantly marketing to consumers, trying to break into new markets, and trying to achieve a competitive advantage. This type of external environment definitely shapes the internal environment of organizations in t...
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The Meat Packing Industry in Chicago During the Late Nineteenth Century
During the late nineteenth century up to the early twentieth century,
Chicago was the nation's largest center for meatpacking. The meat packing
industry was responsible for the production and slaughtering of animals for
humans' consumption. The industry grew into the leading meat distributor in
America. However, the industr...
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A Research on Gambling in the United States
Gambling Since it was legalized, gambling industry has become a great part of the U.S. gross domestic product and a large employer in many states. Twenty-five years ago, casinos operated in Nevada and New Jersey. In 2010, 566 casinos were in 22 states and employing thousands of people. The industry has created 820,000 jo...
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The Development of Maritime Activities in the Bay Area After the Gold Rush
Final Exam Introduction The main post-Gold Rush maritime activities involved extractive industries, such as the grain, lumber, and fishing trade. Many aspects of each trade were owned by big business and each part of the trade was owned by the same company. Most of the work was dangerous and involved workers who were limi...
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