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My Experience Working at the Manufacturing Workforce
Let's Join a Union To protect my identity, I will only tell you that I am a woman and I am working in the manufacturing workforce. Conditions at my workplace are unacceptable and unable to sustain a comfortable human life. The factory I work in is simply disgusting, the machines produce smoke and pollution, machines come w...
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An Analysis of the History, Pros, and Cons of Labor Unions
Labor unions Let’s start off by defining what a labor union is. Labor unions are worker organizations that seek to secure economic improvements for their members. They also seek to improve the safety, health, and other benefits of their members. There are a few different types of unions: Craft unions, industrial unions, a...
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The Failure of the Labor Unions in the Year 1865 to 1900
The labor unions in the period from 1875 to 1900 attempted many times to bring changes to the system of work. Throughout the years, many events occurred leading up to the changes in labor. THese events helped the labor unions receive easing of labor, but it wasn’t as successful as it should have been. Organized labor in tha...
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An Analysis of Applebaum's Article on Labor Market in the United States
“Fed Keeps Rates Steady and Says Labor Market Is Improving” The Federal Reserve, determined to move cautiously, said on Wednesday that the American economy still was not ready for higher interest rates. -Binyamin Appelbaum, The New York Times Summary: The Federal Reserve stated recently (a few days ago, in fact), that t...
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The Use of Illegal Conducts as a Strategy to Overturn the Results of the Union Representation Election
Case Study 5-4 At Young Skin’s Plant, the day before a union election, union officials set up two barbeques on the business property, served food and gave out free T-shirts. The problem here was that the T-shirts said vote “YES for Union” and were free ONLY to the people who signed a petition that they were pro-union AND...
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The Economic Impact and Benefits of Automation
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Fortune 500 companies can benefit from the automation of jobs. Direct economic impacts, employment, and indirect benefits are show in this in-depth report. This study was done due to the rising amounts of automation and to study the impacts automation has on the economy. Our conclusion is that fortune...
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How Did Slavery Encourage Both Economic Backwardness and Westward Expansion?
Slavery did, in fact, encourage both economic backwardness and westward expansion. The invention of the cotton gin and increase in slaves needed to operate this machinery drew southern plantation owners into the “black belt” and further into western territory in need for fertile soil that would increase profits. Southerners...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Increasing the Minimum Wage
Chapter 17 Discovery Journal “Fighting Back Against Wretched Wages” by Steven Greenhouse outlines a growing concern to increase minimum wage throughout the country. Recently, a string of one-day walkouts by employees in New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Seattle has provided these protesters with national coverage for the i...
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The Issue of Income Inequality in the United States
The United States has become one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Although the country is wealthy the income inequality has become greater and greater over the last 30 years. The difference between the income of average workers and CEO’s is huge. This inequality of income hasn’t always been this way. The past 20 year...
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The Unequal Distribution of Income in the United States of America
Since the 1970’s the United States has been one of the most productive economies in the world. Despite financial crisis and recession the GDP in America has steadily been rising for the last 100 years (Fig 1). Despite this, the distribution of income in the U.S. is very unequal. Despite the huge growth in the productivity o...
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