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A Look at the Social Effects of Unemployment on the Economy and the General Public
Unemployment is a social problem because it causes an increase in poverty, crime rates and affects the entire economy. Nations with high crime rates and poverty are likely to have high unemployment rates, more investment in security business and a general staggering economy. However, by providing employment opportunities at...
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An Overview of the Oil Industry in Africa
Africa’s petroleum industry caters for 10.5% of the entire petroleum consumed globally, yet this amount is produced by several countries in the entire continent (Frynas, 2009: pg31). This makes the world superpowers to have a special interest in these oil producing countries. As from 2014, Nigeria has been the largest petro...
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An Overview of Articles on Modern Slavery and Debt Bondage
What is Modern Slavery? (n.d.). Retrieved October 27, 2014, from “What is Modern Slavery?” seeks to provide detailed descriptions of criminal behavior that is often included under the umbrella term “human trafficking.” There are many different kinds of enslavement listed in the article, inc...
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Economy as a Priority to Improve the Medical Standard in Developing Countries
Question: Should the economy or politics be the first to improve so as to enhance the medical standard in developing countries? Explain your answer with examples. I think the aspect of economy should be the first to improve so as to enhance the medical standard in developing countries based on the reasons of immediacy, su...
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The Factors Affecting the Budget Allocation for States in America
States operate with limited budgets. It is the responsibility of politicians and community leaders to determine which things in their community are most in need of funding. The specific needs of a community depends on many different factors. Demographics play an important role. In areas with a large population of low-income...
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The History of the Movement in the Global Market
Global History Essay As evaluated in history, it is seen that as more commodities are discovered throughout the world, an increase in global exchange occurs. International trade began as the exchange of goods and services between countries. This type of trade gives rise to a global economy: a world-wide economic system b...
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The Growing Disparity of Income in America and the World
World Economics Essay In China, the gap between the rich and poor has escalated immensely.
The income inequality has surpassed that of the United States of America.
China's income inequality is one of the world's highest in the world. The
Gini coefficient, which measures the degree of income distribution, has
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An Analysis of the Borrowed Money of the United States
Money Borrowed is not Money Well Spent The United States of America is in over sixteen trillion dollars of debt. This debt will keep increasing until the government stops spending more money then taken in. The United States citizens do not get to see the money borrowed being put to use because the United States spends its...
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A Discussion on the Issue of the Tax Rate Being Too High for the Entrepreneurs in Canada to Afford
Link: Background/History: From the article itself, it is said that there are more than 3.5 million entrepreneurs in Canada, and that most of them earn middle-class income or less. As well, eight per cent of entrepreneurs earn more...
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Understanding the Concepts of Macroeconomics Through the Book Common Sense Economics: What Everyone Should Know About Wealth and Prosperity
“Common Sense Economics: What Everyone Should Know About Wealth and Prosperity” Common Sense Economics: What Everyone Should Know About Wealth and Prosperity by James D. Gwartney, Richard L. Stroup, and Dwight R. Lee teaches the basics of economics in a way that people can understand and use to evaluate the process of our...
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The Contribution of Alexander Hamilton in Reducing America's Debt
According to Wikipedia, Alexander Hamilton, a founding father of the United States, was the first secretary of treasury in the newly formed country. After assuming his position from 789-1795, Hamilton was faced with an extreme dilemma that continues to affect the US to this day; debt. As secretary of treasury, it was he who...
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An Investigation into the Causes of Failure of Turnaround Strategies Employed in Zimbabwe
STRATEGIES EMPLOYED IN ZIMBABWE Introduction A turnaround strategy is a set of consequential directive, long term
decisions and actions targeted at the reversal of a perceived crisis that
threatens the survival of...
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An Analysis of the Economic Policy Debate in the United States Caused by the Recession of 2008
Ensuring the American economy is the strongest and fastest-growing economy in the world has always been one of the top priorities for those in the government, yet the recession of 2008 triggered a great many debates about the intricacies of the U.S. budget and government spending and its relation to the economy, which last...
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The Six Forces of Macroenvironment
Macroenvironment itself is essentially the general and external environment that affects all organizations (Bateman, 2013). The six different forces of the macroenvironment are the demographic, political, ecological, socio-cultural, economic, and technological forces (Thomas, n.d.). The demographic force refers to populat...
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Highlights from Vanguard's 2016 Global Economic Outlook
“Highlights from Vanguard’s 2016 Global Economic Outlook” Vanguard's economic team, led by Global Chief Economist Joe Davis, Ph.D., projects what various market and economic events the coming year may bring Joseph Davis, Vanguard Personal Investors Newsletter Summary: In an updated and modern look at the US and World ec...
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An Assessment of the Current American Economy Through its Gross Domestic Product
Macroeconomics Project: Assessing our Nation’s Economy How do economists assess the economy’s performance? National income accounting measures the economy’s overall performance. The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), compiles the National Income and Product Accounts for the U.S economy. The primary measure of the economy...
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The Negative Side of Using Crypto-Currency
Computers and Philosophy What is Crypto-Currency? Have you ever wondered about the small pieces of paper that you keep in your wallet? What about the pieces of copper, silver, and nickel that are in your piggy-bank? There are many types of currency all over the world that we use on a daily basis as a means of trading fo...
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The Economical Benefits of the Taconite Mine
The Economical Benefits of a Taconite Mine Environmentalists defend the environment from mining and other projects without understanding the benefits. These benefits can be short-term, and long-term. An example of an important mine that can give a strong economical boost to Wisconsin’s economy is a taconite mine that would...
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Frugal Innovation Allows Consumers in Developing Countries More Access to Consumer Goods
Consumers in developed, capitalist countries often take their purchasing environments for granted. It is easy for them to assume that everyone else in the world has the same access to resources and quality of products as they do. In reality, however, there are more developing countries than developed ones. The consumers in...
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An Examination of the Development of the Economy of India and China
It should be noted that the standard one-sector neoclassical growth model cannot be used to explain the macroeconomic variables of India and China. The model, however, provides the theoretical framework that aids in examining how the two economies’digress from the standard model and in this way point out the market structur...
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The Good and Bad Arguments of Charles Wheelan on Market Economy in the Book Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science
Economics is a very broad subject. There are many opinions on how to allocate scarce resources – not all of them are good. The most common and most popular way among economists is through markets. In his book, Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science, Charles Wheelan argues that a “market economy… [is] a decent, if fl...
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The Impact of High Gas Prices on the Economy in America
Gas prices are steadily on the rise and will continue to do so if there is nothing done to prevent gas from continuously rising. There are many reasons why gas prices are constantly so high whether it is that so many individuals profiting off the major influx of gas prices. In the meantime there are many steps that can be...
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The Consequences of Liberating the Nondiscretionary Aspects of the United States' Federal Budget on Congress' Ability to Solve the Ongoing Debt Crisis
Argumentative Research Essay Proposal The following is the question that I will be answering as I conduct my library/online research and draft my formal argumentative essay: What are the consequences of liberating all nondiscretionary aspects of the United States’ federal budget on Congress’ ability to try and solve the o...
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Macroeconomic Annotated Bibliography on Italy
Macroeconomic Annotated Bibliography on Italy Hirschman, A. (1948). Inflation and Deflation in Italy. The American Economic Review, 38(4), 598-606. Italy experience a price level that climbed high during the war. Due to the war and conflict the economy was left in shambles. “When 1945 came to a close the prices had risen...
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The Evolution of Europe and Its Economical Domination All Over the World
What I find to be immensely interesting is the way that Europe, a small geographical region when compared to Asia or Africa, had evolved to dominate the world economically, militarily, and culturally by the 19th century. How did that come about? Well Diamond, Gunder-Frank, and Ferguson all give their own explanations about...
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