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An Argument Against Using GDP in Measuring Economic Performance
GDP vs. GPI Gross Domestic Product and Genuine Progress Indicator are two ways in which we measure our progress as a country. The Gross Domestic Product or GDP is the monetary value of all the goods and services produced within our country over a preset time, usually a year. The Genuine Progress Indicator or GPI also mea...
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The Role and Importance of Roads
Importance of roads Roads play a very important role in the economy of a country. Roads are different from alleys, streets or even avenues and they join towns and villages. The word ‘road’ is not of a misnomer to anyone but when we think of roads, a long surface of grey hard surface comes to our mind. The importance of roa...
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An Analysis of a Agg-New News Article on RSTA's and MPA's Concerns over Road Maintenance
“Aggregate Supply Concern for Road Maintenance” RSTA shares MPA concerns over diminution of available aggregates reserves across the U.K. -Anonymous, Agg-Net News Summary: The Annual Mineral Planning Survey is currently failing to maintain a steady and adequate supply of resources to complete many public works projects...
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An Analysis of the Bureau's of Economic Analysis GDP Release from 2014
1.In their latest GDP news release, the Bureau of Economic Analysis provided a second estimate for the third financial quarter of 2014. Real GDP (also known as chained-dollar GDP) from the previous quarter to this one increased by 3.9 percent to 16,164.1 billion dollars [1]. The base year used for real GDP was 2009. Nominal...
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The Flaws of IRS Income Tax Data as a Tool for Measuring Income Inequality and Poverty
The use of IRS income tax data for measuring income inequality or poverty is fundamentally flawed as IRS income tax data is designed to assist in collecting revenue and not for compiling demographic data. Tax data mostly disregards the role of age and cost of living differences and needs to be corrected for these factors i...
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An Examination of the Scholarly Views of Consumer Behavior on Green Products and Lifestyle Development
Abstract This paper addresses the scholarly views of consumer behavior regarding green products and lifestyle development. The market for almost any major type of product now has a green option that is typically more expensive than non-green options, and highlights specific skewed information. Through many examples of gr...
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An Analysis of the True Meaning of Christmas
The True Meaning of Christmas Bags. Boxes. Wrapping paper. Ribbons. Lines. Sales. Deals. Traffic. Stress. Anger. Yup, it’s Christmas time again. What started as a Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, has developed into a more-secular celebration, observed across religions boundaries. As the holiday has...
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The Issue of Economic Decision Concerning Feeding Homeless People in Public Places
Economics Introduction Basically, an economic decision is made based on the marginal cost and marginal benefit analysis package. And this can be reached at once a critical analysis has been made and it is discovered that that the benefits are greater than the costs incurred. For example, the issue of feeding homeless pers...
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A Discussion on the Government's Involvement in the Market and the Economy of the United States
INTRODUCTION Government involvement in the economy has always been a hot topic.
Obama Healthcare is currently one of the most controversial topics in the
United States. Indeed the government is there to serve the people and
protect the interest of the society. In the world today, those with more
bargaining power and m...
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The Trends in Annual Median Household Income Throughout the Years in the United States
With global populations increasing at an exponential rate, the rising rates of poverty are reaching farther out of the urban areas, while the extremely wealthy pull further and further away from the middle class. Although not many can fully comprehend the effects that this will have on future generations, it is important to...
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