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An Examination of the Feminism in the Novel The Color Purple by Alice Walker
Feminism in the Color Purple You would think that a black woman from the south in the early 20th century would be maltreated and pushed aside, but through her strength and determination, Celie manages to make herself heard. The Color Purple by Alice Walker is a feminist text because despite being ruled over by men for h...
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Overcoming Oppression in The Color Purple by Alice Walker
Overcoming Oppression in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple Women have been fighting to have an equal amount of rights as men throughout history. We have been thought of as property as well as simply being thrown to the side without much consideration in discussion. We have had to fight tooth and nail against men who care li...
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Mother Figure Who Critiques the Actions of a Young Woman in How Far She Went by Mary Hood and Everyday Use by Alice Walker
How Far She Went (Mary Hood, 1984) and Everyday Use (Alice Walker, 1973) are both well written short stories featuring a mother figure who critiques the actions of a young woman. However they differ in the manner that the reader is shown qualities of each character, with the former using an indirect method, and the latter...
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Sympathetic Characters in The Red Convertible by Love Medicine and Everyday Use by Alice Walker
In The Red Convertible, I found that Lyman was the more sympathetic character. Throughout the story, we see him doing things for his brother and trying to make his brother “come back” to him. This is especially shown the author puts a lot of time into talking about Lyman fixing the car and making the car look nice again....
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A Comparative Review of The Flowers by Alice Walker and Superman and Me by Sherman Alexie
For this assignment, I was to read two pieces; The Flowers by Alice Walker, and Superman and Me by Sherman Alexie. Both poems were drastically different, and each has its merits, but I preferred to read The Flowers. I have always been a fan of symbolism and allegories, so choosing this work was pretty obvious for me. Whi...
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An Analysis of Alice Walker's Beauty: When the Other Dances Is the Self
Knocked Off the Pedestal The Day at the County Fair Going into more detail about Walker’s day at the county fair. Details about Walker’s Easter speech. As a pretty little girl, she’s placed on a high pedestal. The example of childhood actors. Walker’s Brother’s BB Guns Clear and present sexism. Examples of sexism in...
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The Theme of Innocence in the Flowers,a Story by Alice Walker
Use of Theme in “The Flowers” Alice Walker’s The Flowers discusses the theme of innocence, and more specifically how innocence is sustained and lost. We see this immediately, as Walker begins the story with the words: "It seemed." These words are revealed as the key to reading the first half of the story itself. The summer...
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Intra-Racial Discussion on Black Identity in Everyday Use by Alice Walker and Flying Home by Ralph Waldo Emerson
One Race, Different Worlds Perhaps unlike any other country on Earth, the construct of race plays an integral part of our existence. Racial identity heavily influences one’s reality, worldview and lived experiences. More importantly, race is a fundamental element in how individuals perceive themselves and one another. Hist...
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A Comparison between Dee and Maggie in Everyday Use, a Short story by Alice Walker
Sisters Contrast Paper Siblings can be alike in many ways, and yet the story, “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, features two sisters who could not be more adverse. Each area that one excels the other lacks in. Due to the characterization of humble Maggie, this does not forge a rivalry but rather frustrates the reader over su...
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Gender Inequality and Opression in The Color Purple by Alice Walker
Male dominance has been a theme of the past where women were demeaned in the society and treated unfairly by their male counterparts. From the novel “The color purple” gender inequality and oppression is expressed. Also, the strong relationship between women in the society is reflected in the struggle of black women to empo...
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