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Odysseus' Challenge Upon Facing Kyklopes Polyphemus in The Odyssey by Homer
Trading Places Odysseus is a hero in Homer’s The Odyssey who faces multiple challenges throughout his journey to get back home. The results of a challenge that he faces ends up changing his entire life. In The Odyssey, it is clearly shown to the audience in Book 9, when Odysseus talks about how he encounters the Kyklopes P...
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The Role of Penelope, Klytaimnestra and Kalypso in the Epic The Odyssey by Homer
The Role of Women Does one ever stop and realize the role of women in our current life and how sometimes we force double standards on women without even noticing. Its not the fact that we are ignorant but it’s a thing of the past that we have been doing subconsciously since before history was being recorded. In Homers epic...
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The Dangers of Seduction in Homer's Odyssey
The Dangers of Seduction In the Odyssey Homer recounts the travails of a hero named Odysseus as he desperately tries to find his way home after the end of the Trojan War. Throughout this journey, Odysseus encounters many dangerous obstacles which threaten to jeopardize his mission to deliver himself and his men back home....
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Testing the Superiority of Human Intelligence in 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke
Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Roc, 2000. 296pp. $7.99 As humans, one of the most intelligent life forms on Earth, we tend to get caught up with the thought that nothing can surpass our intellect. Within Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, the superiority of...
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The Power of One's Intellect in Book XIII of The Odyssey by Homer
“So, the gods don't hand out all their gifts at once, not build and brains and flowing speech to all. One man may fail to impress us with his looks but a god can crown his words with beauty, charm, and men look on with delight when he speaks out. Never faltering, filled with winning self-control, he shines forth at assembly...
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The Relationship Between the Mortal and the Divine in the Story of Moses in the Bible and Homer's Odyssey
In Homer’s Odyssey and the Hebrew scriptures, one common theme is the relationship between the mortal and the divine. Odysseus and Moses are both chosen and protected by deities, and they both end up on a long and difficult journey. They also leave to return home after a great deal of violence has occurred. The deities invo...
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A Lesson to Never Give up in the Odyssey, a Poem by Homer
The Odyssey is a classic piece of literature. Most people know how
the story goes, but only a handful of those people have read and deeply
discussed the story. The truth is, most people (mainly from inexperience)
feel that the story of Odysseus and his journey is not relevant to high
school students of the 21st century. The...
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The Humanity and Love of Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey
Odysseus: Human and Role-Model In Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus and his journey home from battle is the central idea of the epic poem. As we go through this journey with him and experience the struggles he encounters through his perspective, we can deduct what kind of a person Odysseus is. He consistently shows his humani...
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The Importance of a Team in the Odyssey, a Poem by Homer
In The Odyssey, Odysseus relies on his crew over and over proving that it is a must for his crew to be there with him at all times. Odysseus and his men complete several challenging and arduous tasks as a team, showing that one person could not have replicated this success. The challenges the crew face together are the enco...
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Nicknames and Prophecy in The Odyssey by Homer
In The Odyssey, the characters are given nicknames, known as stock epithets, as a description. If these “nicknames” were not used, Odysseus would appear in every other sentence. Stock epithets functioned as forms of sentence variety. Odysseus is referred to as “Great Odysseus who excels all men in wisdom” (79), the son of L...
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