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Topics in Australian Literature

The Final Months of Life of Agnes Magnusdottir in Burial Rites, a Book by Hannah Kent
The inclusion of Agnes’ first person narration positions us to feel more sympathy for her.’ To what extent do you agree?Hannah Kent’s speculative biography ‘Burial Rites’, tells the tragic story behind Agnes Magnusdottir’s final months of life. Throughout her novel, Kent presents a critical analysis of the patriarchal socie...
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The Life and Literary Works of John Foulcher
Close Study of a Poet Review- John Foulcher John Foulcher is one of Australia’s most popular poets, and for good reason. Throw in a conversational style and plain language, and reaching his appeal across the age spectrum should be a piece of cake. However, in reality there are several reasons for this appeal, the first bei...
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The Use of Language to Shape Meaning in Home of Mercy and The Lion's Bride by Gwen Harwood
In different cultures, societies and lives, language and certain words can have many different meanings and connotations. Gwen Harwood uses this factor of language to shape meaning in her poems, including “Home Of Mercy” and “The Lion’s Bride”. In “Home Of Mercy” (HOM), the use of language conjures religious atmospheres whi...
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The Use of the Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking in The Secret, a Book by Rhonda Byrne
An end to War: “THE SECRET” no one talks about much: A couple of weeks ago, one of my relatives recommended me to read "The Secret", by Rhonda Byrne. Although I was not very grappled by the rather unspecific title, it turned out to be one of the most engaging books that I've ever read. A brief description: The book is cent...
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The Use of Literary Techniques to Portray War and Heroism in John Misto's Australian Drama, The Shoe-Horn Sonata
“There is none so blind as those who can not see.”Good morning Miss Bolton. It is through the distinctively visual that even the blind can perceive and imagine the experiences that have never been their own. This is evident as John Misto’s use of the distinctively visual has seemed to cure our ignorance, which is a kind of...
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No Sugar by Jack Davis: Conflict Between the White Settlers and the Aboriginal Community in Australia During the 1930's
What are the main ideas and how are they shown In the play No Sugar by Jack Davis, the indigenous playwright portrays the conflict between the white settlers and the aboriginal community and the subsequent effects it had on the indigenous people. Through the use of dramatic techniques such as characterisation, dialogue and...
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A Literary Analysis of the Short Story On Her Knees by Tim Winton
Write a critical appreciation of Tim Winton’s On her knees Written by author Tim Winton in 2004, On her knees deals with themes such as family, pride and self-respect. The most important part of the story is when the narrator, Victor is advising her mother not to return to her place of work as the latter was accused of hav...
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An Analysis of the Moral Conflict in The Rattler, a Short Story by A. S. Patric
Revised Rattler Thesis In “The Rattler”, the author employs detail, diction, and imagery to describe a regretful scene between a man and a snake in the desert at dusk where the man makes a hesitant decision in whether to kill the snake and protect the people on the ranch or, not killing the snake and letting the snake liv...
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Character Analysis of Jim in the People before, a Short Story by Maurice Shadbolt
Remember to support you ideas with details from the writing. Read the extract and answer the question that follows. How is the character of Jim highlighted in the extract starting from “As he grew older Jim turned more into himself…” to “You never know, might be some money in that stuff” The People Before by Maurice Sh...
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The Concept of Change in the Poem My father Began as a God by Ian Mudie
My Father Began as a God Essay The very essence of the concept of change is to become something different or to arrive at a fresh, new stage, whether it is represented in life or in a text. Ian Mudie has captured change in his poem ‘My Father Began as a God’. It conveys this concept through the persona’s ever-changing pers...
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An Expression of the Persona's Restless Days in the Poem, The Saffron Pickers by Judith Beveridge
In the poem ‘The Saffron Pickers’ by Judith Beveridge, the poet is expressing the persona’s restless days that seem to be ceaseless. The persona is given the job of providing food for her family by collecting saffron from crocus plants. As depicted in the poem, such a job is extremely strenuous and leaves the character lead...
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