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The Life of Refugees in the Novel Inside Out and Back Again by Thanha Lai
A refugee can be anyone who is forced to flee their home due to conflicts such as war, famine, persecution and other disasters in order to preserve their life and freedom. After they escape the substantial danger, they must seek asylum in another country until they are finally relocated. While refugees flee home, their live...
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The Beauty and Horror of Children's Literature Presented in Maria Tatar's Book Enchanted Hunters: The Power of Stories in Childhood
Maps and Mirrors If there is anything obvious about children, whether you can tell by your own experience or observation, it is that they are drawn to almost everything unfamiliar. From new toys to new people, their minds are always finding different ways of making sense of unusual things. It is only until they are told ho...
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Cruelty in the Novel Varjak's Paw by S.T. Said
Eyes The Color Of Danger From the moment Varjak paw was born into the family of prestigious Mesopotamian blues to the point in which he saved his ungrateful family from the looming danger of the mysterious gentlemen at the close of Varjak Paw, SF Said shows how cruelty often functions as motivation for a character to reall...
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The Style of Maurice Sendak's Work in His Little Bear Series
Over the nearly sixty years of Maurice Sendak’s working life, his artwork varied greatly. From the dark, heavy scenes of “Where the Wild Things Are” to the pastel lightness of the “Little Bear” series or the cramped surreal imagery in “Outside, Over There” Sendak’s work is so vastly different in each book and series that th...
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The Father of Violet's Opinion of Language in the Novel Feed by M.T. Anderson
“He says the language is dying. He thinks words are being debased. So he tries to speak entirely in weird words and irony, so no one can simplify anything he says.” (137). This quote in M.T. Anderson’s novel Feed is spoken by Violet, describing her father. She and Titus had just had just left his home, leading Titus to que...
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An Analysis of Perrault's Version of the Story of Cinderella
The tale of Cinderella has transformed incredibly throughout its retelling over many years. Perrault’s version published in 1697 may be the most popular, however similar stories about a poor girl acquiring great fortune date as far back as 7 B.C1. Cinderella’s story is remarkable due to the way that Perrault presents the he...
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The Connection of Magical and Human World in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter
Essay #2: “Children are capable, of course, of literary belief when the story-maker’s art is good enough to produce it. That state of mind has been called ‘willing suspension of disbelief.’ But this does not seem to me a good description of what happens. What really happens is that the story-maker proves a successful ‘subc...
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A Discussion on Multicultural Children's Literature
Multicultural Education Multicultural education can be a difficult issue in some areas, but I believe we as children start out without any kind of prejudices, so we must make the choice to expose our children to different peoples and cultures, and to diversify their lives, in a sense. There are myriad methods, but I will o...
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A Study on Gender and/or Sexual Minority Children's Literature
Pinterest: GSM Children’s Lit GSM: Gender and/or Sexual Minority. Minority: the smaller number or part. Society: the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community. Diversity: a range of different things. These are all important terms in modern education, and these definitions are necessary for the...
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The Characteristics of Fantasy in Literature for Children by David L. Russel
David L. Russell’s Literature for Children describes the characteristics of fantasy as including the presence of magic in fantastical worlds. He says, “[Rules are] the very thing that operate in fantasy writing, the chief ingredient of which is magic, the supernatural” (Russell, p. 200). Therefore he speaks of fantasy, and...
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An Annotated Bibliography on Cornelia Funke, a German Author of Children's Fiction
Barker, Clive. "Artists & Entertainers: CORNELIA FUNKE." Time International (South Pacific Edition) 15 (2005): 106. Corporate ResourceNet. Web. 19 Feb. 2015. In this article information is shown on fiction writer Cornelia Funke, and many of her books. This article examines the books The Thief Lord, InkHeart and Dragon Ride...
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An Analysis of the Setting in Ashes of Roses, a Book by Mary Jane Auch
The setting of Ashes of Roses is New York, 1911. People that are coming to America believe in making a fortune in the country, with the saying that “the streets are paved with gold.” However, Rose Nolan, the main character, has a brother-Joseph Nolan- that has to be sent back to Ireland because he carried the trachoma, an e...
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The Power of Strong Will in Holes by Louis Sachar
In the novel, Holes (2000), the author Louis Sachar describes the power of being strong willed by describing the strength of fate. Sachar is able to argue the importance of being strong willed through the use of powerful symbolism and personal experience. The authors purpose is to inform the readers of the beneficial outc...
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An Analysis of Betrayal in the Boy in the Burning House, a Novel by Tim Wynne-Jones
“For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.” – Suzanne Collins To be unfaithful, to betray a special trust, to expose an enemy with treachery. The theme betrayal ruins the hopes and expectations of loyalty in every individual’s lives. Characters in the book and humans from the real world will al...
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An Analysis of the Symbolism of Celery in the Work of A. A. Milne
In A. A. Milne’s writing, he describes the passing of summer and what thoughts come up for him. While Milne writes what is believed to be a mock-serious reflection of the passing of summer, he uses symbolism and an anecdote to portray that celery represents one’s thoughts, showing his passive-aggressive personality and his...
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A Literary Analysis of Artemis and Orion in The Atlantis Complex
The Atlantis Complex Iceland On a glacier in Iceland, Artemis tells Captain Holly Short, Foaly, and Commander Raine Vinyaya about his new invention called the Ice Cube. The Ice Cube was a project that would stop global warming by shooting reflective nano wafers into the clouds, and having them rain down with the...
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Ignorance in The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen
Date "The Ugly Duckling" - Ignorance Limits Freedom Within "The Ugly Duckling" story, Hans Christian Andersen illustrates
that ignorance limits freedom. To this end, the Old Duck ignorantly thinks
that a tag that has been placed on its leg by the owner highlights honor.
Ignorance is al...
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The Various Versions of Cinderella Around the World
"Cinderella" As you may know, there are several versions of "Cinderella" around the world, Rodgers and Hammerstein's Broadway production of "Cinderella" is one of them. However, in their rendition of "Cinderella", they combine Charles Perrault's edition of "Cinderella" with their rather detailed and comical perspective. W...
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An Analysis of Feminism in Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood: The Rise of Feminism Little Red Riding Hood is a tale that has been told over many centuries to both children and adults alike. Many generations of women and men have either heard the tale itself and/or know of it. Several versions of this well-known narrative have similar characters, such as the wo...
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The Magic Tree House Series and Me
The Magic Tree House and Me In the fall of 2004, my preschool teacher read the first book that I remember. Although I did not know it at the time, I was introduced to a world of seemingly endless possibilities. In the summer of 2005, my mother first acquainted me with the library. Shelves upon shelves of books lined the h...
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Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian
Goodnight Mister Tom Essay The minor characters contribute to the growth of William (Willie or
Will) Beech greatly in Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian. Mrs.
Beech negatively influenced Willie as his mother by treating him
improperly. His best friend, Zach, also has an influence on the...
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The Importance of Humor in Literature for the Beginning Reader
Humor and the Beginning Reader The Theodor Seuss Geisel Award is presented to the author and illustrator of the year's most distinguished children's book that supports the beginning reader. In addition to possessing “excellence in quality,” or superior craftsmanship, the distinguished beginning reader should provide  "a st...
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An Analysis of Friendship in Bink and Gollie: Best Friends Forever
Bink and Gollie: Best Friends Forever tells the story of two young best friends: the short and spunky Bink and the lanky, levelheaded Gollie. The dynamic duo's "odd couple relationship" (Publisher's Weekly, 2013, p. 72) mimics the trope found in many easy readers, from Frog and Toad to Elephant and Piggie, but their adventu...
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Reviewing Children's Books; a Journalism That Serves Several Purposes
Reviewing children’s books is journalism that serves several purposes: to report the merits of current literature, to advertise and promote the author, and to inform the public of the quality of a book, thereby assisting readers in determining whether or not to investigate the subject of review (Cart, 2011, p. 455). Linda...
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The Significance of Home in Peter Pan
The Significance of Home in Peter Pan It is well-known that “home is where the heart is,” a cliché that has been embroidered in needlepoint by many a maternal grandmother. Home, a place of security and comfort for everyone and particularly so for the young child, is a constant in the lives of children, and as such, they h...
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