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China's Educational Obstacles and Families' Sacrifices in Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Dragon by Young Zhao
THQ #1 In the Introduction to Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dragon, Young Zhao explains China’s educational obstacles and families sacrifices they have to overcome for their children to achieve life fulfilling goals. He also explains to us why some Westerners have admired China’s education systems over the years. I believe...
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A Literary Analysis of the Short Story Mother Tongue by Amy Tan
Summary to Mothers Tongue by Amy Tan Growing up from an immigrant family Amy Tan fell in love with the English Language as she was being accustomed to the different “Englishes”. Tan would say that “Language is the tool of my trade” and she would always incorporate it in her life (1003). Tan was soon aware of the different...
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The Impact of the People on the Margins of Society on Our Reflection on Society in Lu Xun's The True Story of Ah Q
For this unit’s mini-project, I will use Lu Xun’s, The True Story of Ah Q to answer one of the questions we considered at the beginning of this unit. Specifically, how people who are on the margins of society help us reflect on that society. In Ah Q’s story, the psychologically-troubled man gets into situations that spit...
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The Relationship of a Mother in Daughter in Daughter of Invention by Julia Alvarez and Two Kinds by Amy Tan
In popular culture, there are very few relationships that are stronger than that of a mother and daughter. We are constantly seeing a number of these kinds of relationships in family sitcoms, movies, and even modern books. For this assignment, I was to read Daughter of Invention and Two Kinds. Both of these stories are f...
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The Importance of Relationships in Kinder Than Solitude by Yiyun Li
According to Kinder Than Solitude by Yiyun Li, the relationships we build, whether they are with loved ones or those not in high regard, can be the pillars that hold us up through moments of hardship, yet the sledgehammer that destroys our strength. Relationships built between friends are explored through Li’s character suc...
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The Struggles of the Innocent Citizens with Communism in The Vagrants by Yiyun Li
During the 1970s throughout China, the Cultural Revolution strived to restore pure communism to refine the social class structure and worked to create a firm government, but did so through brutal violence and oppressing the freedom of every individual. Under the leadership of Mao Zedong, soldiers were pushed to persecute mi...
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Fugui's Fate in To Live, a Novel by Yu Hua
Much like ones soul or Santa Claus, fate is not something tangible, instead all it requires is ones belief for its own survival. The tricky part about fate lies in its unfair nature that seems to strike people. To believe that everyone’s life is set out before them and nothing can change it is not always easy, especially wh...
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The Factors Contributing to the Rise of Chinese Popular Literature
During the 20th century, the Chinese masses ideology of what was popular culture changed rapidly from gu, the past, to jin, the present. The education of the Chinese masses was at the forefront of Chinese popular culture and modernity. Through modernity, the idea of “new literature” arose. The push for “new literature” led...
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The Mistreatment of Women as the Inferior Gender Throughout History and in Chinese Literature
It is no question that throughout history women have been treated as the inferior gender. This is no exception to China as shown in many works of Chinese literature. It is not just in works of literature, but was also a popular idea at that time. Despite their unjust treatment, women have always fought back in their own way...
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XinDezhi's Experience of Conflict Between Confucian and Capitalist Ideologies in the Short Story An Old and Established Name by Lao She
With the advent of the 20th century, China began the transition away from its traditionally rich past and entered in modernity. However, this shift brought the ideas of the new and old ages into direct conflict, as both clashed to determine the future of Chinese culture. In his short story An Old and Established Name, publi...
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