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The Role of My Current and Future Academic and Extracurricular Activities in Achieving My Lifetime Goals
For a majority of my childhood, science and art have been predominant and powerful forces of influence on not only my current ideology but also the particular way I approach and perceive a variety of external and internal issues. Due to the fact that my mom is a nurse while my dad practices as an electrical engineer, I am c...
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A Narrative on Why I Took a Class on English Language
English: The Class “English”. Why take a class on a language I’m fluent in? At least, that’s the attitude I had in the first few years of my introduction to real full fledged writing. I began to write papers and long winded things of that nature near seventh or eighth grade, and to be quite honest the standards for those a...
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The Importance of Evaluating the Real Meaning of Writing
Midterm Reflective Essay From day one, the core concepts of this class seemed evident-- learn to evaluate what exactly the writing means, and not just what it says. The introductory weeks in the semester were not spent reviewing the fine-line rules of syntax and diction, or the fact that “cannot” is one word; rather, they...
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A Reflection of the Improvements and Turning Point in My Writing Style After Taking English 101
Final Reflective Essay This year has been a unique turning point in my writing style. After taking English 101, I had fallen yet again into the vicious cycle of repetitive 5 paragraph essays and three pronged theses. I had grown accustomed to the idea that each year isn’t necessarily about how well I can write, but rather...
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A Lovely Experience of Representing My School in a Musical Concert
An experience I'd love to have again. Representing my school in a musical concert that was held in National
theatre, Igamu, Lagos State was one experience I'd love to have again. It all started when our music teacher/choir mistress came into the music
laboratory during our choir rehearsal to announce the inv...
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Should I Take 5 Classes at the Same Time?
Should I take 5 classes at the same time? First of all taking 5 classes at the same time can be very helpful for me. It can help me get done with my classes earlier. It also makes me study more, pushes more for me so that I can be more focused on my goals. It helps me it does not harms me at all. Taking 5 classes at onc...
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A Report on the Nonprofit Organization, Atlantic White Shark Conservancy
NPO: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy I chose the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy as my nonprofit organization because I feel shark research in Cape Cod is an important matter. The seal population in Cape Cod has been rising by 20% each year, a great issue to the delicate ecosystem there. This rise in seal population do...
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The Ideals of Sophocles on What Values the Greek Community Should Hold in Antigone, a Play by Sophocles
Sophocles presents Antigone as a strong woman who is both dedicated to her family and her community. Much conflict arises between these two dedications. In this paper, I will give examples of Antigone’s different individual responsibilities and her philosophies and explain how they conflict with the commitment that she is t...
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A Narrative of My Personal Experiences with Injustice and Oppression as a Middle Eastern Woman
In some way, shape, or form, we have all experienced some form of discrimination or oppression. Being a woman with Middle Eastern heritage, I have certainly faced discrimination and oppression. Whether it was racism, sexism, or disbelief in what I was saying, I have had my own experiences with injustice and oppression. My...
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The Improvements in My Essay Writing Journey
Coming into this course, I had a basic understanding of how it would go. We would read texts and analyze them and eventually use them as inspirations for papers. It was a course I knew would teach useful information that would be helpful in a number of areas. It was a course that I knew I could do fairly well in, if I was w...
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A Narrative of Hitting a Bump in My Pursuit of a Career in Psychology
Going into college, I thought I had everything loosely figured out. I thought I wanted to major in psychology; after all, a psychology degree can be applied to pretty much any job out there. I knew the University of Alabama had a strong psychology program, as I had done hours of research and talked to several people about t...
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A Final Reflection on How Learning about Pedagogy and Multiculturalism Has Influenced Me
Final Reflection Paper This class has exposed me to new ideas, that I may not have heard of in as much detail had I not taken this class. This class has also given me new ideas on how to better my classroom for all students, rather than exclude certain students due to their differences from the majority of students. Much o...
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A Journey Through High School Except in a Fairytale Way
A Journey Through High School Except In A Fairy Tale Way Once some time ago a little girl was born. This little girl lived life like any other ordinary girl. She woke up to a smiling mom waiting to start the day with her with an outfit and shoes to match. Going on dancing through her day, she had it made, you could say. T...
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A Reflection on the English Composition II Class
Reflection Essay English Composition II was one of the easier classes this semester for me. English has always been an easy subject for me, which is why I’m an English tutor at this point. I enjoy writing as much as I do accounting. It’s a tedious job, but in the end I have a feeling of enjoyment when I finally accomplis...
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My Three Main Values and Its Effects on My Life as a Good Child
My Values, My Life: Being the Good Child Since high school, I have been my parents’ favorite child. They never told me this or, at least, never very seriously, but it is clear in the way that they treat me that I am held in higher regards than my other three siblings. I am given much more freedom to do as I wish, and they...
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The Lack of Focus in the Persuasive Essay of Alice
Thoughts on Alice's Essay As students, we are often charged with the task of writing essays.
The all-familiar cries of "topic, body, conclusion" from childhood morph
into the demands of "thesis, argument and support." Alice's paper should
have been a persuasive essay. Unfortunately, it falls short of such
standards. H...
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The Impact That Books and Literature Have on People
Books and Their Infinite Uses Most people read books throughout their lives allowing them to gather information and knowledge, which is the power behind the human mind. The knowledge people are able to gather, sets the human race apart from all other species, as they help influence a person’s morals. As people read litera...
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A Reflection on the Beauty of Water and the Desire to Live According to Its Element
Living Like Water Water flows, moves effortlessly. It encompasses all living things on this earth. Being the basic necessity of life, its power is unyielding. With this power though comes an unexpected tranquility that is matched by no other. It exudes peace, rest, and purity, calming souls. Water is a beautiful thing. Thi...
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An Exegetical Analysis of Charity in the Book of Mormon
Charity in the Book of Mormon: An Exegetical Analysis INTRODUCTION In a society where poverty, natural disasters, warring countries, and other such conditions influence daily life for millions of people around the globe, the word “charity” has become well-known because of the relief it provides. What many do not consider...
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A Review of a Short Interview With Bruce Shaheen
Bruce Shaheen, who was my former High School Financial Literacy and Astronomy teacher allowed me the privilege to interview him during his preparation period. Obviously with him being a former teacher and currently a fellow worker, I already knew a little about Bruce. I knew he is a passionate hunter and there are not many...
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The Definition of a Society, the Role of an Individual in It, and the Need to Change It
What is society? Which role a person plays in it? Society is the place
we live in, all the people we have to deal with. It can be a small group
(family, for instance) or a large one (the whole state with its civil
society). The civil society takes care of its citizens. Only in society we
can study, communicate, gain the exp...
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The Importance of Learning From Failures
Failure and My Experience I still remember my math teacher at school who usually used to bombard us with difficult and challenging questions. And the funny thing is that most of the questions that he gave us were unlikely to be asked in exam! That time we regarded it as nothing more than a mental torture but slowly as...
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Was John D. Rockefeller a Robber Baron?
Was John D. Rockefeller a Robber Baron? A robber baron, by definition, is a nineteenth century businessman who acquired his fortune by ruthless means. When determining if any individual can be considered a robber-baron, it is most important to examine his intentions in his industry, how he actually made the money, and w...
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The Importance of Planning for Retirement
Privatize Social Security When it comes to planning for retirement, everyone needs to be looking ahead and being proactive in preparing for his or her years after they leave the workforce. Planning for retirement is a family matter that needs to be addressed by individuals themselves. Government intervention is not, and...
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An Interest in Pursuing a Career Field in Real Estate
Imagine buying land in a growing city, and five years later that land has doubled in value. The career field that interests me most in real estate is land investment. I am interested in the factors that can cause a property to grow in value, as well as the profitable returns that are possible in this field. Investing in l...
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