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An Analysis of The Women's Swimming Pool by Hanan Al-Shayk
Analysis of “The Women’s Swimming Pool” In “The Women’s Swimming Pool” by Hanan Al-Shayk, a picture is painted of a girl’s journey to Beirut from her rural town 1982. The political and social ramifications of her world create the frustration and loss inherent in the binds she finds herself in inherited from her family an...
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Olive Oatman and Captivity Narrative
Olive Oatman and the Captivity Narrative Captivity narratives and experiences offer a first hand perspective into the life and daily happenings of a tribe with the clarity of being related through the lens of the English language. It takes a completely American perspective and plops it right in the midst of the Indian wa...
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The Psychological and Physical Aspects of Terror as Shown in Poe's and Lovecraft's Stories and the Show The Walking Dead
The two different aspects of terror are what is on the outside and what is buried deep within. The most terrifying aspect is the psychological horror rather than the physical aspect of it. This is because when a person suffers from internal terror, it tears a person apart. It will make them go crazy and do inhumane actions....
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What Makes a Perfect Backpack
The Ultimate Backpack There are many degrees to what makes a great backpack. It is much more than the physical structure. Sure, I could go on and on about how strap padding is required or how the number of compartments is just as important. Truth be told, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so don’t focus on the color. T...
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Sonder: The Realization That Everyone Has a Story
Sonder: The Realization That Everyone Has A Story Everytime I pass or see a stranger in public, I wonder what their life is like. The older I get I become more thoughtful on the subject. It took me years to realize that each and every random passerby is living a life as complex and vivid as my own. Each life is populated w...
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What Does "Liberty and Justice for All" Mean to Me?
What Does “Liberty and Justice for All” Mean To Me? Liberty and justice for all. What a powerful statement. It’s five words that many of us say every morning when we recite the Pledge of Allegiance. But what are we really saying when we say this statement? Many of us simply say it to say it and don’t even give a second tho...
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Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby: The Use of Imagery, Syntax and Juxtaposition to Show the Absolute Diversity
“Anything Can Happen” - The Great Gatsby The sole responsibility of any author should be to create a story that makes the reader think and feel things beyond their daily lives. F. Scott Fitzgerald does just this through his use of imagery, syntax, and juxtaposition. The given passage is a prime example of how he uses these...
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Proving to My Grandmother That There Is a Career in Dancing
The Things I Carry Two pairs of pointe shoes in which to torture the feet for the amazement of the public audiences, 1.1 pounds. One foam roller for rolling out sore aching muscles, 2 pounds. One large bottle of Advil liqui-gels to pour over bruised and calloused feet or to cover up pain from injuries so I can meet my lo...
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The Inspiration Accomplishment of NASA in the 1960s
I chose this topic because NASA has always inspired me. I could never understand how the men of this decade could sum up enough courage and faith in their fellow Americans to willingly enter into a rocket, full of fuel that could combust at any moment, and fly into space not knowing whether or not humans could actually surv...
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The Steamy Situation During Dinner
After most of a first semester at this new school away from home I desperately needed a break. I didn’t care the break was a holiday or whatever. I just wanted to sleep all day and eat at least five times my bodyweight in homemade food. My school was amazing and I would rather be there than anywhere else in the world, but...
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