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An Evaluation of the Isis Propaganda on Social Media in the Article Skyping with the Enemy: I Went Undercover as a Jihadi Girlfriend by Anna Erelle
Brainwashing Propaganda. In the article: "Skyping with the enemy: I went undercover as a jihadi girlfriend." By Anna Erelle, she talks about how while investigating why young teens join Isis, she under a false identity Melodi was contacted by a jihadi named himself Bilel, who talked to her of how Syria was a paradise...
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The Desire to Be a Superhero
The Desire to be a Superhero Most if not every child’s dream was to be a superhero. People love the fact that superheroes fight crime, obtain super powers, and gain fame and praise from saving the day. However, once a person really takes it into consideration, would he or she still want to be a superhero? There would be ma...
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Judith Butler's Precarious Life: A Summary of Violence, Mourning, Politics
Summary of “Violence, Mourning, Politics” In chapter two of Judith Butler’s novel “Precarious Life”, the subject of vulnerability and the process of mourning is explored in relation to violence in American politics after 9/11. In her discussion, she makes an essential point: We cannot deny the presence of human vulnerabili...
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A Summary and Analysis of Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
Title of the Novel : Tuesdays with Morrie Author/Writer’s Name : Mitch Albom 1. Introduction Tuesdays with Morrie, a non-fiction novel, was first published in 1997 and republished to 45 languages in the years that followed. Specifically, it is the first among nine novels written by Mitch Albom as of today. Finding th...
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An Analysis of a Speech Performed and Written by Stephanie Bennet on Recognition for Volunteers
The speech performed and written by Stephanie Bennet implies that Australians need to appreciate the time and labour volunteers do for our community just as the company “The Big Splash” recognises them. She contends that volunteers deserve more recognition and praise as well as encouraging local communities to also get invo...
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Personal Advice on Achieving the Most out of English 111 Class
During this semester my primary goals consisted of becoming familiar with the conventions of literary analysis and solidifying my knowledge on the fundamental aspects of writing a research paper. I’d wholly say I met my expectations for this course. Throughout my schooling I’ve always been successful at interpreting materia...
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The Beautiful and Horrible Nature of Reminiscence
Beautifully Horrible Reminiscence It’s approaching spring and the days are getting warmer, but yet I can still feel a bite of cold winter air as I walk to school passing by the park bench. All these memories pour into my brain like water into a cup as I walk by. This was not any ordinary bench, but one where I spent one...
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My Experience of Visiting Pakistan and How It Changed Me
Education is necessary as It gives children and young adults the basic tools needed in life. Earning an education allows you to earn a living and to contribute to your community. But it does so much more. An education improves health and needless deaths among children. It also promotes equality and help end discrimination....
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The Theme of Identity in All the Rage by Courtney Summers
All the Rage by Courtney Summers is a meticulously crafted story centered a young woman searching for her place in life. A novel that encourages visceral reactions to dark scenes and describes rape culture unflinchingly, All the Rage is a book about identity and how it only slithers away farther the closer you try to reach...
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Musical Symbols Lost in a Park
Musical Symbols Lost in a Park A long time ago I was walking in the park and saw a piano hiding in the brush. I couldn’t make out what it was saying because it was so soft spoken and it didn’t help that I was a forte myself. The piano then spoke, “ Where am I in this park? I wandered here with my friends mezzo piano...
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