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Topics in English Poetry

Dream-Like Qualities in Kubla Khan and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Explore the dream-like qualities in Kubla Khan. In your answer, explore the author’s use of language, imagery and verse form. Kubla Khan and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner are two very distinctive poems by Coleridge: Kubla Khan, a shorter poem in comparison to The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, involves a dreamy tone whil...
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Living by Carpe Diem in the Poem To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell
In Andrew Marvell’s poem, To His Coy Mistress, he writes to show that is hurrying after him and will bring death, so because of this his beloved must live by carpe diem. Marvell uses “coy” to describe his lover as she is shy, but due to his fear of time running out they must act on their emotions now. To achieve his purpose...
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An Analysis of the Poem I Am by John Clare
Essay on “I am” by John Clare The poem, “I am” by John Clare is about a persona who takes the readers through a negative journey through his life and experiences, describing all of the things that he has lost, having once hoped for, going on to describe what he wants to move on to. The poem has three stanzas, each with si...
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The Danish Perceptions of Monstrosity Depicted through the Character of Grendel in Beowulf, an Old English Epic Poem
This is Not a Monster from Monsters Inc. We all are afraid of something. Despite the Danish men putting on brave faces during battle, they too had fears. Most namely monsters named Grendel. He essentially terrorized them for twelve years until Beowulf came along and was able to stop him. But what made them so fearful of hi...
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A Closer Look into the Literary Devices in Lycidas by John Milton
A Closer Look into the Literary Devices in “Lycidas” by John Milton Literary devices are the different structures in which writers use to give a distinctive interpretation of their work. In lines 1-24 of the poem, “Lycidas” (1637), John Milton continuously utilizes literary devices in order to emphasize pathos – which in r...
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Fragmentary Dreams in the Literary Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Coleridge’s poems are often seen as “fragmentary dreams” how useful is this interpretation? Refer to several poems in your answer and cover language, imagery and verse form. Not all Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poems are based on fragmentary dreams but those that are have received a great amount of critical attention. Ku...
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A Literary Analysis of Havisham, a Poem by Carol Ann Duffy
Close analysis of Havisham The poem ‘Havisham’ is a dramatic monologue based on the character from the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations. She has been left at the altar but still remains in her wedding dress and hates men because of the act. She talks about her feelings for the man who left her and how it affects...
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The Differences in the Tone, Syntactical Structure, and Metaphor in John Keats's Poems Ode to Nightingale and When I Have Fears That I May Cease to Be
Close Reading of John Keats “Ode to a Nightingale,” by John Keats, details a speaker in thought whilst observing a nightingale singing nearby. This is not the only time in which Keats writes from the perspective of a pondering speaker, such as in “When I have Fears that I May Cease to Be,” but “Ode to a Nightingale” separa...
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A Critique on the Reason of Humans in the First Twenty-One Lines of A Satire against Reason and Mankind, a Poem by John Wilmot
“I’d be a Dog, a Monkey, or a Bear” In A Satire against Reason and Mankind, John Wilmot, the Earl of Rochester, is commenting on the reason, or lack thereof, that exists within human beings. He writes with an outward curiosity on the strangeness that is the human condition, in particular what drives humans. The first twen...
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The Concept of the Power of Nature in Storm on the Island by Seamus Heaney and Exposure by Wilfred Owen
How do Storm on the Island and Exposure express ideas about the power of nature? The poem Storm on the Island deals with many different themes; nature, power of nature, life on an island and the unpredictability of the oceans and the weather. But the poem mainly deals with the damaging powers of nature, intensified for th...
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The Theme of Power in The War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy and Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley
The War Photographer is written in the third person and the author is describing what is going on in the poem. The first line of the poem sets the scene for the poem. The phrase ‘he is finally alone’ refers to how before the war photographer was taking photographs when he was in the war surrounded by soldiers and civilians...
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Feminism and Patriarchy in The Map Woman, a Poem by Carol Ann Duffy
Carol-Ann Duffy is a well-known feminist so it’s no surprise that The Map Woman has very large doses of feminism and patriarchy. This allegorical three-page poem enforces the image of a woman who is tied up by her past and this is shown by lists, enjambment and emotionally evoking language. Duffy suggests that women’s plac...
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Challenging the Female Stereotypes in Salome, a Poem by Carol Ann Duffy
‘Duffy challenges traditional female stereotypes through her portrayal of Salome’ How much do you agree with this statement? In the poem Salome Duffy challenges the traditional female stereotypes through her portrayal as Salome takes a dominant role in the short relationships she becomes engaged in. Salome was the daugh...
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The Theme of Nature in The Prelude, a Poem by William Wordsworth
Nature as a Mother The Prelude by William Wordsworth is a beautiful piece that contains extravagant imagery and symbolic meaning through the childhood lense. In this peice nature is a reoccurring theme that through Wordsworth’s experiences, “molds the human being to beneficial ends” through moral teachings. The godhead in...
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The Emphasis of Time in Fern Hill, a Poem by Dylan Thomas
“Now I was young and easy under the apple boughs.” (1). In the poem Fern Hill, the poet tries to express the way he felt as a child, laying happily under the trees on a starry night. And by the way he speaks, he seems to do on more than one occasion. Thomas uses colours to illustrate moments in time and to emphasis certa...
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A Critique of the Life and Work of Siegfried Sassoon
Siegfried Sassoon was one of the most decorated poets during World War One, winning the Military Cross and fighting in several major war battles. Perhaps it is not surprising therefore that his exposure to life in a hospital wing and on the front line for extensive periods, led him to using his experiences to condemn the wa...
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The Development of Ideas in Wild with All Regrets, a Poem by Wilfred Owen
A commentary on the development of ideas in Wild With All Regrets Owen effectively conveys the emotions of a hopeless soldier, through the development and progression of thought in ‘Wild With All Regrets’. He uses various parallel trains of thought simultaneously, such as the past, present and future, magnifying people a...
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A Literary Review of Bright Star, a Poem by John Keats
The poet John Keats is an author who allows his work to be inspired by the beauty around him. In his poem “Bright Star,” he observes the tranquility of the night sky, and the stability that cosmos seems to emulate comparatively to the short life span of a human being. He focuses on one star in particular, and wishes he coul...
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The Healing Power of Nature in Kathleen Raine's Passion
Raine vividly presents nature as a spiritual body, helping the writer battle depression because of heartbreak, by giving her freedom and love indirectly. In the beginning she portrays nature as something that inflicts pain and heightens her suffering. However, towards the end she discovers the true beauty and freedom provid...
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The Development of Complex Ideas and Themes in The Author to Her Book, a Poem by Anne Bradstreet
In the poem, "The Author to Her Book," by Anne Bradstreet, several
complex ideas and themes are developed. The poem illustrates the dilemma
of an author whose work is published without her knowing. Extended
metaphor is used, comparing the work to a child. Bradstreet uses this poem
to suggest that society can criticize an...
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The Effects of Jealousy in My Last Duchess, a Poem by Robert Browning
Love Poetry Commentary In “My Last Duchess,” Robert Browning reveals the extent of the effects of jealousy through the Duke’s possessive behavior toward his wife’s openness. In the first quarter of the poem, the speaker introduces the Duke’s last wife. The Duchess is described as “looking as if she were alive” (2). This...
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The Concept of Contraceptives in High Windows, a Poem by Philip Larkin
Choices Create Essence        No matter what belief system people come from, paradise in some form seems to motivate people to strive for the best version of themselves within their beliefs. Poet Philip Larkin exemplifies the existential concept of existence precedes essence in his poem “High Windows” in that he portrays t...
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A World of Terror and Wonder in the Literary Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Within the works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the backdrops to which he sets such poetry has always provoked the profound interest of his readers, the naturally astounding scenery described in conversation poems such as ‘The Aeolian Harp’, as well as the hauntingly beautiful worlds of ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’. Despi...
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A Review of Romanticism in Ozymandias, a Poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Ozymandias Romanticism primarily struck English artistic, literary, and intellectual culture during a time of political reform and upheaval, coinciding with the Age of Revolution. This period of change allowed for the revisitation and revision of medieval works, turning them mostly into subjective poetry which emphasized t...
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A Source for the Supporters of World War I in Dulce et Decorum Est, a Poem by Wilfred Owen
Dulce et Decorum Est Dulce et Decorum Est was written by Wilfred Owen, a poet who had fought as an officer in World War I and was subsequently killed in the line of duty. This source was intended for supporters of the war, those who still believed in the honor of dying for their country but were unaware of the pain...
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