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A Comparison of the First Scenes in George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion and Alan Jay Lerner's My Fair Lady
Comparing Pygmalion & My Fair Lady—Act 1, Scene 1 Because the focus of musicals is more concerned with song and dance and less concerned with dialogue than straight plays are, it stands to reason that musicals seek to simplify the plot in order to make enough room for the numbers, where straight plays are free to elabora...
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An Analysis of In the Rear-View Mirror by George Bernard Shaw
In the Rear-View Mirror Analysis // IB November 2008 Paper 1 Shaw’s poem In the Rear-View Mirror is of a man driving away from his loved ones into a new life, narrating the different stages in his journey as the distance grows and the changes in the relative sizes of the people he leaves behind in relation to this. Initi...
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Pickering as the True Character of Eliza in the Play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
The 1912 play Pygmalion written by George Bernard Shaw has a storyline that follows Henry Higgins teaching a young girl, Eliza Doolittle, how to act like a young lady. In the forefront of the play, we see Higgins as the teacher and Eliza as the student. If we look deeper, however, we see that Pickering is the true teache...
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Hedda's Character in the Play Hedda Gabler by George Bernard Shaw
Hedda Gabler has and always will be a notoriously challenging character both to the reader and to the actress. After its debut in 1891, George Bernard Shaw commented on the complexity of Hedda’s character in a letter to her first incarnation in Elizabeth Robbins. The “central difficulty” of Hedda is the fact that she is “s...
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The Issue of Power in Society in the Play Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw
A Play of Power Plays When I first heard that we were to read Major Barbara for English class, I wasn’t particularly thrilled. Because I’ve found classic books to be boring in the past, I was wary of this play’s “classic masterpiece” tag. Fortunately, I was proven wrong. Not only is the script is hilarious, but the subtle...
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A Look at the Morally Ambiguous Character of Serius Saranoff in the Play Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw
“One of them is a hero, another a buffoon, another a humbug, another perhaps a bit of a blackguard... And one, at least, is a coward—jealous, like all cowards.” This line from Arms and the Man summarizes Sergius’ place as ambiguous morally (particularly under the circumstances in this particular scene) but also ambiguous as...
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The Class System in the Early Twentieth Century London, England in the Play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
The play Pygmalion takes place in early twentieth century London,
England; Capitol of the largest empire in the world at that time. It tells
the story of a flower girl named Eliza Doolittle and her fleeting
transformation from street girl to a duchess; a woman of a high class, and
even nobility. In this type of society with...
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Women's Rights and Equality in Marriage in the UCF Theatre's Production of Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw
UCF Theatre’s production of George Bernard Shaw’s Man and Superman falls in perfect line with the playwright’s intention of letting capable women speak for themselves yet still wholeheartedly and wittily supporting the case for women’s suffrage and equal rights. There is a demonstrated understanding of Shaw’s political sati...
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An Analysis of the Tech Rehearsal of the Play, Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw
Going from a rehearsal of Man and Superman to a Tech Rehearsal helped draw immediate attention to everything that had changed between the two. There was a clear reason behind every set piece now and the choices made sense, answering some of my questions. For example, the large plain paneling surrounding the actors in the ba...
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An Appreciation of the Rehearsal for the Play, Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw
I’ve never attended, nor been a part of, a rehearsal quite like the one I just witnessed for Man and Superman. As it was described by the Stage Manager Zoe Feezor, we were in “The Space” which turned out to be a much more open and free experience than our other observations. Leaving was permitted at any time so long as ther...
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