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Epiphany in James Joyce's Araby and The Dead
December 20, 2016 Epiphany in James Joyce's “Araby” and “The Dead” The short stories, “The Dead” and “Araby”, James Joyce often uses imagery and symbols to illustrate each character’s feeling and emotions. Both stories are about individual’s downfall which eventually results in realization and with displeasure feeling. “A...
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The Struggles of Stephen in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, a Novel by James Joyce
Children are constantly asked about their dreams and aspirations. This never-ending stream of directed questions can only lead to the disillusionment that everyone has some great destiny awaiting them. In James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, the protagonist Stephen is struggling through inner turmoil betwe...
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The Failure of the Catholic Church in A Painful Case, a Short Story by James Joyce
The Failed James Joyce, a modernist writer, has produced countless short stories portraying issues in 19th century Ireland. One reoccurring theme throughout his many works is how the Catholic Church has failed Ireland’s society by not providing enough spiritual guidance. In “A Painful Case”, Joyce puts a unique spin on thi...
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The Motif of Deadly Repetition in Dubliners by James Joyce
Deadly Repetition In James Joyce's Dubliners, the theme of paralysis is presented throughout the motif of “deadly repetition” exhibited in both stories Clay and Eveline. Maria and Eveline are from two different stories, and yet are both stuck in the cycle of deadly repetition. The two women, both go through life like “wal...
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The Theme of Discontent, Resentment, and Frustration in A Little Cloud, a Short Story by James Joyce
Head in the Clouds James Joyce’s A Little Cloud, written in 1914, tells the story of the conservative Dublin clerk known as Little Chandler who sets up a meeting with Ignatius Gallaher, an old friend of his, at a restaurant called Corless’s. Gallaher made himself a successful journalist in London since he left Dublin eight...
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A Comparison of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce and Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling
A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man vs. Harry Potter Epiphanies generally mark the major turning points of a protagonist’s life. In James Joyce’s A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man, the concept of self awareness through revelation, or epiphany, is of central importance. The main character of his work, Stephen Deda...
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Accepting the Changes That Happen to Us in the Story Araby by James Joyce
It is undeniable that every person goes through several severe changes in their lifetime. These changes are chemical; they cannot be controlled. What can be controlled, however, is accepting these changes. If people understand this, why are so many blind to reality and still stuck in their childhood illusions? One must unde...
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The Differences Between the Stories Araby by James Joyce and A&P by John Updike
Two Different Worlds In the stories Araby by James Joyce, and A &P, by John Updike, they are both about two young men who are trying to chase after women. Both stories are about young love. However, these stories are set in different times and also in different places. Araby is not set in America. It is set in 1904 in I...
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An Exploration of Religious and Moral Connotations in Dubliners by James Joyce
James Joyce and the Epiphany: An Exploration of Religious and Moral Connotations James Joyce revolutionized literature and ushered in the era of modern fiction. Joyce became famous for his revolutionary use of stream of consciousness narrative along with his abstract snippets he used to represent his different characters....
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The Role of Women in the Novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, Short Story Eveline by James Joyce, and How to Escape a Leper Colony by Tiphanie Yanique
The Role of a Rebellious Woman in Literature Literature has always been the mirror of the human psyche. It can be interpreted in various ways to understand perspectives and social trends. In today’s changing world, where citizens are fast awakening and realizing the importance of fighting for equal rights, it has become es...
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