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Topics in Old English Literature and Poetry

The Themes of Maturity and the Medieval Quest in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
The legendary land of Camelot and King Arthur’s castle is a common location within British Literature. It is also the main location in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. This place is described as having the bravest and most chivalrous knights of all the land guarded by a great king known as Arthur. Even in the tale of Sir Ga...
1,282 words
4 pages
An Analysis of the Metrical Charm Entitled Against Dwarf Wiđ Dweorh From the Anglo Saxon Book of Remedies Lacnunga
Once described as the "incoherent jumbling of words," a metrical charm entitled "Against Dwarf Wið Dweorh" is found in an Anglo Saxon book of "Remedies Lacnunga." Generally dismissed as nonsense, the charm is said to have been derived "miscellaneously from Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Gaelic, and other languages" (Grendon 114). On...
1,346 words
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David Dumville's Critique of Historia Brittonum, a Book by Geoffrey of Monmouth and Nennius
               Scholars and students alike analyzing the early texts that reference the supposed existence of King Arthur, and his subsequent development into an international literary hero may find themselves examining the Historia Brittonum as a source concerning not only Arthur, but also the king-ships, feuds, and cultur...
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