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How Reliable is the Temperature Data and What Should We Do About Global Warming?
The climate has always had a significant impact on both the natural and socio-economic processes. Climate warming has attracted worldwide attention and prompted scientists, practitioners and policy makers to consider the climate as an important natural resource, which redistribution between states has serious socio-economic...
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The Effects of Oil Consumption on Our Daily Life
The main idea behind this argument is talking about the oil
consumption and how it is affecting our daily life. From my perspective of
being a student from an country that depends mainly on the income of oil, I
may have a more clear point of view towards this issue. Kuwait is known as
one of the most powerful countries that...
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Convenience as a Contributor to Global Warming
Abstain For Convenience In its most basic definition, a sociological imagination is a perspective from which we view the world and all its trends and events as though they were driven by a social catalyst and yield a social response. When the stock market crashed, it was due to a panic spread amongst the upper social class...
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The Problems and Solutions of Global Warming and Overpopulation in Hot Flat and Crowded, a Book by Thomas Friedman
In Hot Flat and Crowded, Friedman proposes many challenges this world faces and his various solutions to solve them. Theses problems include the effects of global warming and overpopulation on the environment. America has become a dominant leader in the production of clean energy. Friedman sees America as a potential exampl...
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Keystone Species and the Importance of Raising Endangered Species Awareness
Endangered Species Awareness Extinction is a natural occurrence that transpires at a natural rate of about one to five species per year. Scientists estimate we’re now losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times that rate, with dozens going extinct every day. There is no mystery that our human activity can be damaging to animal...
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An Outline of Some of the Key Causes of Global Warming Based on Findings From Varied Researchers and Scientists
Extreme weather, droughts, heavy downpours and floods are some of the current climatic trends across the globe. These trends are undeniable and it is apparent that the earth is getting warmer, the sea level is on the rise, oceans are becoming more acidic and glaciers, polar sea ice are melting (Abdelhamid, 2016). To scienti...
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The Irreversible Collapse and the Threat of the Air Pollution to the Filipino
Journey to the World’s Irreversible Collapse The Customary International Law and Transboundary Air Pollution Law is the United Nations’ response to the outgrowing issue of air contamination. This law regulates the emission of carbon and air pollutants of highly industrialized country, particularly in Europe. This include...
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The Negative Effects of Human Activities on the Altitude Pattern of Atmospheric Temperature
Human Activity Affects Vertical Structure of Atmospheric Temperature A new report has been published by scientist of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory that claims humans have greatly influenced the altitude pattern of atmospheric temperature. By observing satellite data, scientists were able to confirm that in the pas...
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The Negative Impacts of Iron and Steel Production on Climate Change
Iron and steel proves to be a key part of the global economy. However, this traditional method has major environmental impacts. It adds to worsen the issue of climate change. Virtually all greenhouses gas emissions are associated with iron and steel production. Other emissions include air emissions, meaning that major pollu...
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The Effects of the Progress of Sustainability Science on Agriculture
Abstract Sustainability can be defined as the Consumption of resources at a rate that does not exceed their replenishment through natural processes, and leave for future generations. The “journey” in sustainability science started in 1999 with the publication of “Our Common Journey” by the US National Research Council’s (N...
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The First Sighting of Global Warming in the Anthropogenic Era
Global Warming: A Prehistoric perspective The global warming that has been over 3000 years ago has been in effect of how the world has drastically changed over the many years and it has greatly impacted on how we use our resources and the new technology with the innovation that people have discovered over the many centu...
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A Summary of Justin Gillis' Panel's Warning on Climate Risk: Worst Is Yet to Come
Climate continues to change and affect the planet, while the world remains largely unresponsive. The latest and the upcoming reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a United Nations group, both attempt to make world leaders aware of the issue and move them to action. This is exactly what Justin Gillis desc...
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Humanity's Contribution to Climate Change Through the Emission of Greenhouse Gases
The world’s climate is noticeably changing, and research has found that humans are a main causal factor ( One theory of how humans contribute to climate change is by emitting greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are things like carbon dioxide from gas and coal use, including when used to produce electricity and fuel...
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The Changes in the Arctic's Ecosystem Caused by Global Warming
According too New American, “’The entire polar ice cap could be completely ice free within the next five to seven years.’ So claimed global-warming magnate Al Gore…”. When most think of the artic, the first few thoughts that comes to mind are polar bears, seals, penguins, and probably lots of ice. However, that just is not...
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The Influence of Humanity on Planet Earth
Human endeavors have drastically altered our planet. We live on every continent and have directly affected approximately 83% of the planet’s viable land surface (Smithsonian). Our influence has impacted everything from our ecosystems to the Earth’s geochemistry; this time in history is often expressed as the period in which...
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We Must Push to Decrease Air Pollution to Save Mankind
Air pollution is a major issue in many places around the world. As cities become more industrialized, air pollution becomes a more important issue. Long-term exposure to air pollution is correlated with lung cancer and other negative health conditions (Pope et al., 2002). The issue is not something new. In past decades, soc...
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A Study on Battling the Effects of the Global Water Crisis
Part 3: Strategic plan for addressing global water crisis Introduction According to Dudgeon et al. (165), the magnitude of the world freshwater crisis together with the risk associated with it have been significantly underestimated. It is crystal clear that around one billion of people globally are without reliable suppli...
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A Discussion on the Issues of Global Climate Change and Environmental Degradation
In the years spanning the twentieth through twenty-first centuries, global climate change and environmental degradation have steadily worsened due to human activity. Fracking, emissions, industries, modern agriculture, and poorly managed waste are just some of the many devastating ways that the human community has contribut...
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The Severe Influence of Climate Change We are Affected by Today
Humans have chatted about the weather at all times and everywhere. But it's different now. Something is happening to our planet. Something very bad. Something we have to change. I do not mean all wars raging around the world, the financial crisis or something similar. I'm talking about something much worse. Climate change...
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The Formation and Effects of Polar Air Masses in the Northern Section of North American Continent of the United States and Canada
Polar Air Masses Polar air masses are a common thing to sweep across the northern section of the North American Continent, affecting mainly the northern portions of the United States and Canada. They are large pockets of cold, dry air that move slowly, affecting large regions at a time. Usually these masses accompany a f...
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Humans Can't Change Extreme Weather Conditions and Weather Severity
Images of drought, tornadoes, high heat index, and devastating floods are ubiquitous in today’s media. We are all warned that the current frequency of severe storms and weather patterns is increasing and is likely continue to increase. We are told that our only hope to mitigate the impact of our rapidly changing climate is...
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The Effects of Global Warming That Deserve Our Attention
There are some effects of global warming that deserve our full attention. First and foremost, among the effects of global warming is the dramatic change of the climate that worries me most because it results in the rising sea level, the constant changes of temperatures, and the like. Confronted with the rising sea level, th...
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The Impact of Climate Change on Humans and Other Species
Part 1: A Closer Look at the Evidence 1.The graph on NASA’s website shows a timeline of the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The graph spans back for about 400,000 years. Measurements are based on levels of carbon dioxide particles per million particles in the atmosphere. Current levels of carbon dioxide are dou...
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The Tragedies That Humans Will Face in the Article A New Dark Age Looms by William B. Gail
Source: William. "A New Dark Age Looms."The New York Times. The New York Times, 18 Apr. 2016. Web. 19 Apr. 2016. In the New York Times opinionated article “A New Dark Age Looms,” William B. Gail proclaims that a “New Dark Age” is approaching, which consists of rapidly changing climate, weather trends, our increasingly obs...
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The Impact of the Human Factor on the Expedition of Climate Change
All humans have their own bias. My bias is that I believe that most of the damage caused to our planet (such as climate change) is due to humans. In this essay I will discuss some of the practices humans actively use which can expedite climate change. These processes that I discuss will range from the deforestation to green...
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