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The Environmental Benefits of Compost
Ecology seems to be a highly debatable topic: matters in connection with that field affect the whole world, and the consequences of environmental issues such as pollution and climate change may appear unpredictable.  As a result, some ideas in search of a solution have been pushed: one of them is compost. Suzanne Neave (201...
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John Tierney and Bryan Walsh's Exploration on the Climate-Gate Controversy
Media Coverage Assignment Back in November 2009, there was a major hack of a server of the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. Thousands of emails were stolen from the Climate Research Unit, which obviously contained information about our globe’s climate. Many of those who did not believe in climate-change man...
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Break Through, a Manifesto by Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger Challenging the Perceptions About Global Warming
The manifesto "Break Through", by Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger, challenges the commonly held perceptions about global warming by treating it as a solution for humans and not just a problem of human activity. Environmentalists often blame humans for the damage done to this planet and focus on how they can repair th...
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A Look at the Different Issues of Climate Change
Time and time again when the intellectuals of our day and age are asked to list issues that need to be addressed; be they politician, actor, scientist, or comedy show host, the issue of Climate Change rears it’s often misunderstood head. To begin getting a complete understanding of Climate change, and remain informed so we...
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The Effects of the Rise of Carbon Dioxide Levels on the Reduction of Protein in Pollen Sources
Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels Reduce Protein in Crucial Pollen Source for Bees. In order for bees to produce honey, they must consume pollen and nectar from a variety of flowers. Goldenrod flowers are one of the most important sources of pollen for the bees. Unlike many flowers, the Goldenrod blooms from late summer into...
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2 pages An Analysis of a Website Dedicated to Climate Research
In April 1998, physicist and climatologist Michael E. Mann publicized the now infamous “hockey stick graph”: a reconstruction of global temperatures from the past millennium, which showed a long period of stability punctuated by a sharp spike in the past century. Presented by the IPCC as evidence of global warming, the grap...
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The European Union's Attitude Towards the Issue of Climate Change
A more recent problem in the European Union is that of climate change. This is something that is beginning to be seriously addressed by European leaders. Climate change is a subject that the European Union has been keeping an eye on for over twenty years, and they are now starting to notice some vital effects. Recognitio...
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A Critique of Bruce Newman's Article on the Drought in California
California and a few other western states are currently being punished with a drought that may go down as one of the worst in the last 150 years. The current drought is forcing the entire population of California to go into a water conserving frenzy. The drought will have effect on all aspects of California’s ecosystem, thi...
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The Austrian Government Should Continue Taking Steps in Addressing Climate Change and Global Warming
“A World in the Balance, the Austrian Solution” One of the many controversies which have come up in American politics is the characterization of climate change and global warming as national security threats. On hand is the position of the executive branch, which under President Obama has argued that, “Climate change is a...
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The Issues of Pollution in America Today
One of the biggest environmental threats facing human society falls under the ambiguous, umbrella-term of pollution, which can take many forms, and the effects of which are highly variable. Pollution is an issue because it introduces materials to an ecosystem where they might be previously unavailable, or in much lower abun...
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