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An Essay on the Ways of Saving Planet Earth
This Earth has faced some serious trouble. As I have stated before, the destruction of the planet has importance and must be fixed immediately. However, as in my last essay, the plans for fixing this mess can be easily completed and reversed. If the life of the Earth were to be condensed into one year, or 365 days, the indu...
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Saving Planet Earth Rests on the Decision of Mankind
Daniel Quinn sees hope for the future of the endangered planet Earth because he believes a change in public awareness is spreading. Wallace J. Nichols and Andy Myers have a similar opinion. They think that there has been a revolution in how the world views the environment in which all life on Earth exists. Also, Jack Ewing,...
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Society Should Rescue Green Sea Turtles
All the species of sea turtles are endangered, including the green sea turtle. Green sea turtles are inoffensive and defenseless animals. They are unique among its species in that when they reach an adult age, they become completely herbivorous. Green sea turtles eat sea grass pastures, and they double the production of sea...
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A Research Project on the Variation of Weather Conditions between Different Locations in a Small Area
Have you ever looked outside and it’s sunny, but your app said it was going to raining? Our research group investigated the variation of weather and climate over time at several selected locations. Our general hypothesis was that weather conditions will vary between different locations around State College. For example, we...
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A Comparison of Bernie Sander's Comprehensive and Science-Based Stance on Global Warming with Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Jeb Bush's Stances
For anyone who pays attention to current politics, Bernie Sanders is a big name. Whether he is seen as a frightening radical, an admirable political revolutionary, or a pitiable underdog with no chance of winning, he is certainly being talked about. While opinions on his economic and social theories are entirely subjective,...
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The Contributions of Meat Consumption to Global Warming
The Hidden Truth about Meat Consumption What do Prince, Ariana Grande, Liam Hemsworth, Mike Tyson, and even NFL star, Tony Gonzalez have in common? They’re all leaving meat off their plates, and that's because consuming meat isn’t a “personal choice,” as some like to say, in fact, mass meat consumption negatively impacts e...
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The Environmental Benefits of Compost
Ecology seems to be a highly debatable topic: matters in connection with that field affect the whole world, and the consequences of environmental issues such as pollution and climate change may appear unpredictable.  As a result, some ideas in search of a solution have been pushed: one of them is compost. Suzanne Neave (201...
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John Tierney and Bryan Walsh's Exploration on the Climate-Gate Controversy
Media Coverage Assignment Back in November 2009, there was a major hack of a server of the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. Thousands of emails were stolen from the Climate Research Unit, which obviously contained information about our globe’s climate. Many of those who did not believe in climate-change man...
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Break Through, a Manifesto by Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger Challenging the Perceptions About Global Warming
The manifesto "Break Through", by Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger, challenges the commonly held perceptions about global warming by treating it as a solution for humans and not just a problem of human activity. Environmentalists often blame humans for the damage done to this planet and focus on how they can repair th...
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A Look at the Different Issues of Climate Change
Time and time again when the intellectuals of our day and age are asked to list issues that need to be addressed; be they politician, actor, scientist, or comedy show host, the issue of Climate Change rears it’s often misunderstood head. To begin getting a complete understanding of Climate change, and remain informed so we...
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