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The Changes in the Arctic's Ecosystem Caused by Global Warming
According too New American, “’The entire polar ice cap could be completely ice free within the next five to seven years.’ So claimed global-warming magnate Al Gore…”. When most think of the artic, the first few thoughts that comes to mind are polar bears, seals, penguins, and probably lots of ice. However, that just is not...
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The Influence of Humanity on Planet Earth
Human endeavors have drastically altered our planet. We live on every continent and have directly affected approximately 83% of the planet’s viable land surface (Smithsonian). Our influence has impacted everything from our ecosystems to the Earth’s geochemistry; this time in history is often expressed as the period in which...
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We Must Push to Decrease Air Pollution to Save Mankind
Air pollution is a major issue in many places around the world. As cities become more industrialized, air pollution becomes a more important issue. Long-term exposure to air pollution is correlated with lung cancer and other negative health conditions (Pope et al., 2002). The issue is not something new. In past decades, soc...
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A Study on Battling the Effects of the Global Water Crisis
Part 3: Strategic plan for addressing global water crisis Introduction According to Dudgeon et al. (165), the magnitude of the world freshwater crisis together with the risk associated with it have been significantly underestimated. It is crystal clear that around one billion of people globally are without reliable suppli...
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A Discussion on the Issues of Global Climate Change and Environmental Degradation
In the years spanning the twentieth through twenty-first centuries, global climate change and environmental degradation have steadily worsened due to human activity. Fracking, emissions, industries, modern agriculture, and poorly managed waste are just some of the many devastating ways that the human community has contribut...
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The Severe Influence of Climate Change We are Affected by Today
Humans have chatted about the weather at all times and everywhere. But it's different now. Something is happening to our planet. Something very bad. Something we have to change. I do not mean all wars raging around the world, the financial crisis or something similar. I'm talking about something much worse. Climate change...
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The Formation and Effects of Polar Air Masses in the Northern Section of North American Continent of the United States and Canada
Polar Air Masses Polar air masses are a common thing to sweep across the northern section of the North American Continent, affecting mainly the northern portions of the United States and Canada. They are large pockets of cold, dry air that move slowly, affecting large regions at a time. Usually these masses accompany a f...
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Humans Can't Change Extreme Weather Conditions and Weather Severity
Images of drought, tornadoes, high heat index, and devastating floods are ubiquitous in today’s media. We are all warned that the current frequency of severe storms and weather patterns is increasing and is likely continue to increase. We are told that our only hope to mitigate the impact of our rapidly changing climate is...
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The Effects of Global Warming That Deserve Our Attention
There are some effects of global warming that deserve our full attention. First and foremost, among the effects of global warming is the dramatic change of the climate that worries me most because it results in the rising sea level, the constant changes of temperatures, and the like. Confronted with the rising sea level, th...
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The Impact of Climate Change on Humans and Other Species
Part 1: A Closer Look at the Evidence 1.The graph on NASA’s website shows a timeline of the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The graph spans back for about 400,000 years. Measurements are based on levels of carbon dioxide particles per million particles in the atmosphere. Current levels of carbon dioxide are dou...
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