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The Benefits of Nuclear Reactors as a Cheaper and More Efficient Energy Source
Benefits of Nuclear Energy Many people are aware that a large amount of our electricity is
produced through nuclear reactors, however few realize truly how important
they are. In the journal, "Nuclear's 40 next years", by Barbara Snyder,
Theodore Meyer, and Kenneth Balkey it is said, "The United States has a
fleet of...
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An Argument in Favor of the Effectiveness of the Lithium Ion Battery
The Lithium Ion Battery Lithium Ion Batteries are some of the most common and popular rechargeable batteries used today. It started with the lithium-ion power packs which were created at Oxford University in the 1970s by chemist John Goodenough and his colleagues Phil Wiseman, Koichi Mizushima, and Phil Jones. The company...
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An Analysis of the Articles on the Benefits and Environmental Effects of Hydraulic Fracking
Annotated Bibliography What are the environmental effects of hydraulic fracturing as a source of pollution? Brown VJ. 2014. Radionuclides in fracking wastewater: Managing a toxic blend. Environmental Health Perspectives [cited 2015 9 April]; 122(2), A50-A55. ProQuest Central. Available from D...
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Replacing Petroleum: The Negatives and Positives of Various Biofuels
Due to environmental concerns, energy security, and limited supply, it is becoming increasingly important to find a viable alternative to petroleum. Transportation fuels drive the global economy, meaning that whatever fuel is used by the majority is going to have a huge impact on the world. Currently, oil is the main source...
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The Moral Dilemma of Energy Production and Oil-Retrieving Methods in the United States of America
Energy Production: A Moral Dilemma? The current situation regarding oil-retrieving and energy production in the United States is the same as the 1930’s. From oil drilling to fracking, similar problems in communities still arise. The essay, “Drilling in the City” by SDSU professor Sarah Elkind provides a historical context...
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The Abilities of an Earthship in Creating Sustainable Energy
An Earthship is a radically sustainable building made completely out of recycled materials. They are able to provide heat, water and electricity for themselves. To get electricity, they use solar panels and wind power. The energy from there is stored in batteries then transferred to electrical outlets. Electricity is “harv...
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A Review of An Early Energy Crisis and Its Consequences, an Article by John U. Nef
An Early Energy Crisis and Its Consequences In the article An Early Energy Crisis and Its Consequences, written by John U. Nef, it informs how Britain has adopted a new source of fuel, as the supply of wood ran out during the 16th century. But as there was an argument against switching the current fuel to coal due to the...
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Smart Grids and the European Electricity Consumption
Smart Grids in the European Union Policy Landscape Introduction Currently, electricity is the most widely used form of energy in the world. In 2013, which is the most recent year available for data, European electricity consumption in the industry sector was 86 Mtoe, 71 Mtoe each in the service and residential sectors, an...
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The Time to Start Saving the Environment
Climate change: It’s not too late! There is an old Chinese proverb that says: “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is today.” Rising sea levels, melting ice caps, forests short on trees and an addition to the list of extinct species is one of the many disheartening events we hear of almos...
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The Effects of Mountaintop Removal Mining on the Appalachian Mountains
Mountaintop Removal Mining When you think of the Appalachian Mountains of eastern America, you think of beautiful views and acres upon acres of animals and plant life. Unfortunately, these concepts of how Appalachia looks are slowly being destroyed by the very big, very real destruction of mountaintop removal mining. Moun...
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