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The Importance of Renewable Energy
There is a large cost to our environment when you flip the switch. This is because of how this electricity was created. Chances are that it wasn't a clean or renewable source of energy. Because of this when you flip the switch it hurts the environment. The PG&E bill has a lot more cost than just the money. However, thi...
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An Argument in Favor of Using Rainwater Barrels and Natural Springs over Bottled and Recycled Water as a Solution of the Water Crisis in India
In India, untreated sewage runs directly into rivers and streams, contaminating the water and causing illness and disease. There are multiple routes to solutions that India could take to try and solve their water crisis. Recycled and bottled water are not reasonable sources due to the costliness. However, rainwater barrels...
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A Study on Water Privatization as a Solution to Water Scarcity
Water scarcity is a major problem faced in many places throughout the world. Texas, like many other areas, is lacking the water quantity necessary to sustain the water needs of its habitants.Many Texans helpto conserve water by reducing the amount that is usually consumedin activities such as irrigation and car washing.Howe...
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Aspen, Colorado, a Ski Resort Run From Renewable Resources
Yesterday, Aspen, Colorado, well known for it’s ski resorts in the mountains, announced that it is now the third, after Greensburg, Kansas and Burlington, Vermont, United States city to be run completely from renewable resources. The city of Aspen has been trying to reach this goal after planning the feat over a decade ago....
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Electricity in Our Daily Lives
Electricity is a fundamental part of our daily lives. In most electric appliances there are transistors. Radios, ovens, microwaves, computers, and many other objects you can think of that use electricity have transistors in them as well. In order to understand how even the most basic transistors work we need to understand b...
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An Argument Against the Misconceptions on Nuclear Energy Production
In the United States there are 65 nuclear power plants and a total of 100 nuclear reactors across the nation. The production of nuclear energy is a complex process that has many safety measures. Although in the past there have been meltdowns in nuclear power plants, such as in Chernobyl, these issues are isolated incidents...
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An Outline of the Present Energy Policy in the US and a Suggestion About Its Future
1. Abstract This paper proposes a change of the US energy policy for the next 50 years, assuming that the average power used will then be 3 TW. 80% of the total energy production and use will be as electrical energy, including roughly 30% from each nuclear and wind power, 15% from solar energy and 5% from other renewable...
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A History and Benefits of Electric Cars
What first comes to mind when you think of the word electric? Do you think of fierce lightning, bright light bulbs, or crazy science experiments? Now, what do you first think of when you hear cars? Do you think of annoying traffic, poorly constructed roads, or filling up with gas? What comes to mind when you think of electr...
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Solar Energy as a Solution to the Energy Crisis All Around the World
There currently exists a single issue which all persons in this world are currently fighting against; this is the need for energy. Nearly all processes which are performed within first and second world nations in the modern world requires some form of electrical energy within the process; be it for the production of fuel fo...
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An Overview of the History of Water Usage and Issues of Drought in the State of California
"The drought currently encompasses over 98% of the state of California" (Chuck 2015). Almost the entire state of California is suffeing from drought issues, however, "more than 44% of California is in “exceptional” drought — the worst level of drought" (Rice 2015). This means that the problems affecting people are not limi...
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