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A Reflection of the Book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
Silent Spring Reflection The book Silent Spring, written by Rachel Carson, is considered to be the forefront of the modern day environmentalist movement. In the book, she highlights the many interactions between humans and the outside, natural world, and describes the consequences of these interactions. On page 51, she exp...
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The Importance of Wildfires in Shaping the Earth's Environment
Wildfires are as old as terrestrial plants, which the fossil record
shows to have emerged around 420 million years ago. Long before humans
figured out fire, wildfires caused by lightning strikes shaped the Earth's
terrestrial ecosystem. Once humans figured out that wildfires can be
beneficial, prescribed burns have been uti...
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A Review of Cultivating Artistic Approaches to Environmental Learning: Exploring Eco-Art Education in Elementary Classrooms, an Article by Inwood
Journal Article 2: Cultivating artistic approaches to environmental learning: Exploring eco-art education in elementary classrooms Often educators aren't sure of where to begin in regards to implementing environmental standards into their classroom. The article Cultivating artistic approaches to environmental learning: Exp...
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The Destruction of Natural Habitats and the Extinction of Plants and Animals
Part 1: Video Overview There have been various extinctions of plants and animals over the course of Earth’s history. This was usually caused by some natural disaster such as the last great extinction caused by an asteroid hitting earth. Only recently however have people begun to worry about the sixth extinction. This exti...
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The Characteristics, Benefits, and Drawbacks of Geothermal Energy Systems
Within six miles of the Earth's surface, there is 50,000 times more
energy in the form of geothermal energy than all oil and natural gas
resources. Geothermal energy systems captures steam produced by the
interaction of groundwater and heat from the Earth's surface. The steam is
then used to power generators that produce el...
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The Destruction and Impact of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake
Few seconds and everything turned into rubles. The heritages which boasted our rich civilization and manifested the artistic skills of our ancestors shattered into pieces within a blink of eye .Thousands of people lost their lives and a half million citizens turned homeless. Thanks to the benevolence of our citizens and the...
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The Importance of Recycling to Save Mother Nature
Mother Nature’s Apprentice Imagine if you were Mother Nature’s apprentice. What would she tell you to do? Clean up litter, reduce the amount of plastic we are using....the list goes on and on. Everyone from wealthy businessmen to the simplest factory worker can do something to help the Earth. Remember the saying you lear...
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Replacing Polluting Technologies in Chemistry: Green and Clean, an Article by Jennifer Weeks
Analysis Essay Global warming and climate changing have been the most discussed topics for the past decade. Unprecedented high temperatures as well as the increase in pollution urge the scientists to find a way to fix the problem fasts. Scientists and researchers from many different aspects of science had been workin...
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Environmental Changes Due to Climate Change
Introduction As the earth goes through this dramatic change due to climate change we often hear about how it is affecting people on the other side of the globe: hurricane Sandy on the east coast, flooding in Pakistan, droughts in Texas, rising sea levels forcing people out of the Maldives, and the Great Barrier Reef dying...
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The Importance of Creating Sustainable Resources to Protect Earth
We live in a fast-paced society with an uncontrollably growing population, it is envisioned that in 2050 our planet will be holding around 9 billion persons. The truth is our planet Earth contain limited resources and a specific carrying capacity due to the availability of such resources; water, food, and fossil fuels are s...
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A Research on Improving Metallurgy to Be More Friendly Towards the Environement
Metals prove to be a large part of the global economy. It is what our infrastructure is built upon, as well as a major economic investment. However, the excess from production is a major environmental issue. Carbon dioxide is released, thus making our carbon footprint much larger and depleting our ozone layer. Coke, slag, a...
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Fossil Fuels Usage Should Be Cleaner and Regulated
There is an unlikely chance that in the near future, a full transition from fossil fuels will be made. Therefore, means will need to be instituted to make fossil fuel usage cleaner, and also to regulate it. Solutions will be provided in the following paragraphs, but first I believe that a census should be in order. This wil...
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The Use of Pesticides in the United States and Its Negative Effects on Pollinators
The Use of Pesticides Pesticides are chemicals used to protect plants and crops from weeds, insects and dangerous molds. Although the use of these chemicals may seem favorable, they’ve been proven to be extremely harmful to both wildlife, and humans. The amount of pesticides being used presently needs to be changed in orde...
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The Benefits of Observing Nature in Details
Enjoy The Journey Henry David Thoreau was a transcendentalist writer believed that if
people spent the time to observe nature in detail, not just a glance, that
they would see things that were amazing yet they had never thought of as
special before. He believed that people went through their lives so
focused on where...
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The Portrayal of Climate Change in Political Discourse and Its Connection to Natural Disasters
Abstract Climate change has, since the 1970s become an increasingly unanimous science, with fewer and fewer people dissenting to the view that man is causing the climate to shift, i.e. is the cause of anthropogenic climate change. However, solutions to this used to be viewed as contrary to good economic practice, and so we...
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Water Pollution: Why There is Trash in the Ocean?
Trash Infested Oceans        Imagine Texas but overflowing with trash and junk, now multiply that by two. That is what’s floating out in the middle of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean right now! This trash goes on to harm marine wildlife and humans. If people don’t act quickly, then the trash that we put there would continue...
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We Need to Remove Toxins and Radioactive Waste from the Ocean
Garbage in the ocean forms toxins. These toxins are strong enough to fatally harm people. Near the U.S coast  there are fifty thousand dumps for toxic chemicals. Radioactive waste is also dumped into the ocean. There are six submarine reactors, one nuclear icebreaker reactor core, and nuclear fuel in the Kara Sea. Toxins an...
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An Experiment on the Presence of Nitrogen Dioxide in the Environment
Introduction: Nitrogen Dioxide is one of the 6 criteria pollutants the Environmental protection agency has set national air quality standards for. Currently the NO2 air quality standard is about 53 ppb. California is named an attainment area because the NO2 levels in the air are in accordance with the air quality standard...
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An Analysis of the Greenpeace Argument That Americans Lack a Heart When It Comes to Environmental Issues
Should current Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump be elected as president, he fully intends to withdraw America from the Paris Agreement it entered last December, and is promoting “extraction and use of the most carbon-intensive fossil fuels”. In an open letter to the public, 375 scientists warned the US on the da...
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A Proposal Task for Teachers That Would Benefit the Environment in GOING GREEN: Empowering Readers to Change the Environment, an Article by Mary Napoli
In Mary Napoli’s article “GOING GREEN: Empowering Readers to Change the Environment”, Napoli passionately suggests some tasks teachers should do in their classrooms that would benefit the environment. Napoli expresses how educators play a critical role in increasing children’s knowledge about the natural world. When teache...
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The Impacts of Landfills and Incinerators on Our Nation
The garbage industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries in North American. The growth in the garbage industry is a direct result of Americans absentmindedly throwing away materials that could be disposed of in different, and more positive, ways. I think it is doubtful we can say that everyone is aware of w...
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A Discussion on the Relation Between Campuses and the Demand for Plastic Products
In this essay, plastic and ways to make college campuses less plastic orientated are discussed. First off, college campuses bring in a lot of people to a town or city, therefore, creating more demand for plastic products. College campuses typically have fast food places, which students use and buy plastic products from whic...
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The Major Role of Human Error in the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico
Causing a great oil spill, on April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon exploded and caused a huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil spill caused a lot of damage to the life surrounding it coating birds' feathers, causing birds to lose their buoyancy and the ability to regulate body temperature. Mammals could have ingest...
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World Pollution and the NEW Generator as the Solution to the Global Problem
As many of us know, the world is slowly becoming more polluted. For those of you that don’t know what polluted is, in its original form, pollution is the presence of a substance or thing that has a negative effect on the environment. The whole world is causing pollution. Smoking cigarettes, driving your car, throwing trash...
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The Detrimental Effects of Deicing Roads on the Frog Population
Wilks-Harper, E. (2016, November 24). Salting roads found to reverse sex of frogs. Retrieved from Independent: Every year certain parts of the world get the wonderful experience of snow. While snow is beautiful, it can be dangerou...
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