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A Concept of a Paper on Urban Forestry, Sustainability, and Development
“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” ~ A.A. Milne Paper Proposal Urban forestry as a concept is nothing new, but the last several decades have seen a change in its approach. Namely, more and more people are recognizing its potential, as well...
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The Dangers of Being in the Rainforest
Day in the Rainforest Well we know some people just like to go to the forest and get lost to have that pure excitement in their adventure. I am not adventurous myself but I do think that you should not be getting lost all the time in the forest. The rainforest can be beautiful as it is dark in certain regions of the world....
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The Cause and Effect of Deforestation in Tropical Rainforests
In parts of the world usually located between latitudes 28 degrees north and south of the equator, averaging 17 degrees Celsius year round, and boasting a large amount of biodiversity and frequent precipitation, lay tropical rainforests. At one point, tropical rainforests covered 14 percent of the earth’s surface, but from...
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The Importance of the Forest and Its Preservation
Introduction Meet Inges Juma, a logger in Malawi who earns less than $2 a month cutting down trees and selling them for firewood at roadside stands (Wines 2005). He is involved in theforestry industry, which is illegal in many parts of the world. Mr. Juma knows his work has devastating impacts on the environment and he wis...
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A Study on the Human Impact on the Permanent Destruction of Earth
Recently, I have stumbled onto information about our environment. It includes studies, statistics locally and globally, and examples of thing I even catch myself doing everyday. The information I found regarding our environmental situation surprises me in ways worse than anyone can imagine. Humanity has no idea how our impa...
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The Dangers of the Exploitation of the Oceans and the Need to Save Them
Humans have been exploiting the ocean’s resources for centuries. As Jon Bowermaster states, “[they have] now abused the ocean to the point of almost no return” (xiii). Society needs to understand that “[w]ater equals life; there is no separation” (DiCaprio 194). Every human is responsible for the problems the ocean is facin...
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The Different Causes of Deforestation and Its Effects on the Environment
The Amazon Rainforest is a large, tropical region that extends across eight countries. These countries are Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and overseas French territory of Guiana. According to Alina Bradford, in her online article about deforestation, the rainforest is over 1.4 billi...
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The Different Types of Water Pollution and the Solutions to the Problem
Water pollution has been a big problem decades ago. The general types of water pollution are surface water and groundwater pollution which are the greatest threats and causes the most damage to the environment, after air pollution.(Encyclopedia of Pollution) The most dangerous incidents involve spills of chemicals or fuels...
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An Analysis of the Purpose of the National Park System of the United States
The National Park System of the U.S. began with the establishment of the Yellowstone region as the first National Park of the world, in 1872. This region was “set apart as a public park or pleasuring ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people” (Nathaniel) by President Ulysses Grant with the purpose of preserving it....
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A Study on the Calculation of My Water Footprint
For the majority of my calculations, I was able to rely on as my source. They provided statistics on the water content in the food I consumed and my clothes for the day. First, I calculated the water content for the food I ate: an omelet, a sandwich, and a cheeseburger. The water footprint website gave me...
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