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The Decline of Environmental Conditions Due to Human Overpopulation
Considering the past decade and the present, it is evident that the environmental conditions have continually worsened and not showing any signs of improvements in the future in both developed and the developing countries. This is signified by the deterioration in public health, food supply, and finite supply of fresh water...
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Comparing the Similarities and Differences Between the Yellowstone National Park and Olympic National Park
In this world, there are lot of magical and mysterious place. Those
magical and mysterious places are located in various parts of the world.
Moreover, every magical and mysterious place symbolizes a culture, a
history, a generation of civilization. And every country, every region has
its own different cha...
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The Effectiveness of International Cooperation in Addressing Transnational Environmental Issues
How effective is international cooperation in addressing transnational environmental issues? This essay will investigate how International cooperation work together, how effective the international community’s contingency plans have been at achieving environmental change in transnational issues. Transnational issues ref...
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Bioleaching: An Environment-Friendly Process of Extracting Materials
Bioleaching is the process of using bacteria to extract materials. Most simply put the bacteria first feed on minerals, and expel them through a purification plant. Then follows the enrichment cycle, which is for the purpose of replenishing lost bacteria. Although this does have minimal damage to the environment, it is not...
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An Examination of the Situations That Led to the Oil Crisis and the Solutions of the Government of Qatar
The economies of Middle Eastern countries have long been defined by their most valuable natural resource: oil. This certainly has not been a bad thing for the Middle East so far; countries like Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait have managed to crack the upper echelons of per capita wealth worldwide, and other oil e...
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The Importance of Globalization for Maximizing the Yield of All Products
Without globalization, there cannot be a way for countries to come together and fully increase agricultural productivity and yield. International research institutions, as well as member states to collaborate and develop means to improve traditional agricultural practices. In oder to maximize yield of all products, this wil...
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The Use of Statistics in Environmental Protection and Conservation
Environmental Protection and Conservation Statistics are used daily in the field of environmental protection and conservation. Such as when collecting data on waste, water, air quality, and noise pollution. Statistics on environmental protection expenditure enable the identification and measurement of society's response...
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A Review of the History of Climate Change from a Secular and Religious Perspective in A Political Theology of Climate Change, a Book by Michael Northcott
Book Review In his 2013 work, A Political Theology of Climate Change, Michael Northcott discusses the history of climate change from a secular and religious point of view. Furthermore, he discusses climate change’s relationship to capitalism, the devastations of fossil fuels, and the inefficacy of national governments. To...
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A History of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol
The 1997 Kyoto Protocol In the late ‘90s much of the developing world became concerned with a problem that had not gotten too much attention before- climate change. An international treaty known as the Kyoto Protocol was developed in 1997 in Kyoto, Japan when party leaders from around the globe met at a conference for the...
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A Case Study Analysis of the Important Issue of the Protection of Marine Environment
Not Enough Fish in the Sea Protection of marine environment takes place around the world, but in the 1960s, the United States began environmental protection and by 1972, marine conservation began. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Marine Protection and Sanctuaries Act (MPSA) began the movement and...
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An Overview of the Nisyros Volcano in Cos Caldera, Greece
Nisyros is a stratovolcano which is located on the Cos caldera, the east edge of the Aegean Arch with its active volcanoes Methana, Milos, Santorini. The Nisyros volcano is the most active remain of the Cos caldera that exploded aprox. 150.000 years ago. A Magma chamber below Nisyros is only 3-4 km deep and still rising up....
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A Solution for the Traffic Congestion in the City of San Antonio
Popular cities throughout the United States relate to at least one prevalent obstacle: nightmarish traffic congestion. Each and every year, while sitting in city traffic, billions of gallons of crude oil are discarded and innumerable hours of personal free time is gone. San Antonio is no exclusion to this undesired circumst...
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A Comparison of the Concerns in The Peripheral Canal and Twin Tunnel Water Projects
The Peripheral Canal and Twin Tunnels Projects: Differences and Similarities Over Time in Water Project Concerns While I was first researching the Twin Tunnels project, I came upon
the "Stop The Tunnels" FAQ page, which early on simply stated the
following: "The project is similar to the previo...
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The Issue of US Military's Reliance on Fossil Fuels
U.S. Military Orders Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels By Elisabeth Rosenthal, New York Times, October 4th, 2010 As an extremely recent attack on a NATO fuel convoy demonstrates, our military’s reliance on fossil fuels is a big concern amo...
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The Effects of Austin's Rapid Modernization on the Environment
Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States since 2000 and has seen a twenty percent increase in population over the past years. Directly correlating with the rapid growth of the city’s population, is the increase of construction and urbanization of buildings, interstates, roads, and other types of infr...
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The Paris Climate Deal Set the Precedence for the Use of Solar Energy
In today’s society, finding ways to feed humanity’s insatiable energy need is a significant issue facing global leaders. Furthermore, the issue not only centers around finding a viable energy source, but one must also consider the impact of the usage of various energy sources. For example, fossil fuels are notoriously known...
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Western Environmentalism and Amazonian Indians
It is not inaccurate to say that historically, first-world individuals have often used third world peoples in order to further propagate their ideals, or to increase their economic gain. The interaction between the “civilized” Westerners and Amazonian Indians is no different. As environmentalism took root in Western society...
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The Mobilization of Greenpeace and Their Mission to Save the Earth
Yesterday, on April 22nd 2015, a new terrorist organization that goes by the name “Greenpeace” declared war against all of humanity. Attacks by this group were recorded all around the world, however most were concentrated in the western nations. We were unsuccessful in contacting their leader due to the fact that Greenpeace...
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A Discussion on Dealing With Natural and Manmade Disasters
Managing incidences as well as disasters that plague a country largely depends on well-laid procedures. Accordingly, the United States has its own National Response Framework (NRF) that provides a guide on how our nation responds to all type of disasters and emergencies. The framework succinctly describes various authoritie...
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The Natural Disasters and Contributions of Canada to Global Warming
As of 2009, about 60.7% of the population, or 21.2 million people, of Canada own some type of a motorized vehicle. With such a large population owning motorized vehicles, in addition to the various forms of exporting and importing goods such as the railway and airline, Canada contributes a noticeable amount of carbon emissi...
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Three Main Concerns in the Water System of Flint, Michigan
Troubled Water Essay It can be very frustrating when problems arise in your town or city; this is especially true with Flint, Michigan. With Poverty is at its highest and unemployment well above the national average, citizens certainly are looking for hope to change the community. Especially, when its water systems becom...
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World Leaders Should Address the Pressing Issue of Global Warming
Question 1 Global warming has been a significant issue that remains to be a hot worldwide debate. As it is left alone, dramatic environmental changes rapidly occur. Despite the numerous attempts by groups and organizations made to better the dire situation, society is far from maximizing resolution efforts. While worldwide...
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President Obama Fulfills the Promise to Take Steps in Saving the Environment
Can you imagine what the world would be like without the clean oxygen we breathe? Could you imagine what this Earth would be like if everyone didn’t give a care for the green environment? Not only would there be complete destruction of businesses and factories, we as humans would physically be in trouble. Life as we know it...
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An Analysis of the Environmental History of America During the 18th and 19th Century Through the Writings of Thomas Jefferson and George Catlin
Environmental history is the nascent study of humans’ interaction with their natural environment over time. ThomasJefferson and George Catlin, writers from the late 18th and mid 19th centuries respectively, are very much constrainedby the time periods in which they lived in terms of scientific knowledge and cultural awarene...
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Oil Spill Liability Should Be the Responsibility of the Negligent Oil Company Not the Oil Industry, Government or Tax Payers
Research Paper: Oil Spill Liability There is often a lack of the resources necessary to recuperate following an oil spill. As the law currently states, oil companies are liable for no more than $75 million in liability costs for accidents they cause, regardless of the extent of the damages (Loris, Spencer and Carafano). C...
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