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An Analysis of the Features of Walter Christaller's Geographical Theory: Central Place Model
Question 4: Analyze and assess the features of Christaller's central place model. Include in your discussion the features of the patterns that emerge, the size and function of the hierarchies involved, and the characteristics of urban spacing. In 1933, Walter Christaller tried to explain the spacing typicalities he saw in...
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An Annotated Bibliography on the Use of Geographic Information Systems in Developing Countries
Jiao, J., Moudon,V., Ulmer, J., Hurvitz, M., & Drewnowski, A. (2012). How to identify food deserts: measuring physical and economic access to supermarkets in King County, Washington. American Journal Of Public Health, 102(10), e32-e39. In this study, the researchers use GIS methods to analyze how many people from vulnera...
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A Comparison between a Robinson's Map Projection and a Mercator's Map Projection
Geographers use maps to illustrate and communicate data about economics and population along with other geological information. The two maps show which countries drive on the left side of the road. Geographers use spatial analysis to describe and interpret spatial data about maps. This essay will analyze the two maps to exp...
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A History and Description of Sidi Bou Said a Tunisian Town
Sidi Bou Said "In such a view, every landscape is a piece of the Earth as the Home of Man. What we see before us is man continuously working at a viable relationship with nature, adapting to major features, altering in productive ways, creating resources out of nature's materials; in short, man domesticating the earth...
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The Perception of Landscapes in Experimental Geography, a Form of Environmental Art
1. Experimental geography is a form of environmental art that interprets
and portrays humanity's perception and relationship with ever-changing
landscapes. While some forms of experimental geography are more
environmentally applicable and have explicit purpose, others act as more of
dialogue, or platform to assess gre...
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