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The Historical, Economical, and Political Importance of Hong Kong
Introduction Hong Kong has historically been considered one of the main cultural centers in the world. Its partial independence from China, booming business sector, and thriving cultural disposition has allowed it to become a major financial epicenter. The coastal island of Hong Kong has quite a unique history when refer...
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The Life and Impact of Anwar Sadat in Egypt
Anwar Sadat strove to be a noble leader of Egypt, writing as his own epitaph that ‘He has lived for peace, he has died for principles,’ yet the lasting value of his legacy is still debated. In 1980, Sadat succeeded Egypt’s most beloved president Nasser and turned around Egypt’s image with significant diplomatic choices that...
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The Portrayal of California in Hollywood Posters
California has had a very long history in the movie industry and as a
result its culture, climate, and location has inspired not only movie
production but also the advertising used for movies. From their titles and
story lines, to dramatic sunsets in the backgrounds with California
inspired actors standing defiantly as if t...
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An Overview of Georgia a Small Country Located in Caucasus
Georgia, or Sak'art'velo, a small country located between the Black
sea and the Caspian sea. Geographically it is considered by some to be in
Europe, yet according to others, it belongs in Asia. Georgia borders
Turkey, Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Georgia's neighbors have
contributed greatly to it's history and even cul...
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The Uniqueness of the City of Des Plaines, the City of Destiny
"The City of Destiny" lies across 15.85 square miles making it one of
the largest northwest suburbs in Cook County, Illinois. Approximately
seventeen miles from downtown Chicago with a population of around 58,710,
this city provides citizens with transportation at ease via Chicago's
O'Hare International Airport and CTA and...
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An Overview of the City of Houston
General description of Houston my state senate district Houston is the largest city in Texas in terms of population. With an estimated population of 6.31 million, it is among the five most populous cities in the United States with 49.8 % being male and 50.2 % being female. The highest population group falls between age 25...
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The Role of the Geography of Colonial North Carolina to the Outcome of the State
Colonial North Carolina was full of political conflicts which ultimately were due to the vast variety of North Carolina’s geological features. In the East, the ocean proved hazardous for the bigger commerce ships. In the West, mountains proved inhospitable for North Carolina’s colonists. The lack of good shipping ports and...
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A Comparative Analysis of the Countries Jordan and Oman
Jordan and Oman: A Comparative Analysis It is a common Western misperception to believe that the nations of the Middle East and North Africa constitute an indivisible entity, one in which culture, politics, and economics are identical elements. This simplification of a region that encompasses immense diversity is counterpr...
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An Overview of Idaho's Place
Idaho is a state that is often underrated. As an original Californian, I have lived in Idaho for just over eight years, which may not seem long but, I now consider Idaho to be where I am from. When I had told my friends and loved ones that I would be moving here, many if not all asked “Why Idaho?” “The potato state” At firs...
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